Trump Campaign Co-Chair Arrested For Sedition For His Part In the Bundy Standoff

Interestingly, but not surprising, one of the anti-government insurgents also happened to be the co-chair of Republican presidential aspirant Donald J. Trump’s campaign.

Cliven Bundy’s In Jail: Now Arrest Republicans Who Incited Sedition Against America

Although the main seditious instigators are safely behind bars, the federal government needs to exercise its authority and impose some justice on Republicans who incited the sedition from the start.

Instead Of Calling For War Against American ISIS, Republicans Join Bundy Insurgency

Michele Fiore (R-Clark County) wants other Republicans to join the armed insurgents in the Koch-Mormon war against our federal government

GOP Propaganda Succeeds As 43% of Republicans Support a Military Coup Against America

Six years of anti-Obama hysteria has led to a plurality of Republicans supporting the military takeover of America

It Is Time To Prosecute Republicans For Violating the U.S. Constitution

Republicans not only have no intent in fulfilling their oath of office, they may have no idea what they are swearing to support and defend.

Tom Cotton Pledges To Stand With Netanyahu To Subvert American Foreign Policy

Cotton is the worst kind of traitor for standing with a foreigner, on foreign soil, and pledging his support to subvert the United States

Threat Of Violent Revolution If Anti-Immigration Candidate Donald Trump Is Not Elected In 2016

Larry Klayman is a perpetually angry white man upset about what his pea-brain imagines is "the growing tyranny" of the Obama Administration

Inaction In the Bundy Standoff Legitimizes Anti-Government Sedition In Montana

Republicans are guilty of inciting insurrection against the authority of the United States by supporting armed, anti-government militias

Israel Spied On America And Passed Classified Secrets To Anti-American Republicans

f Americans failed to believe that America did not need to re-evaluate its unconditional support for Israel before, this deliberate and concerted effort between Israel and Republicans to subvert American foreign policy cannot be ignored.

GOP Iran Letter Was A Push For A Regime Change War And Defense Industry Profits

tom cotton morning joe

The truth, and true purpose of the letter, has really never been in question; specifically because the filthy little neo-con who originated it has broadcast the purpose for the world to hear for months.

A Petition Has Been Launched To Prosecute and Expel John Boehner From Congress

This week a petition began circulating for the purpose of prosecuting Speaker of the House John A. Boehner for willfully breaking a federal law when he knowingly violated the 216 year-old Logan Act.

Militia Uses Jesus and The 2nd Amendment to Justify Threatening President Obama’s Life

obama frown

Christian militias claim that under the bible and the Second Amendment they are justified in using deadly force to remove President Barack Obama.

Extremists Launch Treasonous Plot to Overthrow President Obama A Week Before Thanksgiving

Right wing extremists have proclaimed a date a week before Thanksgiving to demand the surrender of President Obama to face charges set out by a citizens' grand jury.

Treasonous Republicans Warp the Constitution To Justify Nullifying Federal Laws

Republicans persistently claimed they, and only they, adhere to the constitution regardless they routinely disregard or misrepresent the document to fit their extremist vision under Republican rule.

Tell the Justice Department to Investigate the Koch Brothers’ Seditious Govt Shutdown Plot

It's time for the Department of Justice to launch an investigation into the conservative plot to harm the US government and its financial solvency and they must start with the Koch brothers.

With its Silence the Republican Party Shows Support for Violence Against the Government

None of the so-called leaders of the Republican Party have made any attempts to tamp down the seditious rhetoric inciting civil war, revolution, or violent action against the government.