Rush Limbaugh Admits He’s Causing Panic Over Ebola To Help GOP Win Midterm Elections


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While on the air Thursday, conservative gasbag Rush Limbaugh took exception with Fox News anchor Shepard Smith’s plea on Wednesday for pundits and politicians to pull back on their hyperbole over the Ebola cases in Texas. Smith utilized a few minutes of air time on Wednesday to provide only the facts on the Ebola virus and point out that America is not dealing with an outbreak. He asked that those in the media be more responsible in their coverage of the story and that radio and television personalities stop fear mongering in an effort to stir up panic for political gain.

Well, this didn’t sit well with El Rushbo on Thursday. Ever since the story broke that a man in Texas had contracted Ebola while in West Africa and carried the disease with him to the United States, Limbaugh has made it his mission to blame President Obama for it and stoke as much fear as possible. While Limbaugh has definitely not been alone in this endeavor, his megaphone is one of the largest around, as despite sagging ratings, he still has the #1 radio program in America.

Limbaugh first claimed that he wasn’t trying to cause panic. Instead, he was just displaying concern because of the incompetence of the Obama Administration and other government departments.


Below is from the transcript of The Rush Limbaugh Show:

There is no desire here to spread a panic, and I am not secretly harboring a belief that we have a wide outbreak and they’re not telling us. I don’t believe that. Not yet. My concern is what it always is. One thing you can count on. Whether you’re a new Article here, whether you’re a veteran, one thing you can count on from me is consistency.

If there are people who are fearful of a panic out there, or if there are people who think they’re not being told the truth, it’s because we have a level of incompetence I have yet to see in my life prior to this. The point that I’m trying to make with all of these things I highlight is the utter incompetence of the people that you think are trustworthy in these institutions that everybody counts on.

Limbaugh then proceeded to induce panic in his audience over an upcoming epidemic by claiming the government isn’t going to do anything about it. They won’t try to contain the virus on West Africa. Instead, they will just allow it to spread further. They will continue to reject ideas from good, God-fearing conservatives who truly care about America for purely political reasons.

Therefore, per Rush, he is just “trying to alert” the audience in anticipation of the upcoming elections so they choose wisely. They can either stick with the incompetent leaders currently in charge of certain institutions who are going to bring death and destruction to our country via a deadly virus, or they can elect more Republicans who will fix everything.

My point to you is, just like with Obamacare, and just like with a number of other things with this administration, the election coming up in November is crucial, and whatever is really known about this is not going to be shared with us until after that point. But more than that, I’m just trying to alert you to be curious and to question some of these things that you’re hearing, because it’s nonsensical.

I think it’s not too powerful to say it’s tragic that we have such levels of incompetence in positions of leadership that are really important. Now, I know why we have such a high degree of incompetence. It’s because the people that are choosing those to lead these institutions are themselves incompetent and have never really done anything. They’ve not accomplished anything.

Anyway, one other thing, folks, about the criticism here. I just want you to understand, the same people who are illustrating their blatant incompetence in all of this, they’re the same people telling you that there is global warming. They are the same people telling you you’re not paying enough in taxes. The same people that promised you shovel-ready jobs and stimulus spending. These are the same people that told you you could keep your doctor. The same people told you you can keep your insurance plan if you liked it, lied to you about that, same people.

Obviously, Shep Smith touched a nerve with Limbaugh. In Limbaugh’s mind, he sees Fox News as kindred spirits if not direct allies. While he occasionally will criticize the network, he only does so if he feels they aren’t pushing the conservative narrative enough regarding a specific subject. When one of the network’s most visible anchors blasts the Conservative Entertainment Complex, it feels like a direct betrayal. Sure, Smith is perhaps the only one that has any credibility left at the network, but he still works for Roger Ailes and needs to toe the company line. Limbaugh is essentially telling those at Fox News that Shep needs to be put in his place.

While it was genuinely refreshing to see someone at Fox News, of all places, call out the right-wing noise machine for being irresponsible, it isn’t going to stop Limbaugh and others. It will only embolden them. Expect non-stop fear mongering and Chicken Little declarations for the next three weeks, minimum.


