A Petition Has Been Launched To Prosecute and Expel John Boehner From Congress

John Boehner

Over the course of the past six years many Americans have felt frustrated that Republicans have deliberately worked against the best interests of the American people with impunity. What makes the frustration all the more unbearable is that most people feel there is nothing they can possibly do for redress to hold Republicans accountable for what, in many cases, are blatant violations of federal laws. In a great deal of the cases, a major share of the blame falls on the impotent Department of Justice that is either terrified of investigating what is often seditious and blatant Republican malfeasance, or looks the other way to avoid the appearance of partisan political retribution. Whatever the reason for failing to do its due diligence, it often falls on the people to take matters into their own hands and start a petition.

This week, a MoveOn.org petition began circulating for the purpose of prosecuting Speaker of the House John A. Boehner for willfully breaking a federal law when he knowingly violated the 216 year-old Logan Act. The petition demands that Boehner, “by law must now be tried by Congress, and forced to resign.” However, according to 18 U.S.C. § 953 (Logan Act), by violating the “Logan Act” (Private correspondence with foreign governments) Boehner can be punished “under federal law with imprisonment of up to three years. Any act of prosecuting and convicting the Speaker must be initiated by a Justice Department United States Attorney; at best Congress can conduct its own investigation for ethics violations and expel Boehner, or he can resign. The Koch brothers or Benjamin Netanyahu will never allow that to happen, but by all means please sign the petition and relieve that crushing feeling of frustration.

The petition accurately claims that by “directly commencing and carrying on correspondence with an officer of a foreign government (Netanyahu) with intent to influence or defeat the measures of the United States,” Boehner broke a federal law. It also is correct that Boehner attempted to deal in foreign policy to usurp the powers of the presidency of the United States thus violating the “separation of powers” in the U.S. Constitution. But the only prosecutable crime is “corresponding with an agent of a foreign government with the intent to influence or defeat the measures of the United States” according to the Logan Act. The petition is to be “to be delivered to The United States House of Representatives, The United States Senate, and President Barack Obama.”

Now, one certainly understands why the petition is not “to be delivered” to the Department of Justice or a United States Attorney; it would be tantamount to flushing it away in a toilet. The Department of Justice just does not investigate or prosecute willful violations of federal laws when Republicans or any of their variant malcontents are involved. As the President has already stated, his administration would rather focus on looking ahead to a hopeful future than backwards; or war criminals George W. Bush and Dick Cheney et al and admitted torturers would already be in federal prisons.

The Congress, Securities and Exchange Commission, Federal Elections Commission, and Department of Justice have had several opportunities to prosecute John Boehner, but he is above the law. He was viewed, and admitted to, handing out tobacco industry bribes on the floor of the House for favorable votes in 1996, and was given a pass because he claimed he was just complying with a tobacco corporation’s orders. Apparently, as long as Boehner was just following a tobacco corporation’s orders to hand out bribes, Congress or the Justice Department took a ‘hands off’ approach to clearly unethical conduct.

In 2010 according to his financial disclosure,  Boehner purchased stock in seven Canadian tar sand companies prior to becoming Speaker of the House, and promptly began lying about the ‘hundreds-of-thousands” of American jobs with the KeystoneXL pipeline construction. His lies were in spite of TransCanada’s own prospectus touting no more than 2,400 temporary jobs and 35 permanent positions before he began his push to increase his portfolio worth by inflating share prices. A petition was started, and two outside environmental groups sent damning documents to the Security Exchange Commission that began mulling an investigation into Boehner’s apparent share price manipulation. However, because a foreign corporation (TransCanada), the Koch brothers, and a foreign nation’s leader (Canadian Prime Minister Harper) wanted the pipeline pushed, Boehner complied and was given another pass.

