Fox News Claims Hillary Less Ethical, But Public Gives Her High Ratings on Every Issue

Fox is touting their latest Fox Poll, which not only claims that Hillary Clinton’s popularity is slipping, but shows that people think Hillary is less ethical than other politicians. Fox News asks, is this a “[t]roubling trend for [the] Democratic presidential candidate?”

No. But it’s funny to hear appallingly unethical Fox News talk about anyone else being unethical.

Look, first of all, it’s Fox News, where at least half of what they say is a complete fabrication. You can do the calculus there, I think. But for the record, here are their talking points:

But no, the answer would seem to be, this dubious piece of reporting is not at all troubling. Not only because Fox News itself has been unable to wish Hillary away in previous polls, but for the simple reason that as we can easily discern from Gallup’s latest findings, Republican attempts to derail Hillary Clinton seem to have failed miserably, and not only in Iowa.

While “42% say Clinton would do good job on foreign policy as president” (68 percent if you add the “fair” ratings to the “good”) she rates even higher with race relations. In fact, Gallup says, the “Public perceives Clinton’s greatest strength would be race relations,” where she tops out at 44 percent “good” and 33 percent “fair.”

Despite getting mixed reviews from those polled for her tenure as Secretary of State, Gallup found that,

Americans are more likely to say Hillary Clinton would do a good job handling foreign affairs as president than to say she would do a bad job, but this rating is no higher than her rating on the economy and healthcare, and is lower than her rating on handling race relations.

It just doesn’t matter how many bad things they say about Hillary, does it? They’ve got to be stomping their little feet, wondering what it will take to destroy Hillary Clinton.


As you can see, people are more likely to believe Hillary will do a good job in all the important areas, though Gallup warns that,

Clinton’s perceived strengths on various issues are not closely synchronized with the importance Americans put on those same issues. The issue Americans think Clinton would handle best — race relations — receives the lowest importance in terms of potential voting considerations. The three issues on which Clinton receives her next highest ratings are spread out across the issue importance spectrum: the economy is at the top of the importance list, healthcare policy in the middle and foreign affairs near the bottom.

This may not be as critical as you would think, once you factor in that she has handily defeated every potential Republican contender in polling, sometimes in their own states.

Even Fox News admits that Hillary gets a favorable rating from 82 percent of Democrats, while “There are four on the GOP side who receive 50 percent or better among self-identified Republicans: former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee (58 percent), former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush (56 percent), Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul (54 percent) and Florida Sen. Marco Rubio (51 percent).”

Remember, those scary 50 percenters are from Republicans. And if her strengths are not synchronized with the importance of various issues, it has not been proven that the Republicans have any strengths at all.

For example, Republicans fail miserably at race relations. My own chiropractor told me the other day that “all these protesters” don’t want equal rights. They want special rights, he said. I was speechless. It’s special rights to want to be treated equally under the law? Really?

We have already seen the laughable approach Republican candidates have to ISIL. And Jeb Bush…well he can’t decide if it was a good idea to invade Iraq or not, and his final response, which finally brought him into general alignment with other Republican hopefuls, lacked sincerity, to say the least. One gets the impression he would second guess himself over which pen to use, or which shoe to tie first.

Republicans are against immigration, some even against legal immigration, and they love how wealth is being distributed in favor of their rich owners, which is not how the American people feel about those issues. They want to take away our healthcare and make us by Apple watches instead. And they already showed they will run the economy into the ground again, first chance they get. Just look at Kansas and Michigan and Wisconsin. Look at Red States in general.

On the issues? Not a good area for Republicans. Which is why they spend all their time attacking Hillary. They’ve got nothing else to talk about. Nothing that won’t make them sound less clueless and incompetent than they already do. Meanwhile, Hillary has put them on the defensive on nearly every issue over the past days.

