President Obama Drops a Fact Bomb On Republicans Who Are Exploiting Ebola


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President Obama called Republicans who are promoting fear and cowardice as an answer to the Ebola outbreak. Obama dropped the facts on those who looking to create hysteria for political gain.



President Obama was introduced by Dr. Kent Brantly, who was diagnosed with and recovered from Ebola.

Obama reminded everybody that the best way to protect Americans from Ebola is to stop the outbreak at its source. The president praised healthcare workers who are going into the heart of the Ebola epidemic. The president called these people American heroes who deserve to be treated with dignity and respect.

The president said that he believed in American exceptionalism because we don’t run and hide from our problems. Obama denounced Ebola fear and hysteria.

President Obama discussed the progress that has been at the source of the outbreak because of the leadership the United States has shown on the ground. Obama cautioned that none of this means that the outbreak has been solved. The president warned that if the U.S. doesn’t deal with the problem in West Africa, it will come here.

Obama called out the quarantines imposed by states as a way of discouraging healthcare workers who are needed from going to the source of the outbreak. Obama added that until the outbreak is stopping in Africa we may see more cases in the United States. He said, The only way to make sure that we are safe is to deal with the disease is the most acute.”

The president said, “In order to prevent its spread, and to keep America safe, we have to go to the source.”

Obama said that his biggest message was that it was critical that we stay focused on the facts and the science. The president pointed out that all seven Americans who have been treated for Ebola in America have survived. Obama said, “We know that this disease can be contained and treated.”

President Obama took a direct shot at states who are quarantining healthcare workers upon their return from treating patients in Africa. The president’s message was that the healthcare workers who are treating patients and trying to contain and defeat the outbreak at its source are heroes.

Republican governors and Democrat Andrew Cuomo in New York have jumped on the Ebola hysteria bandwagon by treating healthcare workers like criminals. Chris Christie is the poster boy for using Ebola for political gain, but Republican governors who are facing closing reelection contests are doing the same thing in states like Georgia and Maine.

The president was right. Healthcare workers who are treating Ebola patients deserve our respect and admiration. They don’t deserve to be stuck in a tent, or preemptively quarantined for political purposes.

Hard work and science will defeat Ebola. Political exploitation only causes panic and hysteria that will make the situation worse. Obama is facts and knowledge to put the Republican Ebola fear mongers in their place.

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  1. Thank you, Mr. President. It is more than time to start calling out all these immature politicians who are playing games with their positions instead of using it wisely for the benefit of the country and its occupants.

  2. I relish the day that these “the sky is falling” chicken little’s actually have something akin to a sky fall on their ignorant pin heads!

  3. It wouldn’t have come to this if the teahadist for once believe in science. It wouldn’t come to this if our educational system valued science teaching instead of voodoo. It wouldn’t have come to this if we had a media that would inform instead of fear mongering for chasing dwindling ratings. It wouldn’t come to this if the American people for once exercise some common sense to elect competent leaders instead of grifters and egotistical assholes


  4. Every time a crisis arises, it is always the party whose members claim to be “brave U.S. patriots” who freak out and curl up in a fetal position. Their talk of being brave is just that TALK.

  5. Seen Lou Dobbs post on my facebook asking of Obama should stop all flights to here. I said yes, because of the hundreds of thousands who have ebolla here and the 1000’s who are dying from it here. I got a ton of likes.

    Those fox new idiots are insane

  6. Of course they are exploiting Ebola. They’d exploit their mamma’s, wives, daughter’s, whores if they were raped for political gain. Cuz, when you are pro life, that’s what you do.

  7. Whether or not we believe in American Exceptionalism, one must understand that this issue shouldn’t be used for political gain. That point seems to have escaped the Fear-mongers at Fox, as well as the Usual Suspects; Trump…Christie…the entire GOP KLAN, in fact, who would use a deadly disease in West Africa as a means to further denigrate the POTUS. Logic, that long lost tool of rational people, dictates that we must do everything possible to rid the world of this disease, if we wish to keep it from spreading to more countries than the three, it currently has in its deadly grip. That will require our active participation! Let’s be clear, here; the very same fools who’re screaming that Americans shouldn’t be sent to help, are the ones who’re ALWAYS the first to insist upon our people being sent into a war, anywhere there is a drop of oil to be confiscated, thus their cries of FOUL, now, are too hypocritical to be taken as anything more than cheap political attacks on our POT…

  8. I’m expecting Senator McCain to weigh in at any moment and proclaim that the only way to effectively confront ebola is to bomb Iran.

  9. sending troops to Africa is a breach of the oath of allegiance and an abuse of power. The commander of Grief should go there. As a veteran I would refuse to go there if I was in the military until the legal system reviewed the situation. These service people never signed up for this shit. So far it looks like they do not have the balls to contest, but I see where McCain wants a congressional investigation. It is about time.

  10. Then your ass would be in jail awaiting an article 91. You never serve and you are a traitor to the oath if you ever took it

  11. Well, well you are really a piece of work,aren’t you? Troops were helping build hospitals, not work with patients. Sniveling coward.

  12. I see only two reasons a serviceman/woman would not want to go to Africa, where, by the way, they are no where near infected people. One- because they buy into the fear and hysteria created by conservatives or two- they would rather be in a war zone shooting at terrorists. I would think most soldiers would be happy doing humanitarian work and not being in the line of fire in a nasty terrorist war.

  13. Guess you missed it when the US Military went to
    Haiti after the earthquake there?

    They went to build infrastructure same as they will be doing in the African nations where Ebola if prevalent.

    P.S. You were never in the military. If you were, body did they lower their standards.

  14. This article was great til I hit the end. The end, showed bias and favoritism toward Obama. I like Obama, but that didn’t sound right.

    ‘Obama is facts and knowledge to put the Republican Ebola fear mongers in their place.’

    Obama IS facts and knowledge? Obama is a man. A nice man, but still a man. He is obviously not perfect. The rest of the article is acceptable.

    (Did they mean has?)

  15. “Obama IS facts and knowledge?”

    This means Obama represents facts and knowledge. It doesnt mean he isnt a man or anything else. Its a representative statement

  16. Then I guess you were all for President Bush sending troops to Pakistan in the wake of floods there in 2007 was ALSO something which was a “breach of the oath of allegiance” as well and should have led IMMEDIATELY to Congressional Hearings and Impeachment…

    Oh WAIT… Democrats are intelligent enough to KNOW humanitarian aid is something which violates NO oath and which is NEVER inappropriate. Unlike Republicans – who are kind of like turkeys… willing to DROWN rather than come in out of the rain.

  17. I really do not give a shit what people think about sending troops to Africa. I have actually contacted the pentagon and the JAG office and cannot not get a legal definition as to whether this is an Abuse of Power by Obama. I believe it is. These guys never signed up for this shit. I have also contacted the White House, and see where McCain is going to investigate. All you talkers never served in anything , but a kitchen, so get lost

  18. I will bet a higher percentage, likely 100%, of our American Soldiers will survive this than survived the BS war in Iraq.

  19. No where in the agreements soldiers sign at enlistment does it stipulate where they can or cannot be sent. They go where they are ordered to, or they are court marshaled.

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