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Friday Fox Follies – Fox & Frenzy

Standard weekly operating procedure for Friday Fox Follies is to wake up at the crack of Fox and Friends First (no pun intended) to collate the notes that will make up this week’s laugh riot. As I sort and give it shape, I also sit through Fox & Friends to see what venom is being injected into the body politic today.


Texas-Size GOP Hypocrisy As a Result of Climate Change Deluge

It is true that all Republicans are blatant hypocrites, but now that go-it-alone awesome Texas experienced a little anthropogenic climate change weather, the Lone Star State’s Republicans, both tea party and mainstream Republicans alike, are demanding some of those hated “federal government handouts” they oppose for other Americans whether it is for food, housing, healthcare, or disaster relief.


Former GOP US House Speaker Dennis Hastert Indicted For Violating Federal Banking Laws

Former Republican U.S. House Speaker J. Dennis Hastert was indicted by a grand jury on Thursday for violating federal banking laws and for lying to the FBI. Hastert, the longest serving GOP House Speaker in U.S. history, was charged with one count of structuring currency transactions to evade Currency Transaction Reports and a single count of making a false statement…

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