Special Counsel Is Now Investigating Trump’s Saudi Nuclear Deal


The Office of the Special Counsel (OSC) has opened an investigation into the Trump administration’s decision to pursue a nuclear agreement with the government of Saudi Arabia, The Daily Beast reported on Monday.

Specifically, OSC “is looking at whether officials were retaliated against for raising concerns about the administration’s work related to a Saudi nuclear deal.”

The agency is reportedly reviewing “potentially improper dealings by senior members of the Trump administration in their attempt to map out a nuclear deal with Riyadh.”

According to

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Donald Trump, Who Deferred His Way out of Combat, Attacks John McCain’s War Hero Status

Donald Trump

Donald Trump has attacked just about everyone you care to mention at this point, and now he is taking a particularly brutal stab at John McCain (R-AZ):

Trump made these remarks today at the Family Leadership Summit in Ames, Iowa. You know, the state that makes Republicans behave very badly.

While Donald Trump could take issue with John McCain where policy is concerned, he prefers to take issue with John McCain personally. This seems to be Trump’s method of dealing with the opposition going into this election cycle.

But then, when you are ill-informed, if not outright ignorant on the issues, vague is good. Vague is very good. Vague doesn’t explain itself. Vague is very totalitarian in its fiats and pronouncements.

Donald Trump doesn’t really have a platform beyond how great Donald Trump is and what idiots everyone else are. He can’t explain issues he probably doesn’t understand. To date, at least, he hasn’t tried.

It is easier by far to just to insult the people who hold positions he opposes rather than try to articulate, and fail, at developing positions of his own. This is the last seven years of Republican opposition to Obama turned against the Republicans themselves, by one of their own.

And as we have noticed, they do not like it much. Particularly since Trump seems to be more skilled at it than the men and women who taught him this sort of theater works.

It is a fact that John McCain got shot down. It is a fact that he did not perform heroic deeds of daring-do in the air, like a Manfred von Richthofen, or an Eddy Rickenbacker, or Pappy Boyington. But he did survive five years of hellish conditions in a North Vietnamese prison camp, the “Hanoi Hilton.”

He did serve his country.

Unlike Donald Trump. While McCain was serving his country, risking his life in a war, Donald Trump was receiving deferments (in 1964, 1965, 1966, and 1968) to stay out of that war. Not, as Trump once claimed, because he had high lottery numbers.

As Louisiana Governor “Bobby” Jindal pointed out,

After Donald Trump spends six years in a POW camp, he can weigh in on John McCain's service read more