The Wheels Are Falling Off Of Ben Carson’s Campaign As Four Senior Advisers Quit

Ben carson 2016
Barely over a month after launching his presidential campaign, retired neurosurgeon Ben Carson has lost his campaign chairman, his national finance chairman, his deputy campaign manager and his general counsel. The four senior advisers all quit the campaign, which has fallen into disarray due to dysfunctional leadership, a lack of professionalism and frequent in-fighting.

No replacements have been found to fill the four vacated senior positions, and the leadership vacuum in the Carson campaign has been compounded by a conflict between two pro-Carson super PACs. The two super PACs, “Run Ben Run” and “One Vote”, have been fighting to solicit donations from the same pool of donors. Carson supporters have expressed growing concerns that the Super PACs’ political turf war is jeopardizing the campaign’s ability to mobilize supporters.

Carson’s name is a huge draw in right-wing circles so the super PACs understandably are generating a lot of money by being associated with the retired neurosurgeon. However, the competing super PACs have created confusion for Carson supporters. Run Ben Run has been labeled a “rogue outfit” by some in the Carson campaign, and Carson spokesperson Doug Watts told The Washington Post:

We spend a great deal of time explaining to our supporters, ‘They’re them, we’re us’.

The remaining Carson staff has tried to spin the campaign departures as a positive sign, by arguing that Ben Carson is not a typical politician. Carson confidant Armstrong Williams stated:

Dr. Carson doesn’t get involved in the minutia. You have to understand his personality. He’s informed, but this whole process is new to him, and he’s relying on the judgment of others.

The problem for Carson is that he is running out of “others” to rely on.

The bottom line is that while Carson excites a certain segment of the GOP Tea Party base, he apparently lacks the managerial skills to run a competent campaign. This also raises the obvious question: If Ben Carson can’t even run a campaign operation for one month, why would anyone trust him to run an entire country for four years? The good news is, with his campaign in disarray, the odds are Americans won’t have to worry about Ben Carson ever setting foot in the White House.

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  1. “by arguing that Ben Carson is not a typical politician”

    That’s because he’s not a politician. He’s a GOP/Tea Party wannabe running a vanity Presidential campaign on other peoples money. The GOP field is full of these clowns.

  2. So when those advisors do amazingly illegal or
    stupid things in his name and the FEC start poking
    around—is that the excuse Tea Ben will use?

    Just not into the minutia, man!

  3. From the day one of his campaign, Obama ran one of the most effective and top of its kind campaign teams ever seen in the history of elections.

    No Republicans can get close to that except for the bottom of the worst kinds already. Its no secret that Cruz’s early campaign teams’ moral are going down the toilet, Jeb Bush’s team are well aware that the brand of Bush won’t win them the election, and Santorum can’t even find well known top advisers to campaign for his presidency.

  4. ben carson?! where do I start? how about here? because I’m fairly sure theres a ”few” caucasian liberals who gets a heart attack every time I say “LILY WHITE” republicans, just CHILL-OUT, because when I use that very appropriate label, it’s not about caucasians as a whole, that’s why I always say REPUBLICAN in my description. Now if you wanna get upset about my labeling republicans, then read the things I say about BLACK REPUBLICANS! ben carson, like EVERY BLACK REPUBLICAN, is a traitor to their race! PERIOD! listen BLACK REPUBLICAN, this isn’t 1865 anymore! and the democratic party isn’t the PRO slave party anymore! As a matter of historical FACT! since 1967 or so the GOP and the democratic party have completely SWITCHED positions on CIVIL RIGHTS! so when some traitorous, forgetful minded, BLACK REPUBLICAN tries to suckle MASSA’s teat, I fallout laughing!! ben carson just like clarence thomas, used ”affirmative” action to their advantage, but after that? GET…..

  5. To call someone a traitor to their race because they have conservative views is disgusting, racist, and moronic.

    So we have a non kool aide drinking man who has principles……….. who wants to serve his country before it is destroyed by progressive adolescents, and give blacks the empowerment that liberals try to rape them of.