Now, Boehner committed another clear violation; this time of a federal law, and another petition is making the rounds in hopes that the Koch Congress will take action? They have no authority in matters of prosecuting federal laws and if any American thinks for a second that the Department of Justice will take action they are just glaringly ignorant; hopeful, but ignorant. Republicans will not allow it and dog-only-knows Netanyahu will bring his considerable clout to bear on the Justice Department. A Justice Department, by the way, that cannot even prosecute a white racist cop for gunning down an unarmed African American teen because apparently murder is not a prosecutable civil rights violation.

In fact, this particular Department of Justice cannot prosecute any white conservatives regardless of the seditious intent or stated attempt to start a “second revolution” against the United States government. It is coming up on a year since a white racist rancher summoned equally white racist and heavily armed militias to aim loaded firearms at agents of the federal government executing two federal court orders with impunity and immunity from prosecution. Likely because conservative media and several high-ranking Republican politicians proclaimed the sedition was patriotic; like a sitting president’s administration authorizing the torture of captive prisoners.

In another case of injustice, in a federal court agreement last year, the Internal Revenue Service was ordered to begin investigating and prosecuting evangelical churches for violating their 501(c) tax exempt status. Nothing has happened in spite of over 5,000 evangelical preachers sending videotaped evidence of their illegal campaigning for Republicans from the pulpit daring the IRS to enforce the law. Being a religious right lawbreaker is just as profitable as being a seditious rancher or Republican Speaker of the House of Representatives.

By all means; sign the MoveOn.org petition demanding that Speaker of the House John A. Boehner face prosecution in federal court and expulsion from Congress. Like his other unethical congressional acts and corrupt violations of federal laws, there is no doubt he violated the 216 year-old Logan Act by inviting a foreigner to “influence and defeat a measure of the United States.”

However, know first that the only satisfaction any signer will ever get is while they are filling in those little boxes typical of any online petition. Because no matter how many signatures the petition garners, Speaker of the House John A Boehner is going to face the same justice and consequences as the racist white cop who gunned down an unarmed African American teen; none whatsoever. After all, this is America and there is no equity in the justice system; particularly for a criminal who is a repeat offender named is John Boehner.

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  1. I want to sign this petition. I believe I already am subscribed. John Boehner is a disgrace to my idea of America. And to our laws and principles. He should be tarred, feathered and send to Mexico on a donkey with an apology to Mexico for our trash.

  2. Nobody is above the law. It may take some time, but I believe in due season, unexpectedly John Boehner will get everything he deserves. And when it does it will cause a domino affect within the GOP. These evil, hatred devils will get theirs.

  3. there must be some way to do this, in a country of laws there must be some legal mind that can find a way. Good grief, the things they take dems to court over are nothing.

  4. If they let him get away with this then where does it end? The son of a bitch must pay. The Democratic party are a bunch of PUSSIES!!!

  5. Even though he is the speaker you are missing his conspirators. Lindsey Graham is in video with BIBI pledging his and the congress’s loyalty. Inviting him to speak before the congress. This is no correspondence, this is a one on one press conference in Israel on tape. Look it up… Also Ron Paul commented on it being treason in his news letter, as well as other non main stream news outlets. You should add this as proof to your charges.

  6. AMERICA, PAY ATTENTION….We have criminals Lording over us. Please reject these people, there is no way we would lets Gangs or prisoners run our lives or The Congress of the United States of America. A Criminal is a Criminal.

  7. Keep in mind that we have a lot of angry old people that are stocked to the hilt with weapons that have been waiting for big government to take away all there freedumbs and/or the minorities are coming to steal there possessions and rape there kids and a lot of these guys don’t want to die before the big fight gets here. They are really hoping for the shit to hit the fan so they can be proven right for once in there life. That’s one reason why our justice department that is run by a black person has to walk on eggshells. The militia’s of America will never show any respect for a person other than another angry old white man.

  8. Going to start a petition. Bam! That will strike fear into Boehner’s heart.

    Be sure it is strongly worded too, because THAT will make all the difference.

    And after I sign the petition, I’ll go stand in the approved “free speech zone” where few will see me because that will really worry Boehner and Republicans.

    A petition.

    Going to scare them straight, honest, it will.

