Israel Spied On America And Passed Classified Secrets To Anti-American Republicans


Since Barack Obama was elected President, Republicans have taken extraordinary actions that portend they are decidedly un-American. It began on Inauguration night in 2009 when a group of Republicans met in private and plotted to subvert the new President’s attempt to salvage the nation’s economy after Bush-Republicans nearly destroyed it. Since that despicable meeting, Republicans have deliberately tried to endanger the full faith and credit of the United States by causing a credit default; a clear violation of the United States Constitution. Their actions did engender the nation’s only credit downgrade. They have also held the nation hostage and caused a government shutdown over a legally passed law their wealthy donors refuse to accept.

Recently, the Speaker of the House invited a foreigner posing as America’s president to address the United States Congress to lobby for war with Iran, and when those efforts failed to deliver, a group of 47 Republican senators issued an open letter to Iran informing them that America is deceitful and cannot be trusted. Like inviting a foreigner to subvert the President of the United  States ability to conduct foreign policy, the goal of the Republicans’ letter was to  assist a warmongering foreigner, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, start a war with Iran that Americans will pay for and fight and die in. Although those acts appeared traitorous, there was, unfortunately, no clear-cut legal violation the Department of Justice could even investigate, much less prosecute, what many, many Americans consider treason.

Now it is reported that during secret nuclear negotiations between the United Nations P5+1 and the Islamic Republic of Iran, Israel spied on Americans, stole highly classified secret information, and fed it directly to traitorous Republicans in a continued attempt to empower Israel to manipulate American foreign policy and start a war with Iran. If Americans failed to believe that America did not need to re-evaluate its unconditional support for Israel before, this deliberate and concerted effort between Israel and Republicans to subvert American foreign policy cannot be ignored. Israel is not America’s friend, much less its ally, and is proving itself to be just as dangerous to this country as subversives in the Republican movement. It is at least time to impose economic sanctions and stop funding Israel’s military.

Apparently it is normal for America’s so-called ally, Israel, to spy on its military funding mechanism as a matter of course. Maybe because Israel thinks America is Israel’s underling, it does not consider it spying since they think America is controlled by Benjamin Netanyahu. However, Netanyahu is a foreigner; he is not an American citizen, he is not a member of Congress, and he sure as Hell is not the nation’s president; the only government official the United States Constitution empowers to conduct foreign policy. It is a fact that Netanyahu and Republicans cannot accept and brands them as anti-American and enemies of the Constitution.

Still that inconvenient truth did not stop Israel from spying on America during the P5+1 nuclear negotiations with Iran, stealing classified information, and then passing the secrets to Republicans in Congress to sabotage the legal President’s efforts to conduct foreign policy to avoid another Israeli-incited Middle East war. No matter how one looks at it, this is a deliberate attempt to subvert the authority of the United States by a foreign government conspiring with a group of traitors ensconced in the United States Congress.

According to White House officials, the subversive plot was discovered when American intelligence agencies intercepted communications among Israeli officials about the secret talks that could have come only from Israeli spies who passed classified information to Republicans in Congress. Apparently, American intelligence officials expected Israel to spy on the highly confidential talks between America, the United Nations P5+1, and Iran, but they likely did not expect the Israeli spies to pass the secret intelligence on to Republicans to subvert American foreign policy; foreign policy that did not conform to the demands of a foreign warmonger Benjamin Netanyahu.

Sure, when John Boehner went behind the President’s back and invited a foreigner to act like he was the nation’s president to address Congress and lobby for an American war with Iran, it was just a “breach of diplomatic protocol.” And according to legal experts, when 47 Republicans in the Senate signed an open letter to Iranian hardliners informing them that President Barack Obama had no right to represent America in a U.N. Security Council negotiation with Iran, there was no legal violation. However, the real outrage, and seeming treason, with the latest Republican anti-American subversion is that the Republicans received stolen classified intelligence from a foreign nation to subvert the United States of America’s ability to conduct foreign policy that Israel refuses to sanction.

Now it is beyond dispute that Israel has been secretly conspiring with Republican subversives inside the American government to undermine this country’s foreign policy. As the White House said in a statement, “It is one thing for the U.S. and Israel to spy on each other. It is another thing for Israel to steal U.S. secrets and play them back to U.S. legislators to undermine U.S. diplomacy.” This is just unacceptable and further illustrates why America may be Israel’s greatest, and only, ally, but Israel is no friend of America; period. It is true Israel uses America for its own best interests, and has no problem demanding that American taxpayers support its military, but the so-called ‘special relationship‘ with America is one-sided and seriously needs to be regulated.

Israel spied on its “ally” and then attempted to use the stolen intelligence to help Republicans, primarily Republican leaders John Boehner and Mitch McConnell, “foment a rebellion against the President of the United States;” something that fits the legal definition of sedition. It is part and parcel of a concerted effort by Netanyahu and  Republicans that began with a foreigner acting like he was America’s president when Boehner conspired with the Israeli to undermine American foreign policy.