55 Replies to “Rush Limbaugh Admits He’s Causing Panic Over Ebola To Help GOP Win Midterm Elections”

  1. This means Limbaugh thinks the GOP are losing. If he was confident of a victory, he wouldn’t have to cause fear and paranoia. Rush has confirmed his lack of confidence with the Conservatives. They can’t win on substance, they have non. The GOP have been using fear and loathing with their base for months! If they still won’t go to the polls, that tells you more about the candidates than their base.

  2. I wonder how many lawsuits will be filed against the main company that handles Rush because of injures both emotional and physical caused by his rhetoric? You know people running around scared older people falling, heart attacks and such. Family members should be outraged at Rush scaring their love ones and sue the company that he is supported by.

    Even if they were eventually thrown out maybe just maybe the company will dump Rush as to much of a liability.

  3. “reject ideas from good, God-fearing conservatives . . .”

    Where are these people? Not in Congress, not in the Judiciary.

    Not Rushbaugh. Where are they?

  4. This gasbag doesn’t even realize his repig base of old white people will be the first to duct tape themselves in a closet and not to go to the poles, thank you rushbo just keep up the full blown propaganda scare.

  5. If Rushie got Ebola and finally removed himself from the earth’s misery…. I would die laughing. Hopefully not before i could
    urinate on his grave

  6. Sadly they’re probably already voting absentee, just so they needn’t fear standing in line with “thugs” at the polls.

  7. I hope the idiot also told the public that those same people he wants re-elected are the people that cut funding for the CDC at all levels. Had the funding for research been in place we could have been prepared by having a vaccine ready. That would be wishful thinking because it is Obama’s fault that funding was cut just as everything else is Obama’s fault. I must say that Obama has many, many powers according the Limbaugh and his cronies.

  8. If I was without feelings I say round up all Reich wing idiots , their followers yes we know you are and shipped them to the hot zone and then have a quarantine and let them John Galt to their hearts content. But I cant do that because I am a flaming liberal

  9. Here’s a little sarcasm of my own. Yes Rush, the Dem’s and Pres Obama are just waiting to get this virus into you some way. So you then can infect all other rethugs..sounds like a plan too me!

  10. Rush Limbaugh doesn’t know it, but he’s on down hill slide to hell. And it won’t be Ebola, it will be God. There’s so much evil in this fathead, it looks like his head could explode at anytime.

  11. The only patient to die so far was a poor un-insured black man, they should look objectively at the regulation cutting Governor that runs that state. I mean he wants to be President and can’t seem to handle just one case of Ebola without letting others catch it. None of the other hospitals have had this happen.

  12. Maybe if Gov. Good hair would have approve Medicaid expansion this wouldn’t happen. But rethugs get the government they want and F*ck them.

  13. ANYONE who believes what Limbaugh the racist/fascist tub of lard, says must have an IQ of 60! NO truly intelligent person would listen and believe the crap that spews out of his mouth! Now, why would anyone believe a draft dodger, a college drop-out, a drug addict who’s been married 4 times?? I’m sure those 4 women could really tell us about this dysfunctional guy who is a race hater, who is against women’s Rights, who I would guess watches porn on the internet or on discs in his DVD player. I give him NO creditability at all!! He is NO expert on any of the real issues that face middle class Americans at present. He has NO real talent other than he knows how to spew out lies, twisted facts, distortions of some truths, misleading information, biased and slanted information, most of is NOT TRUE!

  14. Rush is causing a panic, and I am waiting for the hordes of crazy, old, White men to begin jumping off their front porches into the bushes!

  15. I must have come across to you as a right winger, but am definitely a liberal. Last comments about Obama were meant as sarcasm.

  16. Is there an acceptable euphamism for sorry SOB? The rabid right wing will stop at nothing to stir up the knuckle draggers who feed on this tripe.

    Encourage everyone who has reason to vote. It’s that important.

  17. Limpbaugh has a high school education. Failed (according to his mother) every class freshman year in college and never went back.
    No degrees, no training, so he’s an expert on…what?
    Apparently, he learned to be a kick ass con man early on.

  18. I believe in freedom of speech, but there needs to be a level of accountability in media for purposely creating havoc with exaggerated claims. Could I walk into the center of Times Square and yell EBOLA! It’s irresponsible and dangerous.

