Trump’s New Campaign Manager Was Fired By Chris Christie Over “Bridgegate”

Donald Trump has removed Brad Parscale as campaign manager for his reelection bid. His replacement is Bill Stepian, a central figure in the “Bridgegate” scandal.

Stepien worked for former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie until the Republican distanced himself from Stepien in the wake of “Bridgegate” – lane closures of the George Washington Bridge as political retribution. read more

In Exclusive Book Excerpt Christie Says Trump Hired ‘Riffraff’

Chris Christie police shootings

The former GOP governor of  New Jersey, Chris Christie, wrote in his new memoir “Let Me Finish” that President Donald Trump filled his administration with “riffraff.”

According to Christie, who many thought would become either Trump’s running mate or chief of staff, Trump avoided hiring good people who would guide him correctly and help him overcome his destructive impulses. Christie said that Trump needed people around him who were knowledgeable about how the U.S. government functions, but in most cases he didn’t get that. read more

Feed the Beast, Starve the People: What’s Really Been Going on with GOP Tax Policy and Strategy

Over the last July 4 holiday, in an infamous moment inspiring public outrage, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie was captured on film enjoying a public beach with his family. His family were the only ones on the beach, as the beach had been closed to the public because the state, due largely to a Christie veto, had failed to pass a budget, preventing funds from being disbursed to public parks. read more