Bottom line, says Gallup,

Hillary Clinton’s experience as secretary of state does not appear to be either an exceptionally strong positive for her or a strong negative with the U.S. public. Americans rate her potential performance as president on the foreign policy dimension about the same as several other issues and below how she would do on what appears to be a more distinctive strength — her ability to deal with race relations. Looking back, less than half of Americans say she did an outstanding or above average job as secretary of state, a rating that is below her current overall favorable rating.

That is bad news for Republicans. They have dedicated the past few years to using Benghazi to crush Hillary, and they have failed. They have tarnished her reputation a bit through their baseless and unrelenting attacks, and with the full cooperation of the mainstream media, which loves to bash Hillary while ignoring Republican buffoonery, but it would appear the public – minus Republicans – is more discerning.

If Republican policy positions are going to be based on nothing but finding a point opposite Hillary Clinton, as the last six years have been based on opposing Barack Obama, we might suggest they think again.

54 Replies to “Fox News Claims Hillary Less Ethical, But Public Gives Her High Ratings on Every Issue”

  1. Obama Derangement Syndrome is now being shifted onto another target- Hillary.

    And will be just as effective.

  2. teabaggers can run but they can’t hide behind HILLIARY bashing….it always comes down to..what are you going to do…what is your plan and HOW ?

  3. Like there’s an ethical bone in any of the contenders for the republican nomination. Hell Perry is under felony indictment. Pulise!

  4. Fux calling Hillary unethical is enough to make ya puke.
    This is “Turdblossom” Rove’s favorite ploy. Take your
    obvious sins and accuse your opponant of them. As
    usual, once it’s disproven just double down and never
    admit wrongdoing.

  5. CDS and Clinton Rules were around long before the new kid on the block, Obama.

    They called her a murderer and relentlessly persued her and Bill for decades. It is their way.

    The public just adores them despite a gazillion dollars of money spent to discredit them.

    The swift boat attacked them over 40 years ago, and yet, they rise. The Foundation, they attack her CHARITY. Nothing is sacred.

    Low life scum, the whole lot of them, nothing but propaganda spewers for decades, before Obama was known, long before.

    I swear to God, they investigated her cat, Socks, (RIP) they left NO stone unturned.

    They came up empty. Save for Monica and Bosnia sniper. I will give them those two. They got those right. Nothing else.

  6. Who cares what Fox “news” says. The dopes that watch them lie daily would not vote for her anyway. Plus, the old hate addled geezers are croak, croak, croaking away.

  7. I care. It isn’t just Fox, the story they tell gets repeated elsewhere, including so-called left leaning newspapers nationally and websites of all types.

    Have you seen the FOX headlines on Google News or any other news feeder?

    The lies are not confined to them, and certainly not to “geezers”, propaganda has tendrils into the fabric of society.

    Jade Helm, for example. Or reduced donations to a charity – causing famine or aids or poachers to not be stemmed.

    Keep a flashlight on the smears.

  8. That article and those numbers are not a ringing endorsement for Hillary as I read it. People know her name and that’s about it. They “approve” of her because they aren’t paying attention.
    Take a picture of Joe Biden and one of Kim Kardashian and walk around showing them to people. Let’s see who wins the recognition prize.

  9. Oh, I forgot. The answer to the question about how the Republicans can “destroy” Hillary Clinton is easy. Just let her meet with reporters and answer questions. That’ll do it. How long has it been now since she’s answered a question she didn’t know was coming. Over three weeks now.

  10. Repeating a lie over and over, then becomes reality! This is the republican strategy. If she starts to pull way ahead, they will muddy the waters by throwing everything or anything negative to confuse the voters! Got to love people’s simple mind and how they are to lazy to search for the truth!

  11. You’re mistaking Jeb Bu$h for Hillary. Hillary is like a Ninja when it comes to interviews.

    So Robert I understand you’re a teacher? Just out of curiosity- what is the allure of becoming a Gym Teacher?

  12. Faux Noise, a an entity that wouldn’t recognise the truth if it came up and slapped them in the face, actually calls Clinton less ethical than the other politicians?

    Hey, Robert, check this out.

    Politifact has a scorecard in which comments made by commentators on the the network are rated as “Mostly False, False or Pants on Fire.”

