PolitiFact Busts Mitch McConnell For Trying to Steal President Obama’s Economic Record

Mitch McConnell


This is the harsh ruling PolitiFact had for Mitch McConnell’s claim that the economy improved because the GOP won. Further, “The data we found suggest McConnell is engaging in some wishful thinking.”

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) started the new session off with a bang Wednesday by claiming in a Senate floor speech that the recent economic uptick appeared to “coincide” with “the expectation of a new Republican Congress.”

But then reality showed up and it was not impressed. Not only is there no causation, but McConnell is not even correct about the timing of the uptick. This is a Mitt Romney level fib — it doesn’t even have its feet near the ground and it’s layered with hypocrisies and etch-a-sketching.

Here’s what McConnell said: “After so many years of sluggish growth, we’re finally starting to see some economic data that can provide a glimmer of hope. The uptick appears to coincide with the biggest political change of the Obama administration’s long tenure in Washington: the expectation of a new Republican Congress.”

This figment of McConnell’s imagination is Romney level etch-a-sketching because Republicans spent the entire election (and acutally, last 6 years) telling us that Obama had ruined the economy and only they could fix it, in between fear mongering and blaming Obama for Ebola. But now they are taking credit for an economic uptick that they denied until they won.

Even worse, some of the data McConnell’s office cited to justify the Senator’s claim is directly attributable to Democratic ideas and policies that Republicans have relentlessly opposed and undermined. Not only is there no causation, it is not even an accurate statement. This is right up there with Mitt Romney trying to take credit for the auto bailout he trolled and opposed at every turn.

PolitiFact pointed out that correlation is not causation, but even this was not enough. They asked, “But is McConnell even right that the economic data and the political expectations coincided? We focused on two questions.
First, when did “the expectation of a new Republican Congress” actually solidify? And second, was there an uptick in economic data that actually coincided with that time frame? We’ll also briefly address the question of causation, even though McConnell didn’t explicitly claim that.”

Their conclusion based on facts? “The data we found suggest McConnell is engaging in some wishful thinking.”

The fact finders determined many problems with McConnell’s claim. First, they say:

…an “expectation” of a GOP takeover didn’t emerge until the beginning of September at the earliest, and possibly as late as the second half of September.This leads to our next question. Has there been an economic “uptick” that “appears to coincide” with this timeline?

They went through their figures and of course, it did not. “… the bulk of this growth occurred before the expectation of a GOP Senate began to jell.” On top of this, there was tremendous growth in the second quarter, at which point they note, “the New York Times model showed the Democrats likelier to win control than the Republicans.”

Ouch. It gets worse.

Here’s the Romney claiming credit for the auto bailout moment. One of the growth factors cited by McConnell’s office to justify his claim (just in case you thought maybe it was a misunderstanding, no, his office supplied numbers they claim back the Senator up) is attributable directly to policies that Republicans oppose and have done everything in their power to undermine. It is, in fact, an endorsement for the intervention of government.

Gary Burtless, a senior fellow with the Brookings Institution, said one reason GDP and employment have increased a bit faster in recent months “is that government investment, government consumption, and public employee payrolls have recently been rising instead of falling.” Given this, McConnell’s comments linking the GOP and accelerated economic growth are ironic, Burtless said, since Republicans have been at the forefront of cutting government spending and payrolls.

In conclusion PolitiFact finds “the economic recovery was under way well before September, which is our best estimate for when the ‘expectation’ of a GOP Senate solidified. We rate the statement False.”

In other words, McConnell basically just scored a touchdown for the other team. He drew attention to the improving economy under Obama, and this caused an examination of the improvements, which led to attention being put on the fact that government intervention was a key part of the success. In other words, the President and the Democrats were right and the Republicans were wrong.

The next time a Republican claims that consumer confidence will go up if they get elected, the press might want to revisit the reasons behind this ruling.

48 Replies to “PolitiFact Busts Mitch McConnell For Trying to Steal President Obama’s Economic Record”

  1. Setting for the tone for the near future the turtle comes out lying through his chinless face; look forward to everything the republicans attempt to do to be based on the big lie; that is that they are fully owned by the corporation and never ever do what is best for their constituents.

  2. let’s see…

    pray the drought away… dynamic scoring… trickle down economics… tax cuts for the wealthy make jobs… deficits don’t matter (Dick Cheney)… WMD in Iraq are real…

    who would’ve guessed that Republicans engaged in magical thinking…

  3. what we have here is a lying mofo republican (pardon the redundancy) being a lying mofo republican, it’s the only thing at which they are competent.

  4. McConnell is a sleeze bag politician. He lies everytime he opens his mouth. I hope he gets busted, embarressed and shamed everytime he lies.

    Whatever happened with that drug bust aboard one of his father-in-laws freighter ships?

  5. You know he was lying. I know he was lying. If Momma turtle was alive today she would wash his mouth out with lye soap for lying.

    Now the question is when he goes on the Sunday gobshites of excrement will they call him out for lying?

  6. He may think that blatant falsehood will be drowned in the last couple of news cycles but that lie will resonate with many. Fox News of course will manufacture or completely spin this to back up Mitch and his lying cohorts. He needs to be sued by the White House for lying outright.

  7. Liar, Liar– Pants on Fire!

    Oddly enough, McConnell’s claim seems to parallel Rush Limbaugh’s belief that the Wall Street Crash of September 2008 was due to the expectation of Senator Obama winning the presidency– two months later.

    Republicans have no shame, have no brains and believe the rest of us are as dumb as they are.

  8. Sad thing….they really think this is true. They are so brainwashed. They actually think we are as dumb as the the idiots that voted them in. Guess it’s true, excessive money is the root of all evil.

