Utah Right-winger Jason Chaffetz Will Challenge Kevin McCarthy For House Speakership

jason chaffetz
Republican Congressman Jason Chaffetz (UT-3) announced on Friday that he plans to challenge Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy (CA-23), to become the next Speaker of the House. Chaffetz becomes the second hardcore conservative to challenge McCarthy for the right to replace outgoing House Speaker John Boehner. Florida’s Daniel Webster (FL-10) is also challenging McCarthy from the far right.

Chaffetz’s decision to take on McCarthy underscores the continuing tension between the insurgent and establishment wings of the Republican Party. Kevin McCarthy now finds himself in nearly the identical position John Boehner has been in for much of his tenure as House Speaker. McCarthy like Boehner, is finding that it is nearly impossible to win support from the right-wing activist wing of his party.

Chaffetz spent the past week badgering Planned Parenthood Director Cecile Richards, and attacking fellow Republican McCarthy for honestly depicting the Benghazi hearings as a drawn out politically motivated stunt to undermine Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.

In 2010, Chaffetz described himself as “100 percent pro-tea party”, but he refused to join the House Tea Party caucus because he thought it would be too structured for his tastes. He feared that the caucus might “co-opt” the tea party movement.

Chaffetz currently serves as the Chairman of the House Oversight & Government Reform Committee, where he mostly uses his position to conduct dubious investigations of imaginary Obama administration scandals. He also tried to bully Washington D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser over marijuana legalization in the District of Columbia, threatening to put her in prison for defying Congress on the issue.

Chaffetz is unlikely to defeat McCarthy in his bid to become Speaker of the House, but his entry into the race to fill the speaker’s seat is a reminder that Boehner’s departure does nothing to quell the murmuring of the GOP House radicals. Chaffetz and his allies are intent on driving the Republican Party further and further to the right, regardless of the consequences for the party or for the nation. Chaffetz will likely be thwarted this time around, but he and others like him, are bound to be constant thorns in Kevin McCarthy’s side for months to come.

34 Replies to “Utah Right-winger Jason Chaffetz Will Challenge Kevin McCarthy For House Speakership”

  1. Another out of place Republican working to the detriment of our country ,a real shame , at least other countries see the foolishness & can laugh at the idiot party .

  2. He criticized McCarthy for his Benghazi slipup, and isn’t that rich. Cecile Richards gave him a slapdown with his PP graph, when she pointed out that they forgot to remove the identifying mark of an anti-abortion group. Pig nose Chaffetz seems to be about as prepared for the job as McCarthy.

  3. What I want to know is why you applied for the secret service and was turned down but now you think you should be 3rd in line to be President?

  4. I was wondering the same thing. What kind of personal information would he find embarrassing. I’m amused just thinking about it.

  5. If a dem is running against him he should demand Chaff produced his application. People should know why he was rejected.

  6. It feels that it’s not even a challenge anymore. These dumbarses make it just too easy. It’s not even fun anymore as they wear their stupidity on the forehead for all to see. Not even a challenge to find!!!

  7. It will be interesting to see how the House Democrats vote. The entire House votes for Speaker, not just the Republicans.

    If I were a Democrat in the House, I think I might vote for Chaffetz, just to throw some $hit in the game, as we used to say.

  8. After listening to McCarthy speak, I don’t understand why they want him unless it is that they think he can be controlled. The guy is dumber than a box of rocks.

  9. The crazier, the better. Let the voters see what they bought into if they continue to feed these freaks with their support.

  10. The pundits are saying McCarthy will prevail and become speaker.

    It is death by drowning with him or death by fire with the tea party guys.

    At least it will be humorous. Boehner cried but McCarthy will produce tears of laughter.

  11. Pretty arrogant to present false information in a hearing one day and then the next day announces that he is running for speaker of the house. Trust is a must! He doesn’t have it

  12. If there’s one thing that we absolutely DON’T need, it’s one of these extremists second in line if something happens to the president. If one of these guys wind up Speaker of the House, and something happens to both the president and vice president, the Speaker becomes president, and this nation is seriously screwed…

    The last thing we need is to have a religious extremist in the White House…

  13. …after some o’ the Teatard stunts I saw Chaffetz pull…he is about the LAST person I want two heartbeats away from the White House…

  14. Extra butter on my popcorn, please. And I prefer Morton’s popcorn salt. Thank you very much! BTW, I’m kind of short, can I sit in the front, please?

  15. I wouldn’t do that. The position is too important to fill it with an asswipe just for fun! So far, those mentioned don’t have the qualifications.

  16. There is a tendancy to see these nutjobs as funny but one wonders when one of their followers starts an organization that advacates strapping on explosives and heading for the nearest mosque or synagogue. Let’s not let these dangerous people any closer to the presidentcy than nesssesary.

  17. These twits will never coalesce around one guy. If McCarthy becomes speaker, give it six months and we’ll be watching the same exercise in futility taking place. Give it to Chaffetz, as frightening as that seems to me, the republican implosion will take the rebub party to a new level of low. They’ll never all agree on any one individual. This goes on over and over until we vote them out or they run our country totally into the dirt.

  18. Yes, I don’t think I could vote for a Jewish Mormon for President, because he just doesn’t have the Constitutional values he needs to have. Unless, of course, he revokes his memberships and says he’s suddenly Christian. OK, Dr. Ben?
    Meanwhile, the man is an idiot, but since the entire GOP seems to have some mental problems, I think Nancy should throw her hat into the ring.

  19. Utah is a strange place. I lived there for two years and had TDYs there often.
    When we first moved in and I was at work, a neighbor lady came to visit my wife and brought a cake. About the first thing she asked was what Stake are you in? My wife said Steak? What steak? The neighbor lady took her cake and went home.
    BTW, while in Utah, I learned as much as I could about the Mormons so I could argue with people who had been on a “Mission”.
    Today, when Mormon kids on their Mission knock on the door, they are amazed that a crotchety old fart can ask them questions about their religion that they have a tough time answering.

  20. I’m still blaming the low information voters who put these fools in the majority of both Houses. Doesn’t matter which Republican gets the nod, they’re all hitched to the same wagon. Hopefully we can keep the Presidency in 2016 (for veto sake) or we are in for real bad times..unless you’re in the corporate class.

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