Republican Strategist Blasts Trump, GOP Over Shutdown: ‘All Of This Is On Them’


Despite the weak effort by Donald Trump and his Republican allies in Congress, even figures in his own party agree that the government shutdown lies squarely in the GOP’s lap.

In a Saturday morning tweet, Republican strategist John Weaver – who has worked for GOP names like Sen. John McCain and Gov. John Kasich – said there is no getting around it: The president and Republicans own this shutdown.



Ultimately, nobody is fooled by what happened here. The president’s initial move to go after those with DACA status set this whole chain of events into motion. Along the way, Trump has refused to accept even bipartisan agreements to resolve the crisis.

In a cynical attempt to win Democratic votes, Republicans threw gasoline on the fire by adding CHIP to the equation, using health care for kids as a political football – after refusing to reauthorize it for months.

Let’s not forget that about seven months ago, Trump claimed that maybe what the country needed was a Through his own actions, that’s just what he got.

It’s going to be hard for this president to convince the American people that the government shutdown is the Democrats’ fault when not even everybody in his own party agrees.