Washington State Out Of Reach For GOP As Hillary Leads All Candidates By Double Digits


A Public Policy Polling (PPP) survey released on May 21st finds Hillary Clinton with a commanding lead over all potential GOP opponents in Washington State. The survey of 879 registered voters conducted from May 14th to May 17th shows Hillary Clinton defeating every Republican candidate by double-digit margins.

Clinton’s lead ranged from a 10 point edge over both Florida Senator Marco Rubio (49-39) and retired neurosurgeon Ben Carson (49-39), to a 15 point advantage over New Jersey Governor Chris Christie (49-34). She also held a double-digit advantage over six other candidates tested. Hillary Clinton led Jeb Bush, Scott Walker, Rand Paul, Ted Cruz, Mike Huckabee and Rick Perry, each by margins ranging from 11 to 13 points.

The last time a Republican presidential candidate carried Washington was when Ronald Reagan won the state in 1984, so it should come as little surprise that Hillary Clinton is ahead of each of the GOP candidates in the Evergreen State. Nevertheless, Washington was competitive as recently as the 2000 election when Al Gore only beat George W. Bush 50-45. In 2004, John Kerry also won the state by an uninspiring single digit margin, 53-46. Barack Obama put the state out of reach in both 2008 and 2012, and Hillary Clinton appears destined to continue the trend of keeping Washington safely blue.

According to the poll, Clinton fares much better than any other Democratic candidate when pitted against the Republican field. For example, she holds a 49-38 advantage over Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker. By comparison, her most serious Democratic primary opponent, Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders, manages only a 35-35 tie with Walker. Much of the disparity may be due to higher name recognition for Hillary Clinton. Nearly half of Washington voters have no opinion of Senator Sanders yet.

Sanders has a positive 26-24 favorable rating from voters who have an opinion, compared to Clinton’s slightly negative 42-49 favorable rating. Both Democrats are much better liked than Jeb Bush, who has a dismal 21-55 favorable rating. 

Although Washington is not a highly targeted swing state, Hillary Clinton’s decisive advantage underscores just how firm the Democratic hold on the Pacific Coast states has become. Washington’s 12 Electoral Votes, combined with Oregon’s 7 and California’s 55, gives the Democrats 74 West Coast Electoral Votes that they can almost surely count on in November 2016. Clinton is the strongest Democratic candidate in Washington State. If she secures the Democratic nomination as expected, Washington will be out of reach for the GOP once again.

11 Replies to “Washington State Out Of Reach For GOP As Hillary Leads All Candidates By Double Digits”

  1. Too bad. Born and raised in Washington. The west side is liberal, the eastern half conservative. Unfortunately, all the big cities with their liberal programs are on the west side.
    Other than that this is just made-up news. Duh. Washington is blue. Was someone worried?

  2. Unfortunately not all areas of Washington are progressive or Democratic. Since Fischer Investments moved up here from Orange County, CA, SW WA has become red electing an idiot like Herrera Buetler to Congress. She is about the same level of idiot as McMorris-Rodgers from Spokane. Dumber than a box of ashtrays.

  3. We can agree to disagree on that since I don’t know any of those people. WA is red for the near future, that’s just the way it is.

  4. Blue and expected but still nice to hear it is a whole lot of blue. Sabado crystal ball good predictions for states and delegate counts. Way off but still nice.


    Campaign kick off June 13th. They’re saying thousands of people. I will go if not far.

    She’ll be in Bklyn the day before… but it could be something like center of the country or another reason to pick a state.

  5. Ummm….duh? Tell me that about swing state, or a conservative state.

    Let me guess, New York, Massachusetts, and California also have Clinton way ahead!

  6. The three most likely Rs seem to be Bush, Rubio and Walker. I cannot fathom them picking Walker, I just cannot.

    So Bush and Rubio. Both Florida connections.

    Bush is worse, he just is. He is a very dull candidate and cannot get out from under the family of doom.

    It is way the hell off, but I think it will be Marco. He will make those bigots feel good about themselves that they picked a nice almost brown man. He also will (depite his thirst) come off as clean cut and not a joke. With a story and all that to pound out on Fox in big dramatic moments blah blah.

    He is polling behind, but despite his turn on immigration and his Cuba stance, they’ll eat him up, I think.

    Iowa in January… we’ll see.

  7. Still waiting for repugs to roll out some gal that’s anti-
    women’s rights enough to pass muster. Gotta be a real
    princess among females indeed. Forget Fiona.

  8. Democrats need to vote and take the majority in both houses and the white house. This is the only way we can undo citizens united that can actually buy a congressman, senator, or even a president. They are suppose to work for their constituents, not the 1%.

  9. Not a good omen for Republicans when even their best doesn’t measure up to their worst boogyman.

    And Washington? Well to the west you’ve got rain, jobs, and Democrats. To the east you’ve got the Hanford Nuclear waste dump, Scablands, and the Republicans.

    How appropriate.

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