Republican Strategist Says She Is Tired Of Hillary Clinton Drowning Us In Estrogen


In an unusual exchange on CNN, Republican strategist Ana Navarro blasted Hillary Clinton for supposedly playing up her female candidacy, with some critical words. On a panel discussing Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign, the GOP strategist opined:

I don’t need her to drown me in estrogen every time she opens her mouth. Listen, every time she opens her mouth it’s about the granddaughter, and Chelsea’s wedding, and the yoga routines. You know, Hillary Clinton needs to stop being focus-grouped to death and be Hillary Clinton. She doesn’t need to have a sign that says, ‘I am woman, hear me roar’.

Navarro’s bizarre argument appears to be that presidential candidates shouldn’t talk about “womanly” things like their children or grandchildren during a campaign. Presumably, if Hillary Clinton wants to be President, the GOP strategist would prefer she discuss more “manly” presidential topics.

Apparently, Hillary Clinton should instead be discussing interest rates, gun policy, and perhaps how to keep “good Christian” employers from having to cover contraceptives in health plans for female employees. Or maybe, better yet, a really good candidate will drown us in testosterone, telling voters how they plan to teach Iran a lesson.

Ana Navarro may seem an unlikely mouthpiece for Republican misogyny, but the GOP probably believes that her status as a woman will give her cover to launch sexist attacks against Hillary. This makes her a promising surrogate to lead The GOP into the next battle in the war on women.  Republican logic often is oversimplified to  arguments akin to “see, it’s a woman making the statement, so therefore, it can’t be sexist.” But of course, by denigrating Hillary Clinton’s references to her family, Navarro is implying that connection to family is a feminine quality, and by extension that it is a negative quality for a presidential candidate to highlight.

Women in politics, and in the corporate world, often have to dance a fine line between masculinity and femininity. While qualities considered masculine are considered an asset in the corporate and the political world, a female who accents those qualities too much is accused of being “bossy” or worse. Yet, if a woman highlights qualities that are traditionally seen as feminine, she is considered “too soft” for the job. This double bind sometimes makes it very difficult for women to be taken seriously when they seek a promotion, or in politics, when they run for high office.

Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign will focus on families. While she may sometimes weave her own experience as a mother, grandmother, or wife into the narrative, her campaign will also be about other American families. She will discuss policies that can help lift the middle class, and those that help women achieve equal pay for equal work. Those are policies that are not defined by estrogen levels or testosterone levels, but rather they are defined by fairness, decency, and common sense. Until the Republicans offer a compelling alternative to fairness, decency, and common sense, their attacks on Hillary Clinton will continue to fall apart.


33 Replies to “Republican Strategist Says She Is Tired Of Hillary Clinton Drowning Us In Estrogen”

  1. That’s rich. Being behind enemy lines in a red state I swear to chef boy r dee every flier I get from some pale male has his family on it. Let the derangement began

  2. my wife and I had the Hillary discussion the other day… she’s an enthusiastic supporter.. good for her… she has her own mind and its a good one… even if she is a blonde…

    when I was sort of luke warm to Hillary she asked me if I supported her… my response was… of course if she’s the nominee but I lean towards Warren right now…

    oh yeah… if Ms Navarro is tired of the estrogen I’m just as sick of the faux testosterone of Paul, McCain, Ms Graham, Seńors Cruz & Rubio et al

    what would the Republican Stepford Wives have to say about her if she runs?

  3. Navarro is being ridiculous. Damn right Clinton is a woman and as far as I am concerned, she can act like one. What, she is allowed to run for president as long as she behaves the way a “normal” presidential candidate acts? In other words, like a man?

    How many strutting male candidates did we have to watch the last time around being Manly by posing with and shooting guns?

    She doesn’t have to act like a “real” candidate. She can act like herself, just like every male candidate since ever has been allowed to do.


  4. As a woman I’m tired of being drowned in the Republcan misogynist, testosterone driven guns, warmongering stupidity that is the Republican Party. If Ms. Navarro thinks she’s a woman who can attack Hillary Clinto’s estrogen, she’s got another think coming. Women make up the majority of voters in this country, but apparently Navarro doesn’t know it. Whatever happened to familiy values that the Republicans always talk about? Let me guess…when it’s Hillary Clinton it’s an estrogen problem….when it’s the Republicans it’s a virtue. Bullshit, we can see right through Navarro and her evil ways.

  5. What exactly does it feel like to ‘drown in estrogen’ because as a woman, I don’t understand the accusation. Yes, Hillary Clinton is a woman & as such, she has different characteristics & a different viewpoint than a man. This is not a liability.

  6. She is a mother, grandmother, wife. Why should she deny who she is? People love the personal references.

    They are so afraid of Hillary. Meow, Ms Navarro.

  7. Ms. Navarro is a loyal member of the GOPer Tribe so gender is not a factor in her misogynistic remarks.

  8. Jelly, jelly, jelly
    Jelly on her mind.
    Jelly, jelly, jelly,
    Jelly on her mind.
    She better watch out for that jelly
    It’ll make her green eyes blind.

