Trump Is Blaming His Ukraine Call Impeachment On Rick Perry

Trump is trying to pin all the blame for the Ukraine call that touched off the whistleblower complaint that resulted in the impeachment probe on Rick Perry.

Opinion: After Leading the Nation in Renewable Energy, Rick Perry Targets Solar and Wind Power

Wind and solar have combined with natural gas to produce virtually all the nation’s major new electrical capacity; coal and nuclear are economically less competitive.

After Perry Pick to Replace Nuclear Physicist Trump Falsely Claims His Cabinet Has Highest IQ Ever

On the heels of nominating former Governor Rick Perry (R-TX) to replace nuclear physicist Ernest Moniz as Secretary of Energy, President-elect Donald Trump bragged that his cabinet had the highest IQ by far of any cabinet ever assembled.

ETP’s Response to Army Rejection of DAPL Easement ‘Most Dickish…Most Childish’ Ever

If you wondered what kind of Energy Secretary Rick Perry would be, now you have your answer. He would be a dickish one.

In 2011 Rick Perry Couldn’t Remember Energy Department’s Name – Now He’ll Head It

"Reading Rick Perry, who infamously forgot the existence of the Dept. of Energy, is Trump's pick to lead it. You can't make this crap up"

One Idiot Throws His Support Behind Another As Rick Perry Endorses Donald Trump

Rick Perry, who is currently facing felony abuse of power charges in Texas, has grudgingly endorsed Donald Trump for president.

The Question of Secession Comes up at Texas State Convention in May

Think of the advantages: Cruz can't be president, those Texas Open Carry guys won't be American citizens, and the NFL gets two foreign teams

As He Faces Prison Time Rick Perry Blames Democrats For His White House Bid Flop

rick perry indicted blames democrats

Former Texas Gov. Rick Perry is blaming Democrats for his spectacular presidential campaign crash and burn while ignoring the fact that he is under indictment for felony abuse of power.

Not So Smooth Criminal: Indicted Rick Perry Drops Out Of White House Race

Indicted former Texas Gov. Rick Perry has announced that he is suspending his 2016 presidential campaign and dropping out of the race for the Republican nomination.

Trump’s New National Co-Chairman Questioned His Moral Center in Emails

Trump's new national co-chairman raised doubts about his "moral center" and his "foundational beliefs" lacking a foundation in Christ

Indicted Rick Perry Quits Paying His Staff Because His Campaign Is Going Broke

Rick Perry is no longer paying his staff, because his campaign is running low on funds.

Republican JV Debate Gives Lower Tier GOP Candidates Final Chance To Stay Relevant

A candidate who stumbles in the field of lesser candidates will have the dubious distinction of losing on a stage full of losers.

Hillary Clinton Slams Jeb Bush And Scott Walker While Supporting Planned Parenthood

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton slammed Jeb Bush, Scott Walker, and Rick Perry while strongly opposing the Republican bill to defund the organization.

Rick Perry Loses As Court Rules That He Must Face Felony Abuse Of Power Charge

A Texas appeals court tossed one charge against Rick Perry but ruled that he must go to court to face a felony charge of abusing his power while governor.

Donald Trump, Who Deferred His Way out of Combat, Attacks John McCain’s War Hero Status

Donald Trump has attacked just about everyone you care to mention at this point, and now he is taking a particularly brutal stab at John McCain (R-AZ):

Trump just now on John McCain: "He's a war hero because he was captured. I like people who weren't captured." read more

GOP Donors Preferred The Dumbed Down 2012 Rick Perry To The New Improved Rick Perry

Rick Perry raised just 1.07 million dollars in the 2nd quarter of 2015. In 2012, he raised 17 million during his 1st quarter of fundraising.

Here’s The Proof That Donald Trump Is Destroying The Republican Party’s Chances In 2016

donald trump

A quick look around at the mass Republican implosion on the Sunday shows provided ample evidence that Donald Trump is destroying the Republican Party.

Rick Perry Ignores Supreme Court Ruling Vows to Enable Discrimination Against Gays

Rick Perry vowed that if he were president we would not have to worry about progress or equal rights, because he firmly believes in letting states discriminate against people's rights.