    There are few professional, polished politicians on either side of the aisle who deserve to be in the same room as Dr. Carson…….. a man who ran several medical departments at a prestigious teaching hospital, runs a multimillion dollar scholarship fund, and does many other truly altruistic things for his and EVERYONE’s community.

    Liberals have no shame when they spit on good people to forward their own agenda.

  6. Since becoming a “RW darling,” Carson is a multimillionaire. I think he knows he won’t be elected POTUS, but that he can increase his personal wealth by running for the position. There are always RWs willing to throw money at those who will say/do the things they want them to say/do, which is talk trash about PBO, and Carson is their man. I read a comment made by a right-winger yesterday. The guy said that he likes Carson but would never vote for him because “the last thing we need in the WH is another black president.” If Carson thinks selling his soul for the admiration of individuals like this guy will erase the “race factor” when they step in the voting booth, he’s more clueless than I thought he was. I’ve always thought that the reason Carson has been attacking PBO is because of jealousy. He can’t touch PBO’s managerial skills. TRoN33 hit the nail on the head—none of these guys could ever run a campaign like BO did/has.

  7. How well or poorly a politician plans and executes his/her election campaign — including the ability to hire and earn the respect of qualified staffers — is a useful early indicator of the candidate’s ability to run the Executive Branch of the federal government.

  8. You know this asshole used every liberal program to get where is today and now wants to do away with them. FUK off dumbass and take this house negro with you

  9. What part of grifting don’t people understand? This is nothing more than to line his pockets.

    Mr. Carson’s total reported income, along with his wife, Candy, was from $8.9 million to $27 million in the 16 months preceding his announcement, according to the disclosure.

    Ben Carson’s Speaking Career Turned Lucrative Fast, Filing Shows

  10. He deserves to have his lousy campaign derailed. All he’s done is to badmouth President Obama and to regurgitate the extremely stupid things that come out of the mouths of other GOP contenders for the nomination. He has single-handledly destroyed his own credibility that he once enjoyed as a renowned brain surgeon. Just like Herman Cain before him, he has been an example of pure buffoonery for people who most likely mock him behind his back based on his being black. As always, Republicans miscalculate by pushing women, non-whites of both sexes, and those with recent immigrant history in their families with the belief that their presence in the GOP will attract women, blacks, Latinos, and others in spite of their putrid ideology.

  11. Well, a man who wants to be the Leader in the White House, cannot even manage being a leader in his campaign for same.

    And not one, but TWO Pac’s neither of which will work with the other…hmmmm.

    It’s almost as if this Doctor just naturally double-bills everything.

  12. I can’t understand Carsons motivation. Is it ego? He’s a prominent nero-surgeon, so can that be it? He has money, does he believe this will increase his wealth? Could he just be a lunatic, or is this some kind of ploy to see if the gop can peel off some African-American votes? If so, then he’s just a tool for the right wing crazies, screwing over not only people of his race, but everyone in middle class or the poor! Clarence Thomas, Alan West, and Tim Scott, move over. There’s a new nut job joining the group!!!!

  13. LFMAO thank you @llltapp, just confirmed my rant, ben carson is a traitor to his race, he used his BLACKNESS to get on programs like affirmative action, equal housing for typical poor minorities. @llltapp, you’re exactly why I use the term, LILY WHITE REPUBLICAN, because you’re a caucasian who knows less than ZERO about race, BTW @llltapp calling ben carson a traitor doesn’t make me a racist for several reasons, ONE of them being, I’m a BLACK MAN myself, feeling rather foolish @llltapp?


  15. Ben Carson doesn’t have a desire to help any black. If he did, he wouldn’t running for the nominee of the conservative ticket.
    He doesn’t give a rats ass about any black.

  16. People are so insecure. Do you think that George Washington or Thomas Jefferson (or Abraham Lincoln for that matter) had political experience like our current candidates? They all had some sort of experience, but the political game is damn complicated these days. You have to be a career politician to understand it, and those types of people are generally horrible.

