GOP Propaganda Succeeds As 43% of Republicans Support a Military Coup Against America

Propaganda is communications aimed towards influencing the attitude of a population toward some cause or position using partisan information to influence an audience and further an agenda. A primary feature of propaganda is presenting false facts or using lies of omission to encourage a particular synthesis, or using loaded messages to produce an emotional rather than a rational response to the false information presented. Next to Adolf Hitler’s minister of propaganda from 1933 to 1945, Joseph Goebbels, Republicans may be the most accomplished propagandists in history; at least in American history.

Republicans have been so successful at spreading blatantly false information about President Barack Obama that a fair share of the population gleefully votes against their own best self-interests to stop what Republicans claim is the President’s existential threat to America. It is unclear how voting for Republicans who have no intent or interest in ever doing anything for their constituents and everything for the rich will prevent anyone from shredding the Constitution, installing the Muslim brotherhood as overlords or handing the government over to communists, but that has been a primary component of propaganda from conservatives.

Throughout the President’s tenure several different conservatives and Republicans have either called for a violent revolution to “overthrow Obama” or wondered aloud when the military would do its constitutional duty to intervene and take control of the government in a coup d’état. It is true the calls for violence against the government originate from what any sane human being would consider disaffected extremists, but between Republican claims that President Obama is unconstitutional, and fear mongering that America is doomed because he was elected twice, a new poll reveals that the six-year Republican propaganda campaign has delivered the intended results.

The poll results revealed that when asked if “there is any situation in which you could support the U.S. military taking over the powers of the federal government,” a not-so-surprising 43 percent of Republicans said yes, they would support a military coup d’état to protect America and the Constitution. Now, for the past six years Republicans have preached, screamed, and warned Americans that President Barack Obama had shred the Constitution and destroyed “their America“  and their propaganda campaign produced the result Republicans lusted after; a plurality of Republicans support the military takeover of America. It is noteworthy that part and parcel of the Republicans’ propaganda and fear-mongering success is due to Americans’ ignorance of the Constitution and how government works, or the people would be recalling every Republican in Congress for violating the Constitution and calling for Justice Department prosecutions against Republicans in Congress for sedition and possibly treason.

The reason such a large percentage of Republicans support a sudden and forced seizure of a government is because they have been conditioned and programmed for six years by a not-so-small group of conservative extremists. Whether they were instigating their followers to abolish the existing government to replace it with a new ruling body made up of the military according to the wishes of 43 percent of Republicans, or summoning “real patriots” to violent revolution, Republicans have nearly accomplished their goal of “taking their country back” to before the Civil War.

In a sense, supporting a military coup is a slight departure from the persistent calls for a second revolution, an assassination attempt on the President’s life, and “2nd Amendment remedies” to “take their country back,” but it is a dangerous concept all the same. A concept, by the way, that establishment Republicans have done absolutely nothing to stop; including never condemning the conservative calls for a violent overthrow or toning down their own lies and hateful rhetoric demonizing the President simply because he is an African American.

In fact, some Republicans have been the source of calls for violent rebellion such as Virginia’s GOP warning that if the President won re-election in 2012 good Republicans would start a violent revolution. In many former Confederate states Republican legislatures have passed legislation authorizing force against federal officials if they dare attempt to enforce federal laws Republicans oppose. During the Bundy ranch sedition and standoff, many Republicans rushed to defend the armed militias and Bundy they claimed were outstanding patriots who were being abused by an overbearing federal government because they executed a federal court order.

This call to war against the President began even before Obama was inaugurated in 2009. One conservative maniac, Rick Wiles said, “I warned in 2008 that Barack Obama’s mission is to deliberately rip the country apart and if the US Military doesn’t take action soon to arrest Barack Obama and remove him and his regime from the White House, there will be no country left for the military to defend. We are on the edge of collapse as a nation. Jesus Christ is America’s only hope. Let us pray that Almighty God delivers us from this very real tyranny that is persecuting the saints of God.” Likely, saints of god is code among conservatives, Republicans, and teabaggers for “real Americans” who support violence against their own government.

Just prior to Wiles’ call for a military coup, Erik Rush summoned patriots to drive Obama from office by any means necessary, and seriously sick fascist Larry Klayman and cohort  Rick Joyner issued simultaneous calls for a military coup because calling for violence against their own government was how real Americans protect the Constitution. Six years of propaganda and fear-mongering that President Obama was abolishing the Constitution, coming for good Americans’ guns, and on the verge of rounding up god-fearing Christians and throwing them in FEMA camps achieved the desired goal; convincing 43 percent of Republicans to support a military takeover of the United States government.