This idea of spying on America and passing secrets to subversives in government, along with Netanyahu’s speech are steps in a “broader campaign” to help Republicans seize power over foreign policy from the legally elected President and transfer it to a foreigner. It seems outrageous that America’s so-called ally is spying on this nation to begin with, but stealing highly classified intelligence and passing it to rebellion-minded subversives inside the government to undermine American foreign policy is beyond partisan politics; it is sedition. And no, just because Republicans’ first priorities are advancing the interests of Israel over America does not meant their actions in conspiring with a foreigner are excusable, and in many Americans’ minds it is treason and sedition. At the very least it is just another in a long line of actions that define Republicans, and their little foreign warmonger pal as what they really are; dastardly un-Americans.

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  1. I think they are trying to overthrow the President. Cheney is in DC trying to get support from the treasonous right wingers. Israel is helping them.

    There could be an attempted coup in the next two years.

  2. Can anybody explain to me why their are no investigations regarding the treasonous acts committed by the Republican Party in the last few weeks? Why aren’t the responsible lawmakers, who are conspiring to undercut the President’s foreign policy by spying on the Iran negotiations and turning the info over to our enemies, in jail? Nobody seems to give a shit about the rogue Republican despicable behavior, thus, it is only going to get worse since no one is being punished for such treasonous behavior.

  3. Good question. Since Darrell Issa et al are busy “investigating” Benghazi, there’s no time. Seriously? Where are the Democrats. I know they are not the chairpersons of Committees, but surely they could raise the issue.

  4. As A British Person… This is outrageous, and A double standards in behaved by your Republicans Party and Most of all, by Mr Netanyahu, whom to me from the info… looks like a Crew, Posing as an ( ally ) trying over~take Your Government …

  5. “… the real outrage, and seeming treason, with the latest Republican anti-American subversion is that the Republicans received stolen classified intelligence from a foreign nation to subvert the United States of America’s ability to conduct foreign policy that Israel refuses to sanction.”

    Well, yeah…when you put it like that the whole thing does loose a bit of its uber-patriotic shine, the glow of which the current crop of latter day take-america-back-secessionist-constitutional-libertarian-dominionist-oligolical-theocratic-freedomistas tend to get distracted by.

  6. Can you imagine if a civilian did such a thing? C’mon Obama administration…hang these seditious america hating war mongers! As for Israel…an ally has boots on the ground. where are yours? With an ally like Israel, who needs enemies?

  7. I don’t have to imagine civilians ‘doing such a thing’…

    the Senate and Congress by definition ARE civilians…

    if they were military then they’d be under the command of the Commander-in-Chief…

  8. Whitty67, because when you investigate or give these ignorant people any mention or attention at all you only give credence to them. Our POTUS is above their petty childish behavior and THAT is what pisses them off the most. Real adults (Not Repubs./Conservs.) know the truth, that’s why REAL Americans do not watch the Goebbels channel. Karma will catch up to the Reich Wing.

  9. Yeah, mine too. There is no low too low for these RWNJS. They are dangerous and the American people better get a clue.

    Oh, I did turn off my cable and don’t like to watch the murder and mayhem on local news (rather get by info from sites like this one) but is this story being covered in the news? I know our MSM is corporate owned and shills for the the right wing but can they get away without covering this?

  10. Remember FDR and the coup attempt Only the courage of Smedley Butler brought that to light – and absolutely nothing was done in the bright light of day. The reason? That WOULD incite the pro-German business community to further action.

    Do NOT assume that because we don’t get the visceral thrill of perp walks that nothing is being done. We no longer have the Un American Activities committee, which is good, and this leaves us far too little opportunity for even Congressional investigation. Would you trust the House in GOP hands to do this work – and do it not knowing if GOP members were involved?

    That does not mean this won’t be quietly investigated, other means applied to stop the treason. I believe in sunshine. I believe in effective corralling of traitors even more.

  11. Well, if us Democrats would actually get out and vote, we might have less of these issues. Shame on us, is all that I can say!

  12. How dare these subversives in congress challenge the king. Long live the King! Long live the King!

    Sorry, just wanted to summarize the logic of this article for those who didn’t have time to read it.

  13. it is reported that during secret nuclear negotiations between the United Nations P5+1 and the Islamic Republic of Iran, Israel spied on Americans
    I’d recommend a national psych evaluation if Israel STOPPED spying.
    Funny. The White House discovered the Israeli spy operation because U.S. intel agencies were spying on Israel. And the Turks are spying on the Iran talks… and the Saudis are in the act… along with all the other parties in the talks, and no one will cop to it.
    Sounds like business as usual and quite unremarkable.
    Israel spied on Americans, stole highly classified secret information, and fed it directly to traitorous Republicans
    There’s a greater chance France gave Israel the info. The Mossad didn’t act alone.

