Chris Christie Thinks Parents Should Be Able To Avoid Having Their Children Vaccinated

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During an impromptu news conference in England Monday, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie told reporters that parents in America should have a choice when it comes to providing their children with vaccinations for certain diseases. Per the New York Times, the 2016 GOP Presidential hopeful was asked about the need for mandated vaccinations in contrast to the recent measles outbreak that began at Disneyland in Southern California and spread to Arizona. The spread of the disease, essentially eliminated for decades in the country, has been blamed largely on parents — known as anti-vaxxers— who refuse to have their children vaccinated for diseases.

As if looking for the most ironic place to make his statement on parental choice, Christie was standing in front of a facility that produces a nasal flu vaccine when talking to reporters. According to the Times, Christie pointed out that he and his wife have had their children vaccinated, but as a public official, he needs to find the right balance between choice and government intervention.

Mr. Christie, when asked about the connection between the new measles cases and parents who object to the long-recommended vaccine against it, said that he and his wife had vaccinated their four children. He called that “the best expression I can give you of my opinion.”

But he added: “It’s more important what you think as a parent than what you think as a public official. I also understand that parents need to have some measure of choice in things as well. So that’s the balance that the government has to decide.”

Mr. Christie said that “not every vaccine is created equal, and not every disease type is as great a public health threat as others.”

The Governor’s comments on the need for parents to vaccinate their children for potentially deadly illnesses are in stark contrast to those made by President Obama during his interview on NBC prior to the Super Bowl. During his conversation with Savannah Guthrie, Obama said in very clear terms that parents “should get your kids vaccinated.” He also told Guthrie that the science behind vaccines is “indisputable” and there is no reason for refusing to provide children with immunization shots.

Christie’s attitude that vaccines are no big deal is basically a complete 180-degree turn from how the Governor reacted to the possibility of the Ebola virus spreading in his state last year. Christie took a lot of heat, and clashed with scientists and medical doctors, when he tried to issue a mandatory quarantine to a nurse who had traveled back from West Africa after treating Ebola patients. Though the nurse, Kari Hickox, was asymptomatic, Christie still wanted to force her to stay in a tent for 21 days. Eventually, Hickox was allowed to return to her home state of Maine for monitoring.

Christie’s reaction to the two different situations shows just how much of a crass politician he truly is. In regards to Ebola, the Governor followed the lead of Fox News and Republicans who thought whipping up tons of fear over the disease could help the GOP in the upcoming midterms. Meanwhile, Christie is entirely focused on 2016 and a possible run at the White House. Therefore, it appears he is thinking that he can possibly appeal to the libertarians and upper-middle-class liberals who feel vaccinations are unnecessary, a tool of big government, responsible for autism, or any other crackpot reason anti-vaxxers have given for not immunizing their children. At the same time, Christie can tell conservatives his stance is due to an overall distrust of the federal government and scientists, which always sits well with the right.

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  1. Chris Christie is just another buffoon that does not give a shit about the health and general welfare of this nation and it’s people. These anti-vaxxers are complete idiots who’s arrogance and ignorance are over the top.

  2. He has”an overall distrust of the federal government” that
    he can’t wait to be a part of. Why don’t all these guys head to Texas, leave the US, and see how long it is before they and their families contract measles, mumps, rubella, chicken pox, and meningitis. Any of them, all of them. And take your crazy NRA enthusiasts with you (and their toddlers, who seem to have no trouble finding and firing weapons meant for adults.)

  3. He’s just following the general rule of the right, which is “Science? That’s Liberal speak for ‘Brainwashing’ our people”

    I’m sorry, but I wish we can put all of the anti-vaccine people into one large area and let them deal with the measles. They want to buy into the BS that vaccines cause autism? Fine, but when someone gets sick, don’t come crying to me.

  4. No vaccinations, then they need to be home schooled. I don’t expect you can force someone, but there needs to be consequences.

  5. so… should Typhoid Mary not’ve been held as a threat to public health?

    Tuberculosis patients that refuse to follow the midcal regimen should be allowed to walk free in public?

    people infected with AIDS that knowingly spread the infection by refusing to disclose their status to partners and don’t use protection?

    these are all choices…

  6. Ooops, I didn’t quite mean that. Oh sorry folks, wrong ass hole governor wannabe ain’t never gonna be.

  7. Hypocrite threaten a doctor with jail for fighting ebola but champing ignorance to spread a deadly disease.

    “A wise man can play the part of a clown, but a clown can’t play the part of a wise man.”
    Malcolm X

  8. He is only taking this stand because the President asked people to have your children take the shot. What people need to realize who don’t get the shot is they put all children in danger. The good of the whole should be taken for all. If they refuse to take the shot then their children shouldn’t be able to go to school or any organized activity. Period.