Feeble-minded people, and those with pathological brain dysfunction, are driven by fear and emotions, so they may not bear responsibility for supporting a military coup against their own government. It is likely that even semi-sane people would be convinced that violence against ‘government tyranny, even if it did not exist, was acceptable after over six years of persistent propaganda warning them their existence was in jeopardy. However, it is more likely that Republicans have become so extreme in their response to not having everything go their way that their only recourse is supporting the violent overthrow of the government that none of the Republican leadership has taken even one minute to condemn as un-American.

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  1. I beg to differ with one issue of your great article, Rmuse. Republicans have been stirring shit up for longer than just 6 years.

    Go back 18 years to October 7, 1996.

    The launch of Fox News.

  2. Ever since high school in 1976 when I wrote a paper on this very thing I have been telling people this. The GOP IS the new Nazi Party! In 1949 the GOP went to Europe to enlist Ex-Nazi’s to shape the GOP/Conservative political agenda that we see today. They PLACED Ronnie Ray-Gun in the Whitehouse to further their sick agenda with religious dogma and Ultra-Conservative demands. I was recently and erroneously assaulted by someone who said I “crossed the line” when I made the FACTUAL analogy between todays GOP/Conservatives and the Nazi Party! Of course I am correct and that’s why she went off…she just cannot handle the truth.

  3. I have a better idea: Why not just go back to where they came from. They are not Nativist; their ancestors are of European, not Indian ancestry. Let’s see how well this coup of the government works in Russia, Germany, Italy especially; the homes of Stalin, Hitler, and Mussolini.
    They will be ready to come back here! The treasonous b******s!!

  4. This from the very people who wanted to export “democracy” to the Middle East… Sounds more like they imported “governing methods” from the Middle East…

  5. It’s this unholy propaganda machine that has created the deep division in this country, not anything Democrats have done.

  6. They’re just having hissy fits because their fear mongering warnings never happened. Now they look like fools to anyone with a brain. They want to use their assault weapons, bugout bags, and food rations. They were “promised”.

  7. bring it on you rightwing degenerates. you would be crushed to dust. I would never go to fight terrorists in the middle-east but I would gladly be in the front line here to fight the conservative and religious right terrorists in this nation. anytime anyday you rightwing cowards.

  8. the rightwing is now the American Taliban. the religious right are no better then domestic terrorists. conservative and evangelical leaders are urging americans to break laws, disregard the scotus and the constitution. they are inciting violence, anarchy, intolerance, hate, and civil disobedience. rightwing militia groups are threatening to kill judges and the scotus. what the f*ck is going on here? we must stand up to this rightwing degenerate bullies- if we do not stand up this to rightwing threat, or do something about this in november of 2016 than we all deserve the consequences. maybe if a few more dems actually voted in 2014, we would not be dealing with this insurrection by these ignorant and brain dead rightwing zombies. please folks- stand up to these fools.

  9. I agree. the time has come to push back hard against these imbeciles. please America- please fight back against this rightwing horde.

  10. Right wing politicians are very proud of all their constituents. Wonder how many advocate that course of action.

  11. free speech and all but there are certainly limits and fox news and conservatives have crossed that line multiple times by encouraging and inciting violence, anarchy, intolerance, and hate among its zombified base. time to shut fox news down for good. free speech has its limits. when you start openly and blatantly encouraging others to be intolerant, disobey laws, reject the scotus and the constitution, and to hate and be intolerant, it is time to silence that threat.

  12. And, the threat is always cranked up to dog whistle decibels during a Democratic Presidency.

    Hence, the spawn of Fox News during Bill Clinton’s term in 1996.

  13. Kind of agree with you Yvonne. While reading this [post I thought of the Ronnie R. Who did not follow the Constitution. The rethugs have been following this path for a long long time now. Only once have I heard any one of them ever, respond to the hate being aimed at Pres Obama. That was John Mccain during the campaign. John Mc cain the war monger, the man that called his wife a very nasty word, John McCain who brought (I hate to say this word) Palin to all of us… The rethugs have been working for a “take back our country” also for a long time. Always wondered from who are we to take it back from? Apparently It’s from every thing our country has stood for since 1776.
    wasn’t it Jindal that called the rethugs ” the party of stupid” He nailed it!!!

  14. Republican projection has been out in full force for President Obama’s entire time in office. They are the one’s “shredding the Constitution”. They cheer on as a hero who is in direct violation of the First Amendment, placing her so called religious beliefs above her duties in government.