    Look how it stopped Wall Street, cruel health insurance companies, invading Iraq and the neo-cons. Why those petitions had them on the defensive.

    What a freaking joke.

  9. All this talk about a petition, yet no link? I’d sign it just to make a point. I do think we need to add some of the co-conspirators though.

  10. Don’t be too sure that the Repub congress will not do anything—MANY of them really ticked off that he snuck around under cover of Netanyahu visit, to throw that vote for Clean DHS up for a vote…..Go on on public blogs, or John’s own FB wall, and you will SEE the Bigots filled with hate for him…….Won’t take much to appease the TBaggers, if they dump him

  11. Doh! Looked again. Link is there. I signed the petition (actually both of them). I’ll also be notifying friends and family. A couple thousand might not get their attention, but a hundred thousand or more might. Sign it. What do you have to lose, except for a minute of your time.

  12. Read you comment and agree. One (of many) question is, HOW do we get people to listen? Too many are co brainwashed and believe whatever lies Fox tells the, how do we get through that mess? I have been trying for years to get people to open their eyes. Not any one party holds all the answers and you need to go by their voting record. I don’t think of myself as a screwball. Intense, absolutely but, I do try to be fair and look at both sides.
    Good comment & thank you.

  13. All fine and dandy with this,only problem is if this were to happen which conservative tea party nut case would replace him.This has me scared

  14. Just think of our thread fox Friday follies of the hilarity if the dumbest man in Congress Louis Gohmert gets it

  15. whose disapproval rating? According to who? I read the president’s approval rating was UP after Netanyahu. Show me the money. This pres is incredibly well liked, despite what tea partiers would like for us to believe.

  16. For all the crap he,the Tea Party,and the Republican Party has done to disrespected our President,Boehner overstepped his powers with inviting a FOREIGN LEADER WITHOUT TELLING THE PRESIDENT and THE WHITE HOUSE is an act of open DISRESPECT and TREASON.And everyone who were party to this,should face the same punishment..These actions against the nation and the President needs not go UN-Punished…

  17. it’s 18% approval rating.

    111th Congress had a 25% approval rating

    The 111th Congress, led by Speaker of the house democrat from California Nancy Pelosi, is one of the most productive in History, next to the 89th that came in with John William McCormack, a democrat from Massachusetts.
    ALL of course in contrast to what we have now, one of THE most unproductive Congress’s in our History with the worst SOTH Boehner.


  18. The guy has lied to the people since the Republicans lost the white house. Let’s work to get him and others like him (Bush’)out of office.

  19. Chris thankyou for your nice words, I hear the frustration in your written words. I have learned that the best way to get people’s attention and defeat lies is to first educate yourself with the facts and nothing but the facts, leave your Ego at home. Then you must have courage to speak truth and light in a room full of plain ignorance, darkness and misinformation. If we all started with just the people in our own circle, the people we interact with on a daily basis, we can slowly begin to chip away at those brick walls the Republicans put in place to divide us.

  20. I might have signed this had the writer not gotten so rabid when writing it. I disapprove of Boehner, BUT I also disapprove of the writer’s loss of control. LOOK at this final sentence:
    “After all, this is America and there is no equity in the justice system; particularly for a criminal who is a repeat offender named is John Boehner.”
    So if you wanna rewrite and then resend so that it fall within the rules of acceptable grammar and sentence structure, maybe I will.
    panama red

  21. The drunk was on tape passing out bribes from the tobacco industry on the house floor!! GODAMN what more proof do you need?

  22. Boehner represents the worst of American politicians. He and his cronies are self serving, righteous and narcissistic. He does not represent me or any other Americans who were not born with a silver spoon in their mouths.

  23. i started a very similar petition on Change. org…! :)

    we can make a difference! … let’s start by getting rid of at least one guy who admits proudly to committing a FELONY in an attempt to undermine the POTUS … help me tell the Attorney General of the USA that John Boehner is NOT above the law!

