While Media Obsesses About Foreign Donors, Bill Clinton Defends Clinton Foundation’s Work

In an exclusive interview with NBC News' Cynthia McFadden, Bill Clinton defended the Clinton Foundation's work.

Chris Christie Thinks Parents Should Be Able To Avoid Having Their Children Vaccinated

During an impromptu news conference in England Monday, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie told reporters that parents in America should have a choice when it comes to providing their children with vaccinations for certain diseases.

Joni Ernst Goes all Palin, Calls Obama an Apathetic Dictator

Whoa there...wait a minute. He is a dictator AND he is apathetic? How can he be both? He's running amok AND not doing anything?

President Obama Drops a Fact Bomb On Republicans Who Are Exploiting Ebola

obama ebola healthcare workers

President Obama called Republicans who are promoting fear and cowardice as an answer to the Ebola outbreak. Obama dropped the facts on those who looking to create hysteria for political gain.

Chris Christie Acts Like Schoolyard Bully To Quarantined Nurse By Daring Her To Sue Him

While out on the road campaigning Tuesday, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie Dismissed reporters' questions about a potential lawsuit regarding Christie's order to forcibly quarantine a nurse who had recently returned from West Africa.

After Jon Stewart Slams Him, Chris Christie Claims He Knows More About Ebola Than Experts

After Jon Stewart skewered him on The Daily Show Monday night, Chris Christie proclaimed to Matt Lauer on Tuesday morning that he knows more about how to handle Ebola than the CDC.

Of Ebola and Fundamentalist Fantasies about Being Enslaved by Sodomites

"We've been taken over by sodomites," Warns Rick Wiles. "The Lord has told me vast numbers are going to be consumed and the survivors will be slaves"

Bad News for Republicans As Americans Have Confidence in Government To Deal with Ebola

obama speech on economy Northwestern

There is "overwhelming confidence in the federal government's ability to prevent a nationwide epidemic," according to a new CNN poll.

Chris Christie’s Fear Mongering Ebola Quarantine Of Nurse Blows Up In His Face

On Monday, a day after he told Fox News he had "no second thoughts" about his decision to forcibly quarantine a nurse who had just returned from West Africa, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie reversed course and announced that he was allowing Kaci Hickox to return to her home in Maine.

Darrell Issa’s Obama Bashing Backfires When He Uses a Weather App To Defeat Ebola On CNN

Rep. Darrell Issa humiliated himself on CNN today. While criticizing President Obama's Ebola response, Issa held up his smartphone to show the world how easy it would be to monitor body temperatures on our phones. Unfortunately for him, the phone gave him the weather forecast, not his body temperature.

Republican Heads Explode As Obama Uses Science To Beat Down Ebola Hysteria

Obama ebola hysteria science

The president is hitting Republicans, and the Ebola hysterical media with some hard science based Ebola truth.

The Republican Refusal to Deal with Reality Runs Deep

"travel ban works for african countries, liberal logic: liberal political hacks spread ebola to stop the spread of ebola, nice try"

Republicans Busted For Hyping Ebola While Blocking Obama Surgeon General Nominee

Republicans were busted on the Meet The Press and Face The Nation for hyping Ebola fears while refusing to confirm President Obama's nominee to be Surgeon General.

Obama White House Forced To Waste Precious Time Calming Media Created Ebola Hysteria

Instead of talking about jobs, the economy, or any number of important issues, the Obama White House had to send public health officials on the Sunday shows to calm media created Ebola hysteria.

Hypocrite Ted “Government Shutdown” Cruz Whines That The Government Should Be Doing More on Ebola

The man who shut down the government in an effort to stop funding to Obamacare/access to affordable healthcare is now confounded that government wasn't entirely ready for action on Ebola.

Obama Steps Up and Shows Republicans How It’s Done While Knocking Down Ebola Hysteria

President Obama is on this. The Ebola response is not going to be passively, continuously botched like the Katrina response was, even with the massive cuts to disease prevention. Not if President Obama has anything to say about it.

Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital and Republicans Share Blame For Ebola Spread

The latest Republican blame-fest is centered on the Ebola virus, and as is typically the case, the real culprits are not being held responsible for their morally and socially irresponsible actions.