    At FOX and Fox News Channel, that number of false claims is 60 percent, compared to CNN at 18 percent.

    A station that calls Clinton less ethical than the other candidates is proven to lie 60% of the time.

    We can tell which channel you are watching.

  13. Fox News Entertainment network.. The WWE of cable news…
    Makes you wonder what their next story line will be when this one fails..

  14. this is so damn sad and pathetic. less ethical??? what a bunch of desperate morons over there on faux news. everything these fools at fox and the GOP and rightwing have thrown at Hillary has had literally no effect. she is still outpolling her rivals by double digits. i’d like to know how many folks think ted cruz or scott walker or rand paul are less ethical. fox news is absolute garbage. they have around one million obsessed viewers- half of what their audience was about one year ago today. people are leaving fox news like folks are leaving the catholic church. and for some reason fox believes they represent America but since when do one million delusional and paranoid bigots represent over 300 million americans? they don’t. not even close. that’s why they are all crazy. any other country in the world, fox news would have been shut down and all of them jailed for treasonous activities. only in America can they get away with their blatant hate and attempts to divide the nation.

  15. “people know her name and that’s about it…” – what? what planet are you living in? are you serious? Hillary Clinton is incredibly popular in this country and around the world. her husband is incredibly popular here and around the world. republicans and conservatives are incredibly unpopular here at home and around the world. you are delusional.

  16. Until recently, he used to pretend to be just an innocent (albeit not too bright) visitor asking legitimate questions, but lately he’s getting really obvious with his trolling.

  17. I believe I had seen something very similar last week saying it was closer to 80%- Fox News lies 80% of the time. I think the real number is even higher than that. nothing worse than blatant traitors seeking only to divide and polarize the nation.

  18. Ah, you do have to give it to Robert that he is a little more astute than most Republicans. But he is just as desperate to grasp at any straw that keeps the Republizard agenda and confusion afloat.

  19. I haven’t watched FOX (other than sports) for years. Believe it or not. Haven’t listened to Limbaugh in years. The only political channel I watch is MSNBC. I know what I know. It’s important to know what the other side thinks.

  20. I find it frightening that you are so unhappy with my views Rin that you would want me deprogrammed
    What do I care about election polls and numbers 16 months before the event? Republicans who survive the cut have nowhere to go but up. Once Hillary is forced to actually campaign she has nowhere to go but down.
    Finally, I am not impressed with government red or blue. I’m going red because Republicans are walking us off the financial and constitutional cliff. The Democrats are sprinting to “fundamentally transform America.”

  21. Finally, I am not impressed with government red or blue. I’m going red because Republicans are walking us off the financial and constitutional cliff
    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

  22. He is “cut and paste” impaired.

    J Warren and now those Rs walking him off that cliff.


    And Bob, if I may call you Bob since we are so chummy. She hasn’t even put the key in the ignition yet, she’s taking her sweet time. Slow and easy, she’s already in the General and they are in the mud.

  23. LMFAO!! republicans talking about ethics???!! oh $HIT! that’s rich! this coming from the party that brought us HOOVER!! the party that brought us NIXON!! the party that brought us REAGAN!!! the party that brought us BUSH JR!!! the GOP NEVER ceases to amaze me! their standard tool of trade is to LABEL someone with the very misconduct THEY’re committing!! the party of morals?! the party of GOD!!!!! the party of patriots?!! just like missouri house speaker john diehl, who thursday got caught sending SEXUALLY explicit texts to a FRESHMAN girl in college!! BTW for the GOP TROLLS! he’s 49 yrs old and married with THREE KIDS!! hows that “PARTY OF GOD” thingy working out fer ya?? I got PLENTY MORE, scandals and such, YOU want more?? LARRY CRAIG and MARK FOLEY would love to be remember for their MAN on BOY love affairs!

  24. They are not. I just said they are walking us off the cliff. They are the problem, not the solution. The democrats (actually the progressives) are simply doing it faster.