    And according to Psaki, “It’s an absurd notion that Congress would have to rely on any foreign government to gain insight into the nuclear negotiations with Iran.”

    Let’s hope so.

  14. Why would France derail the talks that they are invested in? And if you are so shocked that the Israeli’s spied on the US I suggest you google Jonathon Pollard

  15. You can’t summarize a darn thing if you don’t even understand what you’ve been reading, erica.

    But being a traitorous RWer, I’m certain that twisting logic and common sense in order to excuse treasonous acts by you Neo-Confederate ninnies and your misleaders is par for the course.

  16. France has been taking the hardest and more skeptical line in the talks. They are more aligned with Israel in their stance than the U.S.

    Occams Razor

    The obvious way for Israel to get good intelligence is that one of the parties to the talks shared information with Israel.

    And I’m not shocked at any of the spying.
    I was trying to say that it would be a surprise if Israel or anyone else was NOT spying.

  17. If you would have posted the original Reuters story you may have a leg to stand on but you choose a Likud leaning website. Oh well but in the original story France objections are about the length of the sanctions and they want to keep some sanctions in place to make sure the Iranians comply.

    But knowing France history in trading with nations that you find icky I would rate this as the bad cop in contrast with the other nations playing good cop

  18. And if the Israelis were feeding stolen intelligence to Democrats in congress to undermine the foreign policy of a Republican president? BTW, you are sorry; perhaps the sorriest thing I’ve come across today.



  19. i mean… bullshit.

    remember when the US spied on German Chancellor Angela Merkel?

    the outrage is little more than cloaked anti-zionist rhetoric

  20. Asshole did the US tried to influence Germany’s politics? You are one stupid MOFO and to try to play the I hate Jews card shows your loyalties don’t lie with this country but a foreign government. GTFO of my country quisling

  21. As I distinctly remember, we did not spy on Germany as spy on the Nazis in the US! And they were not all Germans either!

  22. No, we gave up spying on Israel when we started them! Something about trust! Guess As for the information! Did you forget about Iran?
    France has to many instances of in fighting to be solidly pro Israel! The right forgets that from time to time! Must be the isolationist clap trap they spew every now and forever!

  23. Well Erica, either you’re a total conservative ignorant fool OR you did not read OR comprehend the article…I’m going with the total conservative ignorant fool. Go back to school and preferably NOT a Reich Wing indoctrination compound.

  24. No, we gave up spying on Israel when we started them!
    okie dokie
    France has to many instances of in fighting to be solidly pro Israel!
    I know it’s useless to readers when the linked article runs smack into a paywall, so here…as reported by the WSJ.

    “European officials, particularly the French, also have been more transparent with Israel about the closed-door discussions than the Americans, Israeli and U.S. officials said.”

    Israel is getting alot more cooperation from Europe.

  25. I try hard to be optimistic about this country because the GOP without a doubt is a terrorist organization!! and thinking about 2016 and the possibility of republicans winning the W.H. scares me to death. But the bright side would be, that when the republicans TOTALLY DESTROY SOCIAL SECURITY, A$S CLOWNS like Miss @charlie will become homeless “DITTO HEADS” and we normal human beings can enjoy the internet again without their TROLLING liberal sites!! and YOU TUBE!!

  26. I guess the President of Israel is now an anti-Semite

    Israel’s president on Wednesday officially handed Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu the task of forming a new government, saying its first priority was to repair relations with the United States and indirectly chiding Mr. Netanyahu for his Election Day warning that Arab citizens were flocking to polling places in “droves.”

    “One who is afraid of votes in a ballot box will eventually see stones thrown in the streets,” the president, Reuven Rivlin, said as he ceremonially received the certified results of last week’s election. Later, standing next to Mr. Netanyahu, he described “a difficult election period” in which “things were said which ought not to be said — not in a Jewish state and not in a democratic state.”

  27. ^^^^^

    Always has nothing worthwhile to say but says it an awful lot.

    Poor baby…here…put some ice on that.

  28. It wont go anywhere but you got to love the brass ones of this Senator

    Fed up with stupid, destructive grandstanding from wet-behind-the-ears, hog fuker-state colleagues, Senator Debbie Stabenow (D-MI) introduced an amendment:

    [Stabenow] introduced an amendment on Wednesday that would defund “the purchase of stationary or electronic devices for the purpose of members of Congress or congressional staff communicating with foreign governments and undermining the role of the President as Head of State in international nuclear negotiations on behalf of the United States.

  29. Why aren’t they ,GOP, being charge for Treasonous Act ,Coup de’tat against the United States, where are our leaders of democracy. Are there any true Patriots or just Domestic Terrorist!!!

  30. Charlie, no reply icon on your ridiculous comment. Knight4444 was SPOT ON!! so your denigrating screed is nothing more than envious piffle. You have our sincere condolences for your loss of cognition in regards to the real world. You right wingers are a virus that infects everything.

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