Rick Perry Doubles Down On Stupid During Same-Sex Marriage Discussion


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Republican Texas Governor Rick Perry, who is contemplating a 2016 run for the White House, appeared on CNBC Monday morning to talk with Squawk Box host Joe Kernen. The conversation drifted to the subject of same-sex marriage, as Perry had made some rather head-scratching and idiotic comments regarding homosexuality during a conference in San Francisco last Wednesday. During a question and answer segment of the conference, Perry compared alcoholism and homosexuality, suggesting that homosexual could be treated with therapy not to engage in their ‘lifestyle.’


Kernen brought up the comments to Perry during their interview, wanting to know if the Governor really felt that homosexuality could be legitimately compared to alcoholism. Kernen, no friend to the left, would not let Perry try to pivot his way out of the question, as Perry tried to bring up state’s rights and big government regulations, among other things. Kernen told Perry that he felt that Perry’s statements were quite offensive, even though he has a high tolerance for what others would normally deem offensive.

Perry, as is often the case, looked overwhelmed and uneducated during the interview, despite ostensibly speaking with a friendly news host. After Kernen asked him if he thought it would be possible to change the behavior of a heterosexual and make them gay, Perry tried to defer and say that it needed to be left up to the doctors and psychologists. Kerner retorted that the doctors had already decided and that sexual orientation is not a mental disorder and corrective therapy has been widely dismissed as quackery. Perry really didn’t know what to say, other than he is just interested in improving the economy and getting rid of EPA regulations. (Sigh.)

Kernen tried to tell Perry that this could be a huge problem for Republicans in the future. Basically, he attempted to make Perry see the light that by saying dumb and offensive things about gays and lesbians, and not realizing that they are a permanent part of our society, Republicans run the risk of alienating a certain segment of the population. Therefore, they’ll never vote Republican. Also, if Perry himself wants to make a Presidential run again, he needs to know that this issue may be a huge strike against him on the national stage.Of course, Perry is far too dense and ignorant to realize any of this.

Towards the end of the interview, he doubled down on his ignorant comments from a few days ago. He once again referred to homosexuality as a “lifestyle.” He also claimed that this is all centered around states’ rights and suggested that gay couples just need to move to more ‘liberal’ states if they want to get married.

“I don’t necessarily condone that lifestyle. I don’t condemn it, either. We’re all children of god. And the fact is that people will decide where they want to live if Washington will respect the Tenth Amendment.”

Perry probably thought by getting some hipster glasses, he’d be able to Etch-A-Sketch himself out of his well-earned reputation of being a doofus. The problem is, he’s still Rick Perry. Every time he participates in a debate, does an interview or makes a speech, there is nearly a 100% chance he is going to make a fool out of himself.

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  1. Ricky is mistaken if he thinks the eyewear makes him appear studious and intellectual. But he remains stupid and insipid, to quote Ron White..”you can’t fix stupid” you can just put glasses on it…

  2. If the good citizens of Texas don’t elect Wendy Davis to replace this moron, I’m making my son move back to Michigan with his family. The State of Stupid has run things long enough.

  3. You know what, The American Taliban always brings up States rights while waving the Constitution saying this is the law of the land. And to think 47% of the citizens think these idiots are qualified for President. You cant make this shit up

  4. Run Forrest run!

    It appears that the GOP takes whatever the majority of the country favors and that’s what they’re against. He thinks when he spews that anti gay crap that he is only offending them. He’s to stupid to realize he is offending all people with intelligence gay or straight or whatever.

  5. I didn’t think it was possible, but Rick Perry is dumber than George W. Bush. God help us all if this guy is elected POTUS.

  6. When Gov. Perry can tell me what it would take for him to “adopt” being gay, then I’ll listen to him about how gays can “adopt” being straight. I have an extended family that includes both straight and gay, and I love ’em all.. But not this asshole.

  7. He really is dumb as dirt! Do we really have to go through all those idiot republicant presidential wannabees again?? Is there any one of ’em with more than one functioning brain cell?

    Guess he agrees with the Wicked Witch of Wasilla that wearing glasses makes one appear intelligent.

  8. Poor Perry. has no clue that whatever heterosexuality is, homosexuality is as well. They may be opposites, but their properties are the same

  9. Jethro doesn’t know what condone means, which is true of a lot of people. If one does not condemn something, then he DOES condone it at minimum.

    A lot of people don’t know that. But, of course, those people know a lot of other ordinary facts that Jethro also does not know and does not want to know.

    I’m willing to condone his preference for ignorance, but I cannot approve of a wilfully, aggressively ignorant person holding public office of any kind. How could he possibly do anything but harm, which we would (nearly) all condemn?

  10. Texas would screech to a halt if all the Texas Gays and their supporters were to move to a more liberal state. Big hairdos would go limp, no one would serve the tables with food the Mexicans had made in the kitchen, computer systems would die, Apple stores would close for lack of staff and customers. And the list goes on ….

  11. I LOVE your post!

    Was just scrolling down to see if I had posted a similar one as yours but came upon your and want to thank you for them.

    I had posted somewhere else to Rick Perry’s attention, that he might think that the eye glasses make him look intelligent, but they don’t.

    Thanks for your post.

  12. Absurd when the liberal media tries to correct Rick Perry on anything, as if Washington is working and Texas is not. End of argument. Perry 2016 or Bust (Up the Union).

  13. I hope that Perry, Cain, & Bachman run again in 2016. Nothing was funnier than watching these three stooges make fools of themselves on national television. There’s nothing to worry about these idiots getting the nomination. Just consider this. If Romney was the best the republicans could nominate in 2012, then moving further to the right will only guarantee the republican party going down in flames again this year and in 2016. But that will happen only if we all vote in November.

  14. I bet he’s in the closet. He and his ilk doth protest too much against LGBT who are going about their business working, living, loving and being happy like everyone else.

  15. The Etch-A-Sketch is an environmentally friendly tablet. Betcha didn’t know that you lefties! Perry to hold news conference at next Earth Summit.

  16. What makes this really funny/sad (and I personally have no strong opinions about Perry as a politician) is that it’s a pretty open secret in Austin that he’s gay.

  17. Oh Brother! Perry is the poster boy for ‘stupid is as stupid does’. As are Louie Gohmert and Ted(Harvard? Really?)Cruz.

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