  9. Navarro is what w cullud wimen called a Miss Ann with a case of the “vapors” Might I suggest some laudanum and a visit to that doctor that had that machine that cures female hysteria! She ain’t coming off that civil!

  10. And God help you if you ever fight with a woman. While you’re still trying to figure out how she was happy yesterday & is now unhappy today, she’ll remind you of everything you’ve ever done to hurt her since the day you met until you’re rendered silent. Women have extremely good memories! : )

  11. Perhaps if this conservative strategist was actually producing her own estrogen, she wouldn’t be so sensitive about it.

  12. Being a woman and different from a man, Hillary has every right to be herself and say whatever the hell she wants to say. I am sick to death of all the Rethuglicans slamming women like second class citizens. I hope Hillary slays them all. I totally agree, Nefer…

  13. I think Ms. Navarro is jealous of Clinton for belonging to a party that values female candidates (instead of candidates’ wives).

  14. Well, I’m sick of men telling women a) they’re not worth as much as men at work, b) what they can and can’t do with their bodies, c) they are not intelligent enough to decide on their own medical treatment and d) what is/isn’t rape. Navarro isn’t too bright if she’s allowing the repubs to use her as a female Latino mouthpiece and speak against her own best interest.

  15. Typical GOP nonsense for Ana Navarro. Carly Fiorina won’t be accused of “too much estrogen”. Ana Navarro is full of you know what.

  16. I knew that or something like it was coming. And I am not surprised CNN was first up to bat. Exactly who is this Navorro? woman anyway? Wonder who is lined up to accuse Hillary of being a lesbian? This was supposed to be one of the main accusations and all this feminism is making that just to hard is what she meant to say.
    I read a very good piece yesterday about Chelsea, her life, her education, friends and the fine woman she has grown up to be in spite of the Republican Party best efforts. Like the Obama family, love and “class” shines through like a beacon. No rolling around on barroom floors for those girls.
    Of all Hillary’s many accomplishments the one that says the most about her as a person IS her daughter and grandchild. She should be very proud.

  17. Rather than try to follow that particular dirty trick the republican should remember a WOMAN has been responsible for the life of every single person that has ever been born on this earth.
    At least we have seen the women for ourselves in Hillary’s family. Anyone ever seen Ted Cruz mother? Half sisters? He has female siblings on both sides of his family and a mother but we have never seen any of them or very much about them. That and what I have seen of his father tells me more than all the hired political hacks in the world can about the kind of man Ted Cruz is under his skin.
    A very wise man told me when I was young. Look at how a man treats his mother and that will tell you about the man.

  18. All we’ve heard from the RWNJ’s has been about Clinton’s pantsuits and how “butch” she is, not like the “hot chicks” on Fox. Hell, their biggest selling point for Palin was that she was a supposed MILF. Now Clinton is too feminine?!?!

  19. AGREE with you. would rather have Hillary talking about her family instead of the rethug women who uses guns and knows how to castrate pigs. come to think about this, she could start on the thugs she sits with in congress. Some pretty big pigs there for sure.

  20. The writer states “Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign will focus on families. While she may sometimes weave her own experience as a mother, grandmother, or wife into the narrative, her campaign will also be about other American families. She will discuss policies that can help lift the middle class, and those that help women achieve equal pay for equal work.”

    Good for Hillary! I would expect her to talk about what we the American people are interested in, the American people! As a president expect from a President.

    The tea party republicans have NOTHING to offer the American people. One must see their record from 1/20/2009 to the present republican congress to see the damage they have done and are still doing to the American people, the country and their vote to sell American forests to anyone who would buy them.

    We are still fighting battles for the rights we already won or the SCOTUS voted to be legal! to overturn Citizens United & McCutcheon.

  21. I think everyone here knows that over 90% of my post deal with race but I’ll be totally honest! the GOP HATE doesn’t stop at hating ANYTHING that isn’t caucasian male republican ! WOMEN are in their crosshairs too. QUESTION, have you noticed the incredible FLOOD of FEMALE republican TROLLS posting their anti- WOMEN rants here since hilary announce??? I get it, I get IT!! they’re usually PAID TROLLS who are trying to supplement their income but who are they FOOLING?! whats their purpose?? trying to create doubt in liberals? to convert ANY liberal to buy their FUX NEWS talking points?? Hey TROLLS , I’ll tell you what effect YOU have on me, LAUGHTER- PITTY- DISGUST- but most importantly for ME ? it inspires me to spend a little less time on the computer chatting about politics and going OUTSIDE and interacting with someone in REAL LIFE about politics! So thank you @bambi, @erica, @cindy, I appreciate the extra motivation.

  22. It was just fine when Palin yammered on and on about her oh-so-wonderful tribe when she was running, wasn’t it, Ana? Of course it was, because she didn’t know jack about anything politically. Scared of smart women, are you?

  23. Hmmm. let’s see..Drown in Estrogen or Pachyderm poop!? I’ll take the estrogen, it doesn’t smell like shit and at least my skin and hair will be better for it….

  24. Come on, Sarah Palin is everywhere and she can still reproduce. She’s the one slathering estrogen all the political scene. I would be the estrogen Hilary has is from a pill. Hasn’t this nasty nut ever heard of menopause?

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