Pat Roberts of Kansas Goes All Tea Party and Warns of National Socialism

Losing at the polls in Kansas to independent candidate and X-Factor Chad Orman, incumbent Republican Sen. Pat Roberts is pulling out all stops. That means campaigning with 91-year-old former Senate Majority Leader Bob Dole at Dodge City event in what Philip Rucker of the Washington Post styled a “geriatric rescue mission” – and if that doesn’t work, using the dreaded ‘s’ word: socialism.

Roberts had this message to send:

There’s a palpable fear among Kansans all across the state that the America that we love and cherish will not be the same America for our kids and grandkids, and that’s wrong. One of the reasons that I’m running is to change that. There’s an easy way to do it. I’ll let you figure it out. But at any rate, we have to change course because our country is headed for national socialism. That’s not right. It’s changing our culture. It’s changing what we’re all about.

No indeed. We are apparently about starving small children and depriving them of not only medical care, but an education. At least, that is what the Republican Party of which Roberts is a member, is about these days.

Oh, and taking long vacations while complaining the unemployed are lazy. While complaining that minority voters only want free handouts, Republicans don’t seem to mind taking money for doing nothing themselves.

Maybe they just need time to their corporate owners to tell them what to do.

Meanwhile, Roberts, being one of those do-nothing guys, is hurting. Cheryl Chumley of the Washington Times opines that,

Mr. Roberts’ appearance with Mr. Dole is believed to be his way of casting himself as a more moderate candidate to the younger voters. At the same time, using the “s” word — socialism — has been the right’s common attack cause against President Obama and his Democratic base over the years, and that’s likely to catch the ear of more conservative voters, political insiders suggest.

Because nothing says “hip” to millennials like Bob Dole.

You can tell Roberts is flailing and failing as he mixes messages…

The Post’s Rucker pointing out that,

The duo were incongruous at times: While Dole reminisced about brokering bipartisan deals, Roberts dabbled with a newfound tea party message — branding Senate Majority Leader Harry M. Reid (D-Nev.) as “a dictator” and warning of President Obama’s “national socialism.”

…and grasps at all available straws.

Because, of course, if Bob Dole is too hip for you, there are always Sarah Palin and Rick Perry, as reported here yesterday:

According to The New York Times, hillbilly brawler Sarah Palin is heading to Kansas to help sinking Senate incumbent Pat Roberts, “Roberts is flying in a motley crew of GOP surrogates — including former Alaska governor Sarah Palin, Sen. Rand Paul (Ky.), Sen. John McCain (Ariz.) and former Florida governor Jeb Bush — to stir suspicions about Orman and convince voters that a GOP majority hinges on Roberts’s reelection.”

Doesn’t make much sense to haul Bob Dole in, a guy who made a career out of crossing the aisle, while at the same time saying you can’t compromise because the Democrats are a bunch of Nazis.

But you can’t expect anything tainted by modern Republicanism to make sense. That doesn’t make any sense.

Of course, all the crazy talk in the world is not going to change the fact that America is not headed for what conservatives denounce as leftist “national socialism,” at least not on account of socialism, because the National Socialism Robert is referring to was not socialism at all, nor leftist. Hitler’s national socialist movement was an extreme, right-wing movement. And unfortunately, America is headed for that kind of national socialism.

Hitler was in league with Germany’s corporate leaders, and also with Germany’s 1 percent. That doesn’t sound like the Democrats, does it? No, and what drove the so-called National Socialist German Worker’s Party, in German, the Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei or NSDAP, was not socialism but nationalism of a particularly virulent variety – ethnic nationalism. It was about “real” Germans like the ethnic nationalism of the Republican Party is about “real” Americans.

Everyone else, it goes without saying, is not “real,” beginning with President Barack Obama and going on down to Muslims, secularists, atheists, and people of other religions and/or skin colors. Real Americans, you see, are white (and like Roberts, all too often angry and old) and they are, at least pretend to be, Christian. The hidden message in Roberts’ warning is fear of losing that white privilege. A darker America is the America that will not be recognized by “our kids and grandkids” and by golly, he’s just the guy to keep America white, is what he’s saying. Judging by his record on immigration, you can be your bottom dollar that sealing the border off would be at the top of his bucket list.

Sen. Roberts sits on the Select Committee on Ethics. Which apparently doesn’t bestow ethical behavior on its committee members. Unless you can be ethical while lying your pants off.

And remember, as Roberts says, “There’s an easy way to do it. I’ll let you figure it out.” He needs you to do that, because he’s a Republican, and so, of course, he doesn’t know.

22 Replies to “Pat Roberts of Kansas Goes All Tea Party and Warns of National Socialism”

  1. Cuz it’s frightening to emulate Sweden, whose citizens have access to high quality, low cost health insurance provided by the government, and great quality of life!

  2. I never thought i’d look back fondly at bob dole.

    Roberts is right. America is headed in the wrong direction. and it’s mainly because of people like him and those he associates with.

  3. The sign of a desperate old man trying to hold on to power, is to trot out old man Dole yesterday, who has remarked several times on how extreme his party has become with the teabags, and today trotting out the Wasilla hillbilly and drunken brawler Palin to campaign for him.

    I thought that the RNC had sent their best and greatest minds to Kansas to help Roberts, and this is what they come up with? Yes Kansas is a conservative state, but going full on teabag is not the winning answer in Kansas.

  4. When all else fails, just bust out the ‘S’ word and then people will panic.

    Sorry… but since when did trying to help people live a better life with help from the government become ‘socialism’?

    I’ve always thought that when the people help the government (by paying taxes to help fund said government), the government in turn helps the people (with programs designed to help said people live a better life).