  19. rhetoric like this has become a hallmark of the gop and its supporters. if you choose to spread fear thinking we won’t question and fact checque what you say you are wrong. and if you can only come up with fear, but no workable solutions to problems like this, you really need to shut up and get out of the way of those who DO have a solution.

    when all you can do is yell fire in a crowded theater, you are totally worthless, and only a fool would believe anything yousay. lie to me once and everything else you say will be suspect. they just don’t ever seem to get that point.

    this is why I will NEVER vote gop again, even if I hate the dem running in the election.

  20. “the election coming up in November is crucial,”

    I think that’s probably the only thing I’ve ever agreed with that this moron has ever said. This election is crucial, but not in the way he meant it. We need to get these right wing nut jobs out of our government so it can actually govern.

  21. As usual, Rushbo has it exactly backwards. If Texas had adopted Obamacare, Thomas Duncan would have been admitted to the hospital and treated immediately. And it’s the GOP who have cut funding to CDC, NIH and blocked the nomination of a Surgeon General. So, having nothing else he resorts to the fear-mongering.

  22. Just wondering, does anyone have the text of
    Rick Perry’s appearance, with his medical team behind him, and looking very presidential, when he came out at the beginning of this debacle, I’m sure he said Texas was ready and able to handle this thing!

  23. Shame that President Obama really isn’t the dictator that Dr. Limbaugh claims him to be. I would love to his head on a spike in front of his EIB studio.

  24. I see down votes but it seems that those people don’t have the courage to comment. Probably because all they have to add is just ignorant piffle any way.

  25. Let’s just put it out there. We the level headed liberal democrats hate the fat tub of lard, LImpbo, as much as the thoughtless minded conservative republicans hate the President of the US.

  26. we will loss the House and Senate if, Dem’s stay home on election day. If, the House and Senate is lost, the rethugs have plans to eliminate all Gov. programs that help people. These bills will pass so fast,
    people will not be able to keep up with the changes. Then the red States who use more of Gov. help then any other State will begin to understand just who and what they have been casting their vote for. Way too late….

  27. Conservatives. The best friend a disaster ever met.

    The only reason these guys are not inviting Ebola directly into the country is because it will kill white people too.

  28. Again ignorant (mostly white) Americans are riding the fear and hate machine. I am so embarressed by these idiots. No wonder folks in Europe think we are nice but really stupid.

  29. Many repubs were told to vote absentee to make sure their votes were counted after the 2000 election mess. My husband and I vote on election day. Then we go to the bar and hoist a few. It’s our election day tradition!

  30. He’s only taking a page out of the David Axelrod playbook. Axelrod’s mantra is, ” True is immaterial”.

  31. Incompetence is the new right wing rallying cry. (black people; inferior) Get it?
    BTW, RUSH, Obama ACCOMPLISHED a Harvard Law Degree and serving as President of The Harvard Law Review, among other things, before being elected two times to serve as The PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES!. And you, Limbaugh?

  32. I don’t wish ill on anyone as that is such a wrong thing to do – BUT – if Rush Limbaugh catches Ebola I would not feel bad about it one little bit. I would consider it poetic justice.

  33. Never wish ill will on anyone.
    Give him a listen sometime, Rush can be extremely good natured and humble.

  34. This man just admitted to you that he lied in order to get you to do something and that tells you that you’d better hurry up and do it? That’s what stupid is.

  35. The difference being we have plenty of legitimate reasons to dislike Rush, all of which are his own doing. Unlike our president, who did not choose his skin color.

  36. Thank you all for sharing your thoughts and especially to Justin Baragona for inspiring this string. There was much of your opinion mixed in with portions of the news that were included in this article. I don’t agree with most of what was written but do appreciate your honesty. I hope most of you would agree that truth or honesty is foundational to any profitable conversation. Deceiving one another is a waste of our abilities. I love the president as I would any other person but have found that loving people honestly requires holding them accountable when they are dishonest. Telling someone your opinion is honest but the way you interpret the truth of a matter may be dishonest. In time we will see who has been more truthful with the American people but I encourage you who are bitter with Rush to search your hearts once more to ensure your judgements are also founded in truth and love for one another. Thank you and God bless you in your search.

  37. …let’s hope for WIDESPREAD Karma… …every word spoken by Rush…not necessarily in the order shown…lol

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