Trump Campaign Co-Chair Arrested For Sedition For His Part In the Bundy Standoff

There is a relatively well-known quote attributed to the author of “The Art of War, ”Sun Tzu or Sūn Wu, that says “the wheels of justice grind slow, but grind exceedingly fine.” The agreed meaning is that although it seems that well-connected people and rich criminals seem to operate with impunity, eventually the law catches up to them and they face justice. Recently, Americans witnessed the slow wheels of justice eventually come to rest on the seditious armed militia men at the Bundy Ranch and Oregon wildlife center last month, but not all of the government’s enemies were apprehended; until yesterday. Interestingly, but not surprising, one of the anti-government insurgents also happened to be the co-chair of Republican presidential aspirant Donald J. Trump’s campaign.

On Thursday, the husband of a New Hampshire Republican legislator and official Trump campaign co-chair of New Hampshire’s “Veterans for Trump” coalition, was arrested by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). The man, Jerry Delemus, was arrested on nine federal charges for his participation in the seditious armed standoff nearly two years ago at Cliven Bundy’s ranch. The nine charges include conspiracy to commit an offense against the United States of America (sedition), threatening a federal law enforcement officer (also sedition), and several firearm charges.

In 2014, the seditious Tea Party crusader and brazen Donald Trump supporter answered Bundy’s call to armed rebellion against the United States and traveled across the country to join the various militia groups looking for a war against the U.S. Bureau of Land Management. Apparently Delemus believed, like Bundy and most Republicans, that the United States government overstepped its authority by owning land and expecting Cliven Bundy to do what every other cattle rancher does; pay grazing fees.

Likely thinking that the government had forgiven, forgot, or just overlooked a blatant act of sedition against the United States, Delemus took another trip this past January to join the Bundy boys’ sedition, armed invasion, and occupation of the Malheur National Wildlife Preserve in Oregon. For a so-called warrior patriot, it is apparent that Delemus never read “The Art of War.” If so, he too would have learned that although slow, the wheels of justice grind away to a bad end for criminals; even if they are married to a Republican legislator and even if it takes a couple of years.

Delemus’ wife, Susan Delemus, a Republican New Hampshire legislator announced her husband’s arrest to the former chairman of New Hampshire’s Republican Party, Jack Kimball. A typical anti-government Republican, Kimball immediately used Facebook “to issue a call for all New Hampshire patriots to come together ASAP to protest this tyranny in the most visible way possible.” Likely, the call to be “most visible” includes coming together with plenty of weapons and ammunition; it is the same call that eventually led to Delemus being arrested on Thursday.

The former chair of the New Hampshire Republican Party said that Mrs. Delemus complained to him “the FBI just rolled up with lots of vehicles and Agents who were in tactical gear. They forced their way into Jerry Delemus and Sue’s condo with weapons drawn and arrested Jerry and took him away.” It is noteworthy that there were absolutely no Republicans complaining when the Bundy armed militias drew, and trained, their weapons on federal officials doing their jobs, or the Bundy insurgents forcing their way, with weapons drawn, into the Malhauer Wildlife Center; but then again Republicans are not known for maintaining even a semblance of continuity of conviction; about anything.

There is not a lot known about Jerry Delemus save that he thinks anything less than political violence is a lie  and is a seditious militant and insurgent in opposition to the United States. But his Republican lawmaker wife has a less-than-admirable history. The media, both local and national, have quoted both Jerry and  Susan Delemus “multiple times about their unwavering support for Donald Trump.” In fact, state legislator Delemus earned a little notoriety after claiming that every politician in America “but Trump was lying to her through the television.” Mrs. Delemus said,

We’ve got people in positions of power who I know for a fact are liars. Liars! I watch the TV — My president comes on the TV and he lies to me! I know he’s lying. He lies all the time.

Four years ago the Republican legislator made “the TV” news after angrily assailing, in person, state officials in a failed attempt to keep President Obama off the 2012 general election ballot in New Hampshire. Her outrageous contention “caused the New Hampshire assistant secretary of state to fear for his safety.

Two weeks ago Susan Delemus made the news again for jumping in to protect Donald Trump from an old South American priest who happens to be running the Vatican over Trump’s imagined feud with Pope Francis; a feud that the Pontiff is likely unaware was ongoing. Mrs. Delemus wrote in defense of Trump on her Facebook page that “The Pope is the anti-Christ. Do your research.!” Now, it is unclear where Delemus spent her research time investigating the Pope’s secret identity as the anti-Christ, but there is nothing in any serious liturgical literature, or the Christian bible, identifying the head of the Holy Catholic Church as the mortal enemy of Jesus Christ.

It is probably the case that Donald Trump has no input into whether or not a seditious criminal was co-chairing his New Hampshire Veterans for Trump campaign coalition, so it is irresponsible to even attempt to tie Trump directly to an insurgent against America. However, this incident does, like so many others, expose the type of American that is flocking to support the Donald. At least New Hampshire residents can rest easy that a seditious militant in their midst is safely where he belongs, and only have to worry about the insurgent’s Republican legislator wife going off the rails in support of Trump.