  5. This sound just like before the election of the president, the republicans was sounding afraid and throwing out everything to the american people. They should have been at congress all this time working with the president, passing bills into laws instead of saying no to everything, shutting down the government, trying to repeal the obamacare, sue the president passing laws against women, changing voter id laws, maybe they wouldn’t be crying the blues now. They haven’t seen anything yet. If the lines is long at the polls they still have 2016 to go through and they still aren’t going to change, so they will cry a little harder and no one still will not hear them.

  6. “The reason I’m running” — huh? He’s had this seat how long? What was he doing all those other years?

  7. We “Socialize” really BIG projects because
    they are TOO big for individuals to either FUND or Manage properly.

    We have a “Socialist” Army.
    We have a “Socialist” national Highways.
    We have a “Socialist” police department.
    We have a “Socialist” Fire Department.

    Only a Village Idiot would think that the
    word “Socialist” is a Bad Idea.

  8. The “incest” and “inbreeding” habits among the (evil) “Elite” 1% and their Republican Party (GOP) stooges, close relatives and family members, will now be “increased”. In order to keep “their” family’s “blood lines” and “skin color” “Pure”(white). In my opinion. I heard that incest and inbreeding habits lead to mental and physical defects in the “off spring”. And then to insanity and incurable diseases. They could all very well be “insane enough” too actually be “inbreeding” themselves to Death without realizing it. THE PROBLEM IS THAT THEIR “MONEY” ALLOWS THEM ACCESS TO POSITIONS OF POWER AND CONTROL OVER 99% OF THE PEOPLE AND RESOURCES OF THE PLANET. They are now planning to starve us (the 99%) or just kill us all off with wars and famines etc. (that they created). And then have the entire planet for themselves and their spawn. Unless “We” the 99% stop them.

  9. She’s AIP all the way. She only changed to GOP when she decided to run for mayor, and now Tea Party when the “elite” kicked her to the curb. Quite a little scam she’s got going, eh?

  10. Yes, we have socialist fire and police department and worse, they have UNIONS!

    The strongest unions in this country are the fire and police depts. and they are ok, but if any other group organize, then they communists or trouble makers.

    We can have socialism to save the banks and wall street, because they are “to big to fail”, but not to help our kids get an education or get liveable wages for the working stiff.

    We have socialism for the senators and representatives as well, and they also get “farm aid”, because that is another benefit they can suck up for themselves

  11. Can Anal Beads Help Save Kansas? It’s all been shitty news lately, so we could use something to help us get through the rest of the week. And the Rude Pundit has it. Listen, children: The state of Kansas is going to sell sex toys to help ease some of its economic woes. No, really. For example, among other items, the insane, right-wing government of insane right-winger Sam Brownback is auctioning off the “All American Real Skin Latin American Mini Whopper 4In Vibrating Straight Dong,” which is advertised as “It’s her turn to make it ‘his turn.'” That means Gov. Brownback is selling an item meant to imitate a Latino cock for use in ass-fucking. (Note: Some of the links here contain dildos, anal beads, clamps of various sorts, and more. But you can get ’em cheap.) – See more at:

  12. Sorry- I don’t get this “love” for Bob Dole.

    “In the 1980s, During this time, he chaired many committees and established a conservative voting record as well as a reputation as a ‘hatchet man.’ This description refers to Dole’s notoriety for speaking out adamantly against policies or proposals he thought unwise. This quality was an important factor in his being chosen as Gerald Ford’s running mate in the 1976 presidential election. During the election, though, Dole was widely criticized for a comment he made about World War I, World War II, the Korean War, and the Vietnam War being ‘Democrat wars.'”

    He was a nasty, insulting Republican politician- sure, not as bad as they are now, but nasty just the same.

    A skunk and a opossum are different because one stinks and the other doesn’t- but they’re both still rodents. Roberts is the skunk, Dole is the opossum- but they’re both still Republicans.

  13. Kochs spend big in Kansas to defend home turf

    Looks like the Koch brothers are in a bit of a panic over the prospects of losing a Republican stooge in their home state. That’s a new ad one of their newest Super PACs, Freedom Partners Action Fund, is running against Independent Greg Orman. The group says it is spending “six figures” in running this ad intended to paint Orman as a liberal Democrat.

  14. I remember when Bob Dole ran for vice president. I remember seeing him in a debate, and he was Not someone that I would want to have anywhere near power at the top of the United States government

  15. Every Kansan should be asking him/herself “If the threat of socialism/national socialism has been a continuing concern of Roberts, why hasn’t he said anything before now?”

    The answer to the question is obvious to those of us who have been paying attention–Roberts can’t run on his own record. Even some republicans are trying to find something to identify that he’s done for them and for Kansas. He’s a loser because he’s having to resort to playing the ‘scary black man’ card in an attempt to try to subconsciously tap into the deeply ingrained, but often denied, racist beliefs of many Kansas voters.

    An article in the AJC last week stated that the NRC has told GOPTPers in close races against democrats that if they want to win, they must tie their opponents to Pres. Obama. Iows, scare the sh*t out of republican voters with lies about the president to get them to the polls to vote for GOPTPer pols. Once they’re in Congress, they forget about the suckers they duped back home.

  16. Brian has identified the problem with Socialism. The word has an unfair nuance. Just as the word “liberal” carries a nuance of “bad for the country”, it only proves that language is a primitive tool, easily manipulated to serve one’s needs.

    The most threatening ideology to maintaining the “good ole boy all-white” ruling class is Egalitarian-Social-Justice. We need socialism to be a part of the country’s makeup; without it we would be less than a 3rd. world nation in a heartbeat.

  17. “… including former Alaska governor Sarah Palin …”

    That should be “… including former [half-term] Alaska governor [‘quitter’] Sarah Palin …”

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