Pence Makes A Fool of Himself As He Tries to Demonize Canadian Healthcare

Poor Mike Pence. Trump’s tantrums over the repeated failed efforts to pass increasingly barbaric versions of Trumpcare, must be getting on his nerves.

Wanted: Barack Obama as President of France

"Barack Obama has completed his second term as President of the United States on January 21, why not hire him as President for France?"

John Kerry Condemns Israeli Foreign Policy Driven By Extreme Right-Wing Elements

“The Israeli prime minister publicly supports a two-state solution, but his current coalition is the most right-wing in Israeli history, with an agenda driven by its most extreme elements.”

There Have Been 196 Shootings In The U.S. Since The Tragic Massacre In Orlando – When Will We Act?

American gun violence

How many more will die before America decides enough is enough?

After Orlando Shooting, The Fact-Free Firearm Fanatics Are Out In Full Force

gun show

Gun nuts make the same arguments following deadly mass shootings – all of them high on emotion and short on truth.

Pat Robertson Loses it Over Invented 19th Century Category of ‘Homosexuals’

Robertson offers old, outdated beliefs even he doesn't understand or really care about except as a cloak to sanctify his bigotry

At AIPIC, Paul Ryan And Company Showed They Love Israel More Than America

Ryan said at AIPIC that "A confident America stands by its allies." It's just a shame the GOP doesn't stand by the American people.

Genocidal Tendencies Do Not Make Trump and Putin Christian Champions

One of Trump's devoted followers would have you believe Trump is a super-Christian, but Trump echoes the Old, not the New Testament

A Happy Thanksgiving to You

Thanksgiving's origins lie in ancient, pre-Christian harvest festivals which are religious in nature, and have nothing to do with genocide

Republicans Wrong Again: More Mexican Immigrants Leaving Than Coming To The US

From 2009 to 2014, 140,000 more Mexican nationals left the United States than the number who entered.

Barack Obama Faces Down Vladimir Putin in a Cold War Redux in Syria

Obama 2015 NDAA signing statement

Putin says Assad is best placed to defeat the Islamic State, but Assad is more interested in helping IS defeat his moderate enemies

Thanks To President Obama The US Leads The World in Economic Growth

The U.S. economy surged forward with 3.7 percent growth in the 2nd quarter of 2015, well outpacing other developed nations.

More Than 70 Nuclear Nonproliferation Experts Announce Support for Iran Nuclear Deal

The Republicans find themselves increasingly alone in opposing the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), commonly known as the Iran nuclear deal. Back on July 20, not only did the United Nations Security Council unanimously endorse the JCPOA, but we saw a “Statement by National Security Leaders on the Announcement of a Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action” signed by 60 national security leaders, from cabinet members to senators. read more

David Barton Says Woman on $10 Bill Denigrates Entire Economic System

This is an attempt to erase our history, we are told by a conservative on a show hosted by a guy who makes his living re-writing our history

John Kerry Tells Republicans To Stop Believing In Unicorns And Join The Real World On Iran

John Kerry dismissed Senator Bob Corker's fantasies about a world where Iran's nuclear knowledge can be made to magically disappear.

Rick Santorum Says He Decides What is Constitutional, Not the Supreme Court

Rick Santorum says says you refusing to believe what he wants you to believe is a violation of the First Amendment

Why Bill Maher is Right, and Joseph Farrah is Wrong

Bill Maher poked the Religious Right's persecution myth full of holes. Joseph Farrah's attempt to discredit Maher only discredits himself

Ann Coulter Says Immigrants Will Rape and Impregnate Your Little Girls

Apparently, women are not already sexually abused in Ann Coulter's America. Maybe she needs to get out more.

Ann Coulter’s Appalling Demographic Engineering

Ann Coulter thinks it's "Adios America" unless we can keep out overweight women, the physically disabled, and the visually impaired

GOP Has Reason To Fret As Clinton Leads Bush 47-40 In North Carolina

A PPP poll found Democrat Hillary Clinton enjoying a modest 47-40 lead over Republican presidential hopeful Jeb Bush in North Carolina.