  25. This Fox poll is wrong, that is a given, but I just compared it to the one the other day and they aren’t just wrong, they are off by 30%.

    PPP poll from the other day, page 58

    Favorable 74%
    Unfavorable 21%
    Unsure 5%

    view of favorable among the following groups for HRC:

    very liberal – 86%,somewhat liberal 83%, moderates 71%, conservatives 42%,

    and even among VERY conservative – 20% approval

    If 74% view her favorably then they do not view her with ethics problems.

    So Fox says she has 45% favorable? When PPP says 42 conservatives find her favorable? Who did they poll, their anchors?

    I won’t click on the video link to Fox, I do not give them hits, but I checked it on another site and they seem to be lying through their teeth… surprise.

  26. Was there confusion in my comment? Republicans are not walking us back from the cliff. They are destroying our country as well. Just slower then the progressives are. Power corrupts. Our government is terminally corrupt.

  27. What cliff? The dow jones making record gains? The deficit being cut? Reduction in health care spending? Or trying to make the constitution more equal to all citizens. Again please explain what cliff they are walking us back from?

  28. Also she is more than 52 ahead since Biden and Warren are not running. She is 56.8 ahead average of all even with their low ball numbers. Without them even higher.

    Ethics is not the word they should use.

  29. The cliff is 18 trillion in debt. Our money is only worth anything because we just tell each other it is. Every nation is in debt. The world’s currencies are holding each other up. All it will take is one nation defaulting (Greece?) and it will all come tumbling down.

  30. My my how stupid can one be. Don’t you realize that most of that debt is paying for bush wars that weren’t paid for. Tax cuts for the rich that weren’t paid for and Medicare pt. D that wasn’t paid for,

    But your dumbass will say republicans are fiscal responsible because they run up bills that they don’t pay for but when Democrats clean up the mess they are fiscally irresponsible

  31. the fact is msnbc has now transformed into a bunch of worthless republican cheerleaders. I think many would agree. there are no dem or lib friendly media outlets any longer. its been obvious for months now. the conservative billionaires have bought all the news channels and literally own the news we see and hear every single day. very scary. 2016 might be our last chance to reign in this conservative madness.

  32. No I’m not! Are you not reading what I’m writing? Yes, wars raise up the debt. Social programs raise the debt. Stimulus programs raise the debt. I’m pointing at both democrats and Republicans here! Government is raising the debt. Now it’s 18 trillion. When the bubble bursts you can forget about the Dow Jones. It will be sitting at about twelve.

  33. Social programs raise the debt? Thanks to the results of a study from the University of California at Berkeley, we now have a more accurate idea of exactly how much funding these programs require. Many have hostile attitudes toward SNAP, unemployment insurance, and other programs, and if you’re going strictly off the price tag, it does look like there’s room to be concerned.

    The total? $152.8 billion annually.

    Read more:

    Obama has added more to national debt than the previous 43 presidents combined, chain e-mail states
    We rate the statement Mostly False.

  34. I don’t care…social programs, entitlement programs, whatever. The government keeps spending more than they take in taxes. You keep defending what I’m not attacking. I’m not talking about Obama. I’m talking about the government, red/blue all of them. They cannot, will not cut spending because people all want free stuff.

  35. We can solve all of the Federal Government’s budgetary woes, by returning to the tax rates that were in existence before the Republican Saint (Ronnie) attacked them with a chainsaw.

    Let Everyone pay their fair share. Rich Dudes and Corporations.

  36. gsb: You’re as in “you are,” Not “your” as in possessive. Diss my credentials as a teacher at your own risk…

  37. I can agree with that. Stop loopholes for mega-businesses. No more tax dodge in other countries garbage. Did Coca-Cola make a billion in profit last year? Is your tax rate 29%? (Just a guess) Send it in.

    Lose the death tax, though. Can’t tax it twice.

  38. Inheritance tax. If Conrad Hilton Dies with a billion bucks, after all normal taxes have been paid, Paris Hilton gets the money. I don’t like it either but there it is.

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