  15. Jade Helm 15 fears have them all up in arms …including no less than the Gov. of Texas going full conspir-o-psycho…. about a military takeover of Texas while at the same time the same people are in favor of a military takeover. Amazing.

  16. Wow, just wow. I grew up in a Republican home and I don’t remember Republicans being this stupid (xenophobic maybe, but not necessarily stupid). Am I remembering incorrectly?? My god, the GOP has become a mainstream hate group.

  17. I don’t think they would like the military in charge. First thing to go would be citizen-owned guns. Cant have the inmates armed inside the asylum, now can we?

  18. Ask any one of these RWNJ’s exactly WHAT has President Obama done to destroy the country and they don’t have an answer, they don’t know, just that he did…the real nail in their coffin will be that in 20 years, their children will read their history books, telling them that Obama was the Greatest President in our history, and their children will have them put in the looney bin….

  19. “Look for me in the whirlwind of the storm, look for me
    all around you, for with God’s grace, I shall come and
    bring with me countless millions of black slaves who have
    died in America and the West Indies and the millions in
    Africa to aid you in the fight for Liberty, Freedom and Life.” Marcus Garvey

  20. Brilliant Piece Rmuse!
    This worries me more than anything. Citizens United was Gas on The Fire!

    “Dred Scott turned People into Property. Citizens United turned Property into People”

    The Brainwashing created by Birch Society

    “Growing-Up in the John Birch Society”
    Everything thing they’re striving for!

    Understand the enemy:

  21. My concerns don’t lie with either our borders or the Middle East. It lies with the contagiously paranoid propaganda machine, and its malicious and insidious barrage of fabrication, from inside the U.S.

    This is exctly how Natzi Germany grew to such superpower. Next Republican steps; intimidation tactics, outright threats and endorced violence. Hitler quickly and easily turned even normal and inelligent citizens, into faithful followers of his extremely insane agenda. These may be different times, but the Republican rise to power, speaks the same language of hate.

    It’s just MINDBLOWING how History can and will repeat itself, if we allow it to.

    Please vote for democracy in 2016. Vote for a DEMOCRAT.

  22. How disappointed those idiots must be — nothing happened. As far as I’m concerned, these repuke louts are nothing but traitors and should be treated as such. Letting those Bundy anuses get away with breaking the law was a huge mistake, it’s just encouraged lawlessness.

  23. A couple questions for those posters who may agree with the stance of the GOP voters that is revealed in the poll. For those with the ability to answer, I find it difficult to believe that these same people who considered it treasonous to speak against Bush’s proposals when we were at war with Iraq and Afghanistan, now appear not to have any problem with the same activity with President Obama in office. In fact, Fox news regularly called out any Democratic party member who disagreed openly with Bush during his time in office as unpatriotic or even treasonous because we were at war. However, that flew out the window and it became their regular talking point daily when President Obama took office. How can you think that it is even remotely something we should talk about when there is not even a hint of anything that would speak to a coup by the administration? When did it become OK to openly disrespect the President by members of Congress, calling him a liar and far worse?

  24. Just going on my gut instinct, if there is a Repube take over they will. I feel, lose the cooperation of most allied countries.

  25. Let see what they think about naturalization when it’s their families that will be separated and tossed.

  26. I wonder what the percentage would be if you said the military takeover would trigger the Second Coming?

  27. I doubt you’ll get anything resembling a coherent answer from those you addressed your question to so I’ll answer it for them. There was already a double standard applied to what is acceptable from and about a sitting president. The rules already changed whenever their party wasn’t in control. However, what really tipped the scales and forced the crazy into the mainstream is when we dared to elect a black man. It’s as simple and as horrific as that.

  28. It is, however, an excellent question and I hope someone proves me wrong and answers it. We probably won’t agree with it, but it’s always good to know what others are thinking.

  29. The other day I needed some work on my A/C system. The worker seemed to be suppressing some hidden excitement. He had discovered Trump and just couldn’t contain himself. He embarrassed me in front of the dog being quite valuable about the greatness of the man. my sister went this same route years ago and our relationship is gone. this hard RW wave destroyed relations in my family. It seems an affliction. A man driving around all day listening to, you got it, right wing radio. We know who spews this moronic tripe across the airwaves. This thing does more than sadden me. These people are capable of everything that we all fear they might be capable of. I feel total anguish that people can be swayed to such intense hatred against a man I love. PBO. This is why education for all is so important. The thugs know that too and fight it. All we will do is vote. What might they do? It’s happened before in a civilized country. They lie and we vote. They suppress and we argue.

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