Senator John Cornyn Says He’s Struggling to Understand “Legal Theory” Behind Texas Election Lawsuit

Donald Trump has run out of almost all legal options to contest the 2020 election. The members of his legal team, at this point, have either been fired or have contracted COVID-19.

So with the lawsuits going so poorly, Trump has decided to try his hand with the Supreme Court. The highest court in the land already turned down a case from Pennsylvania. Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton has now oddly filed a suit from a state that is not contesting the election. read more

Texas Judge Rules In-Person GOP Convention Can Take Place Despite Coronavirus Spike

Judge Lynn Hughes, a Texas federal judge, has ruled that the state can hold an in-person Republican convention in Houston despite a spike in coronavirus cases.

Hughes’ ruling overturns Mayor Sylvester Turner’s cancellation of the contract between the city’s GRB convention center and the GOP. The GOP can hold the convention this weekend or weekend, according to the ruling. Hughes said the Texas Republican Party had “made a good-faith effort to have a virtual convention” but that the City of Houston placed the party in an “untenable position” to orchestrate a virtual convention in “a very short period of time.” read more

Texas Governor Criticized for Lecturing Young People about Covid-19 after He Prevented Virus Safety Measures

Critics have rounded on Texas Governor Greg Abbott for singling out young people as Coronavirus cases in the state rise. Abbott scolded the under-30s for not taking the virus seriously.

“We are beginning to see for the month of June an increase in the number of people testing positive who are in the age group the 20s, meaning between the age of 20 and 29,” the Republican said. read more

Former FDA Commissioner Urges Republican Governors to Be ‘More Aggressive’ Against Coronavirus

Former FDA Commissioner Scott Gottlieb has called on Texas and Florida to do more to contain the spread of Covid-19. Dr. Gottlieb told CNBC that the states’ governors needed to take action.

“I think the real wild card here and the decision point on whether or not we’re gonna have the bad outcome that Dr. Fauci and Dr. Birx talked about is what populous states like Texas and Florida do,” he said. read more