Jeb Bush Boards The GOP Crazy Train By Saying Raise The Social Security Retirement Age

Bush addresses the National Association of Latino Elected and Appointed Officials Annual Conference in Lake Buena Vista

Former Florida Governor Jeb Bush proposed raising the social security retirement age during a Friday speech at Saint Anselm College’s New Hampshire Institute of Politics. When asked by an audience member how he would fix social security, Bush replied by saying:

I think we need to raise the retirement age, not for people that are already nearing, receiving Social Security, or already on it, but raise it gradually, over a long period of time for people that are just entering the system. And I think we need to do that in relatively short order.

Bush’s remarks came just days after New Jersey Governor Chris Christie also proposed raising the retirement age at the same location. Although Bush and Christie have long been labeled the comparatively sane GOP moderates in the 2016 presidential field, both are interested in bolstering their conservative credentials by waging a frontal assault on social security, by raising the retirement age.

Jeb’s brother, George W. Bush attempted to implement a social security privatization scheme in his second White House term, but that effort failed in the face of public pressure and Democratic opposition to the plan. Social security cuts, including raising the retirement age to reduce retiree benefits, have long been a goal of well-heeled Republican insiders, but they are very unpopular with the general public.

Rank and file Republican voters, many of whom are elderly, also strongly oppose changes to social security that cut retiree benefits. While Bush’s suggested cuts would not directly affect current retirees, Senior voters are still sensitive to drastic proposals aimed at overhauling social security.

Raising the retirement age disproportionately punishes poor retirees, who on average, work in more physically demanding jobs, and who have a shorter life expectancy than their wealthier counterparts. Bush’s proposal is yet another example of how Republican policies are designed to help the wealthy while doing harm to the middle class and the poor. While Jeb Bush is often portrayed by the media as the “moderate” Republican candidate, there is nothing moderate about his proposal to raise the social security retirement age.

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  1. Blows my mind that anybody with a brain can consider voting for another member of the Bush family considering the massive disaster that was his brother’s administration!

    Just goddamn mind boggling.

    The republican party has been on the wrong side of history for their entire existence with the exception of Abe Lincoln and Teddy Roosevelt and a pass to D. Eisenhower for not trying to roll back the new deal.

    They are fascists plain and simple.

  2. Yeah, let’s make people work until they are older, so they croak sooner and never get their social security benefits, then the rich can get richer.

  3. There’s nothing about these callous, heartless @$$holes that a replay of 1789 or 1917 couldn’t take care of.

  4. That’s exactly what they want. I have watched Republicans who justified it by saying that people are living for so long now that they have to raise the age. People should have a decent amount of time to enjoy life after they worked for decades, Republicans want people to work until they die or they are in so much pain that life is diminished. Of course, it doesn’t affect them, they are practically retired now, and could quit this minute and never have anything to worry about.

  5. So true, Terry

    The so-called “positions” these rich people like Bush hold are merely like hobbies to them. It is just a way to screw the hard working people out of what little crumbs we earn, with our dreams of enjoying our golden years; only to have these monsters stomp on our dreams once again.

  6. Raise the cap on social security taxes that is currently $117,000 to $1,000,000. This would force all those CEO’s making big bucks to contribute more to the social security program as opposed to raising the retirement age. Raising the cap would have very little or no tax effect on the average middle class family. It an easy fix but Mr. Bush refuses to consider this option because in his view it would be a tax hike on the rich which he abhors. However, he has no problem of placing the burden of fixing SS on the backs of the seniors, veterans and the middle class. He’s a PIG.

  7. This is the solution from all the clowns on the right: Take money from those who can least afford to pay it or lose it, while continuing to give corporate tax breaks to the wealthiest businesses and individuals. It really began with Reagan, but it continues today in their legislative proposals. Congress just voted to get rid of the estate tax for the 5,000 wealthiest families in the country, because, you know, it’s hard living on only $1 billion a year.

    Republicans are morally repugnant and totally self-serving. How anyone outside the top 1 percent could vote for them is unfathomable.

  8. The Social Security system has a $2.5 trillion surplus. The rethuglicans are dying to get their hands on it.

    Instead of cutting benefits, increase revenue by raising the cap to $500,000. Let the their fair share.

  9. You are absolutely right. Itt is a age old right wing ploy. Its the same over here in England. Women used to get state pension at 60. Now for me ( I am 60 this year) it’s 66. My husband 67. ( He is 54)

    The longer you make people work , the quicker they die and bingo- the goverment is $$$$£££££ in.

  10. Just look at Jeb Bush, he is so soft and
    chubby, he never worked a real day in his life,it would probably kill him to put in a long day’s slog like many have to do. I have a big problem with the Bush family, greedy and selfish, don’t get me started on grandpa Prestcott Bush who was a big Nazi supporter in WW2.

  11. Rethuglicans need to keep their fucking hands off of my Social Security. Yes, “MY” Social Security. I and the people who have paid into it for 50 years own that money. It is not the government’s money. Speaking of the government, it needs to pay back the trillions Reagan and Bush stole from the trust fund to pay for their tax cuts and wars. I never gave the government permission to borrow from MY trust fund.

  12. This dumb idea is going nowhere. It sounds like a good idea to well off politicians who don’t have to worry about the future with their civil service pensions. Not so with the rest of us who do not want to work till they are 70.

  13. I have NEWS for John Ellis Bush…Your Dad ALREADY did raise the retirement age. It has been going up one month every year since 1989. I will not be eligble for full benefits until I’m 67.

    The fact that the PRESS does not bring that up EVERY time a candidate mentions raising the age is mind blowing.

    Second for all of those who want to take the cap off I have to point out that this is an INSURANCE program which mean the BENEFIT is supposed to have a REALTIONSHIP to the premium paid. If you want to the wealthy to pay in more then they are “entitled” to more benefits.

    I do think we can fairly raise the cap to account for the increase longevity but you can not morally take the top off the payments and keep the benefits the SAME.

    The solution is to raise the Cap and acknowledge that the program is deserving of GENERAL FUND REVENUE. Those funds can come from reductions in defense spending.

    Our economy would benefit from this reallocation because of the multiplier effect

  14. I’m amazed that these right wing buffoons have made their initial debate issue who can beat up on social security and retirees the best. That seems even more perversely stupid than usual.

    I want to see the whole Republican membership of the House and Senate forced to agree with these leadership clowns.

  15. You’re welcome.

    I lived during the governor Reagan days when the distruction of California began.

    Who do you think created all of our debt?
    by cutting taxes and borrowing and spending anyway.

  16. Jethro’s just carrying on a family tradition. His family’s
    renowned for cultural sabotage and why should we ex-
    anything different from BuSh lll? Dubya also plopped a
    toxic turd into our USPS in order to privatize mail for
    corporate fatties. Also let’s remember how older brother
    waved little bro into the white house as FL guv in 2000.
    He gave his constituants the” stand your ground” law as another telling example of how his mind, if you’ll pardon
    my use of the word, WORKS.

  17. if you really want to know what’s going on with politicians, and who we elect into office, just watch this documentary. sickening.and it isn’t just republicans either. all these bastards are evil incarnate!

  18. What age does he purpose should be the age to receive Social security?

    Would 90 or 100 be reasonable to Bush?

    Hey, he doesn’t have to rely on Social Security like many of us have to. He’s from a wealthy family.

    His opinion should not matter.

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