  9. Personal choice should never trump public safety.
    Vaccinations – the generation that never experienced polio, now endangering others. This is what happens when Republicans cut Heath Districts budgets and information that counters proven scientific data.
    Gun Control – a whole generation that will not look at the facts that their rights don’t trump public safety. They need to be fined, held accountable for accidental shootings, licensed and mandated to carry insurance. All public places should bar guns except for hunting and shooting or private resident. Doctors need to inform their patients the extreme liability of having a gun in the house.
    No more trumping public safety and that includes denying climate change to allow the fossil fuel and nuclear industries to continue.
    We want our Governments to start a whole new campaign on public safety and our future.

  10. I’m OK with this as long as they home-school their kids and keep them confined to their homes and surrounding property. No going to the movies, to malls, to restaurants, amusement parks, grocery stores, etc. Of course, if this were the case, the anti-vac parents would be shouting in their loudest voices about how “unfair” it is for their kids to have to follow these rules. What they don’t seem to understand is that for every decision they make, there’s a consequence, some good, some bad. It makes no sense to me that a disease which has been eradicated has now spread to 8 states, and counting, because some people are so inconsiderate of the health of others, especially babies who can’t be immunized and have the greatest chance of dying by contracting measles. The anti-vaccers can refuse to immunize their kids, but they shouldn’t be permitted to endanger the lives of others like babies and those who, for some reason, can’t be immunized for measles because of serious health issues…

  11. This Buluga whale should tell his whole family,the Republican’ts & Peepottie to avoid taking vaccines & then show us the consequences.

  12. Blame both parties for wide open borders and hundreds of thousands of unvaccinated kids with all the major diseases over running our borders. If your kid is vaccinated than you should not be worried about unvaccinated children…right?

  13. Voluntary vaccination for highly contagious diseases makes as much sense as voluntary decisions regarding whether or not to drive while under the influence.

  14. Excellent post! Couldn’t have said it better myself…Same sentiments, except I always add “leave to inhabit on a planet somewhere of your own construction so you have no complaints except to other like-minded exiles!

  15. I had the Measles at 16. An experience I have never forgotten. When a mom, I deliberately exposed my young children to Chicken Pox and Measles when they were little. It was a lot better than having them suffer the consequences later in life, especially my sons, to be sterile.

    IMHO, vaccination should not be a parental choice but a social necessity. If children are not vaccinated then society suffers the consequences.

  16. Christie is just fruitlessly chasing the libertarian nutcake votes. Next thing we hear he will be agreeing the government doesn’t have to right to tell us we cannot drive drunk and that obeying traffic signals should be a personal choice of each driver.

  17. Doris, like your comment; however, please be fair to beluga whales — comparing Christie to them is unfair. Belugas are endangered. Assholes like Christie aren’t. :-)

  18. People seem to think that it is a simple disease, maybe need to look at the COST to society as the virus and symptoms typically last 2-3 weeks.
    Complications associated with measles may include:
    ear infection/ bronchitis
    miscarriage or preterm labor
    decrease in blood platelets
    blindness /severe diarrhea
    According to the World Health Organization (WHO) Measles is a leading cause of death in children, most of the victims were under the age of 5.

  19. Neither of those feeble-minded politicians were around when people were frightened of polio. We were not allowed to go to beaches, be with crowds, etc. Polio was REAL and kids died.

    When Salk discovered the vaccine that made polio just about a thing of the past the world took a collective sigh of gratitude and fear of that disease went out the window.

    Of course, neither of those jerks are scientists . Paul LIED HIS HEAD OFF when he said that he had seen kids become mentally disabled. He never saw such a thing because it never happened.

  20. As a toddler I contracted polio. This was about ten years before the Salk vaccine was available. I would not wish living with polio on my worst enemy. Cristie is too young to know what a horrible thing polio was. The surgeries I endured as a child… The hospital wards filled with pain-ridden children… The years and years of therapy… Polio was an ever-present interference with my living a normal life. Polio continues to plague my life. Cristie wants today’s parents to gamble with their children’s health when a vaccine is available to avoid polio. What a cruel idiot!!
    I also suffered through measles, mumps, and chicken pox. Did Cristie suffer through any of them?
    Cristie is a blowhard and bully who is only trying to garner votes from anyone he can. God help us if he should become president!

  21. Incorrect. Some children are too young to vaccinate. Some children cannot be vaccinated because of health issues. Real ones. The vaccine is not 100% effective. Also, over time, the vaccine may wear off. So this means that people who are 40+ may be at higher risk to contract the disease that used to show up almost never. All because of people who don’t want to vaccinate their children do to imaginary risks.

  22. Paulette, you are indeed a brave and strong woman. You have experienced much more than any child/adult should ever endure. Although I’ve had Measles, Chicken Pox, Mumps along with other illnesses, I have never experienced Polio. However, I clearly remember growing up when Polio was rampant hearing about it every day – the iron lung…

    Take care of yourself. I’ll keep you in my prayers.


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