    Speaker of the House John Boehner committed a FELONY (Logan Act) when he invited Netanyahu to speak before Congress without letting the POTUS know about it (TRUE!)… don’t let him get away with this!… please read my petition (only takes about 1 min)… and please sign if you agree! :)

  24. Netanyahu’s invitation is an insult to the American people. Let us hope that John Boehner will be expelled.

  25. Sarah Palin is selling tee shirts on her pac, a photo of Bibi with “I stand with Bibi” on the front. Only $35. All proceeds go to support the non working PayMe clan and assorted relatives. The gop has reduced the entire country to a laughing stock. Support Israel’s president, but slander our own TWICE elected President Obama. Jeb Bush is appealing to donors to only donate $1 MILLION at a time, to reduce claims that he is pandering only to the rich!!!

  26. Djecjfron…I still remember NoBoner passing those cheques around. I’m Canadian and must say I almost fell off my sofa in shock. He got away with it because the Dems allowed him to.

  27. Why is it suggested that the Koch brothers would protect John Boehner in such a situation, were it remotely feasible?

    They have never shown any interest in either Israel or John Boehner, as far as I know.

    Not everything is about the Kochs.

  28. The petition is on moveon.org. I signed it a couple of weeks ago. When you get there, do a search for John Boehner petition. Hope that helps.



  29. House Democrats tell Boehner they have his back

    Tea Party Republicans contemplating a bid to oust Rep. John Boehner (R-Ohio) shouldn’t count on Democrats to help them unseat the Speaker.
    And without their support, there is no chance to topple Boehner in this Congress.
    It’s not all out of the goodness of their hearts. It’s out of a desire to actually save the institution.

    “I’d probably vote for Boehner [because] who the hell is going to replace him? [Ted] Yoho?” Rep. Bill Pascrell (D-N.J.) said Wednesday, referencing the Florida Tea Party Republican who’s fought Boehner on a host of bipartisan compromise bills.
    “In terms of the institution, I would rather have John Boehner as the Speaker than some of these characters who came here thinking that they’re going to change the world,” Pascrell added.

  30. I will sign the petition.

    But since the War Criminals Bu$h & Cheney are still unindicted- my money is on Boner not having to sweat either…

  31. Off-topic for just a moment.

    I absolutely love this site, but I sometimes have a difficult time following responses on any given thread, because there isn’t any indication of “who” is being responded to on many posts! (in following a long thread.)

    Isn’t there a way to remedy that confusion?

  32. The lunatic baggers control the Congress and they despise Boehner and want him out of the Speaker’s chair.

  33. The Kochs, like all Republicans, are basically anti-Semites. They just use and abuse anyone or anything to their corporate advantage. Koch brothers aren’t Israeli supporters. They support their corporate interests and nothing else.

  34. This scumbag has proven that he is a fascist, anti-American TRAITOR and it is time to treat his worthless carcass as such.

  35. Seems that this is a partisan site like Blue Nation. Holder is a corporate lawyer. Barak’s cabinet has been stuffed with corporatists across the board, with exception of Solis at DOL. Notice she jumped ship and went home. Gaither and Summers, not Solis were in on the big decisions about the economy. Why on earth are you cheerleading for this half of the dualopoly.

  36. You mean these illegal things?
    )he added 10.5 million private sector jobs in 55 CONSECUTIVE MONTHS of job growth
    )he avoided a great depression and saved millions of jobs with a much needed stimulus
    )Stock market up 120%
    )cut deficit by $800 billion
    )he saved the American auto industry and millions of jobs
    )He got rid of bin laden, and got rid of more jihadists in the last 3 years, than all 8 years of the previous failed republican foreign politics
    )Dependence on foreign oil is the lowest it’s been in 16 years
    )He’s investing more in education and he’s helping more students pay for college
    )He’s doubled the gas mileage on cars, by mandating that every car go twice as far on a gallon of gas within the next 10 years
    )American goods exports up 41%
    )He extended Medicare by 8 years
    )Nation’s budget deficit falls to lowest level since Obama took office

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