  9. But as he was saying this, the DOW was tanking, losing 200 points. I think that’s the market reacting to the GOP takeover.

  10. Only one way to tell if the Turtle is lying, (whispers) if his lips moving, he’s LYING!! pass it on!

  11. They have spent the last six years saying how the Obama economy was a disaster, so now they are trying to steal it!

  12. I was wondering the same thing? We never heard anything about the drug bust on that ship.

    Can you imagine if it was a Democrat who had illegal drugs???

  13. Who? Ever since Reagan, anyone and everyone with more than half a working brain. Too bad Republican voters have disqualified themselves.

  14. Our Dear friend, I use that word loosely, is doing now what he has done for us in Kentucky for over 30 years. Lie and do NOTHNG to improve the lifes’ of those of us in Kentucky. He rides on the coattails of those ahead of him and then tries to call it ALL his or the GOP’ doing. Why Kentucky even re-elected that lying biggot is beyond me and Kentucky as a state is showing NO growth with help from Mitch McConnell. The ONLY growth you see in Kentucky is in th elarger cities Louisville and Lexington and that is due to the “local” politicians that get things done here.

  15. And now Democrats should get the word out on this and let everyone know the truth, not just the “choir.” Everyone must be much more vocal and not so “civil.”

  16. And WHY is THAT? Democrats have to start defending their party and touting our achievements by being much more vocal. Stop letting Republicans do most of the talking.

  17. The GOP/TP wants us to believe in magic, because science and math aren’t very cooperative when it comes to their BS.

  18. “The data we found suggest that McConnell is engaging in wishful thinking”
    He’s been doing that for 6 years, why stop now?

  19. I’ve been talking about the cocaine bust on his in laws ship, since it happened. He stated just before this bust he gets his wealth from his wives family! Well Hello! Also he was caught sending phony voting information into heavy democratic counties. Busted and not another word! My question has been, this illegal election activity becomes legal because he won the election?

  20. The dems need to start backing the president if they had they wouldn’t had lost so many seats. But that is okay they will learn one day to back a good president because they know what they are doing. Now they need to get out there and open there mouths and tell the truths to american people and back the president up. He is a good cheerleader but he can’t do it by himself, if they are helping, he will get louder and louder and the american will get behind in a heart beat. The republicans know that and that is why they like to keep the dems scare, but it isn’t working with the president and they have no clue to why. He is sitting the pathway for the next president whether it be Hillary or the next miniorty in the future. He is doing everything right and by the book why the republicans try to figure it out.

  21. How deep does the Rabbit Hole go?

    I thought the Reichwing, alternative universe, couldn’t get more Mad Hatter-like than what Shrub peddled….

  22. Thanks to President Obama, who will veto everything these idiots will give to him the DOW ended in the positive today

    17,907.87+323.35 (1.84%)

  23. be thankful you have a democratic governor but I can’t figure out how you live there.
    I’m in California and enjoy my state.

  24. I’ve seen many comments that the economy crash of 2007 – 2008 was caused by the Dodd-Frank Wall Street bill which went into effect in 2010. These must be the same idiots that believe California is broke.
    We just can’t fix the permanently stupid.


    After years of cuts, state budgets show surpluses

  25. Melinda, good point. I wonder if the election is legal? Of course, Dems need to get on it, but of course they don’t.

    Turtle gets his money from his wife’s family..so he really is a taker now isn’t he? He is a worthless POS.

  26. ummm..yeah…

    I was a student at Cal in the early ’70s… you know the Vietnam War… People’s Park… I have a pretty good idea of Ronzo…

    I realize sometimes satire and rhetorical questions are hard…

  27. Darrell, You agree that this is what McConnell has done for yrs. lie about everything and do nothing for the people of Kentucky or any American. Well i have a question for you??? WHY THE HELL DO YOU CONTINUE TO VOTE THE LOWLIFE PIECE OF SHIT INTO OFFICE??? YOU HAD YOUR CHANCE TO GET RID OF HM AND YOUR STATE DID NOT DO IT. WHY?? IT is like you Southerners love to vote against your own best interest. I don’t understand how anyone that is an average “Joe” can vote for a dirty lowlife puke.

  28. When are the Dems going to learn that voting actually matters at the local and state level. What’s the point of only turning out in record numbers for national elections? We’ll still continue to get idiots gerrymandering at the local level.

    Progressives Unite!

  29. Anyone wants to take bets on how long before the hacks/gobshites @chucktodd @bobschieffer @ScottPelley @BWilliams @GStephanopoulos @charlierose @Morning_Joe start crediting the lying Mitch McConnell and republicans with the Obama 57 straight months of economic growth?

    We can expect nothing less of the hacks at Fox by CBC, ABC, NBC and CNN are supposed to be better.

  30. Ten years from now Obamcare will be called Repubacare. This is how they try to rewrite history. Forget that fact that this congress will go down in history as the worst ever. They don’t care about that. Unlike depending on the print media, we have Hi Tech media which the truth will never be distorted in the future.

  31. The Republicans have learned well the lessons of the “the big lie”, repeat one often enough and the under educated American public will believe it.

  32. Exactly Scott! They learned well from following Josef Goebbels handbook. We are now living in the New 4th Reich.

  33. Doesn’t really matter that he was blatantly lying as usual.
    There are plenty of americans will believe him and gloat about it.

  34. Lord only knows why the Republicans would WANT any credit for the slowest economic ‘recovery’ in history …

  35. Only a teabag republican would do NOTHING for six years and then take credit for the recovery they opposed and obstructed! Not a surprise, these are the same scumbags who helped wall street and the banks steal trillions of taxpayer dollars.

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