    When you have strong character, things may get a little out of hand here or there in your administration but you take your job seriously and you do what it takes to get them under control. After a year in office, Carson will understand how the game works and then make the country into something better.

    What’s the value of an experienced politician who has no character? He simply uses his experience to do horrible things. Better a politician who can’t do anything if that’s what you want to accuse Carson of being.

  17. Bogus analysis showing a heavy bias and no objectivity.

    WHY won’t his PACs work together? Because there’s so much popularity involved that they all want a piece of it! Carson is a strong contender and that scares people who don’t want a strong president. But people with character aren’t afraid – they’re happy. The rest of you will have to throw your votes away on Hillary.

  18. With all due respect, your statement makes no sense at all. What you are claiming is that interest in politics – i.e. getting votes – equates to interest in being a statesman – i.e. being a good leader. That attitude is the entire problem in our political system.

  19. If you think that a man like this would completely ruin his personal reputation by goading on the faith of millions of people to make some more money then you have lost all faith in humanity.

    I’d rather go down with his ship than cast my vote for another candidate, because frankly, if humanity is that much in trouble it’s time to just throw in the chips and head for the hills.

  20. You know what you white people will never vote for this house negro. The lawn jockey is just there so your racist ass can say, see we have our token negro so how can we be racist

  21. People are so black and white today. Everyone thinks in absolutes.

    Why does *not* wanting to allow people to be irresponsible and live off welfare mean that he will destroy welfare programs?

    A ridiculous conclusion.

  22. Roberts back. He just changed his name.

    Why does *not* wanting to allow people to be irresponsible and live off welfare mean that he will destroy welfare programs?

    Because- dipshit- the few folks who may be living irresponsibly off of welfare are far outnumbered by the ones who NEED it.
    As opposed to the Corporate Welfare Whores who suck up many times more money than anything the poor use.

  23. Everything is small stuff- if the dude can’t even manage his campaign to get elected, I sure as hell am not going to vote for him to run the country.

    We had enough of that kind of buffoonery with W. Bu$h.

  24. Your feeble attempt at astroturfing isn’t going to change the fact that he hasn’t made it to the finals without fumbling.

  25. You’re a fine one to talk about respect, Labman is spot on in his assessment. If we cannot trust the man to handle his campaign without resorting to acting like a Bu$h- he sure as hell isn’t going to qualify as Presidential material.

  26. What you are demonstrating is the grand old GOP pastime of denouncing the boy who declared that the Emperor has no clothes.

  27. @aaron, you really believe ben carson is a strong candidate??? based on WHAT? he’s never held a position in politics, his speaking skills are laughable! he’s boring as HELL!! his theory on GAYS was just plain embarrassing!! as a youth him and his mother lived off WELFARE!! you LILY WHITE REPUBLICANS just hate welfare! don’t ya! Listen @aaron, here’s the reality! ben carson’s BLACK A$S isn’t running for president because he gives a FU&K about BLACK PEOPLE!! he isn’t running for his love of country! he isn’t running because he LOVES him some GOP! he’s running because he LOVES him some BEN CARSON!! See republican policy simply rewards WEALTHY people with tax breaks! Listen @aaron if the democratic party completely sold out to the corporate america , like the GOP has, ben carson would be running as a DEMOCRAT!! @aaron, do everybody a favor and just shut up.

  28. Yes the pretender Obama gets credit for the Acorn voting fraud machine that put him in office twice. Although the first election McCain had to sabotage his own campaign to ensure Obama’s win.

    The Republican dwarfs will disappear and become old news the day the Giant declares her intentions. She has been in stealth campaign mode now for six and a half years and her approval numbers are north of 70%.

  29. As a I have finally found someone that is a brilliant Christian making common sense decisions. Be assured his campaign is well run and reorganizing based on his now Presidential ambition.
    He is for a strong Military (“Nothing Else Matters”), A vibrant Economy – Flat Tax without the IRS, Less regulations, a balanced federal budget Education – Charter, School Choice and Vouchers to assure ALL children the opportunity to become successful. He favors a safety of Welfare for those in need but wants to raise the minimum wage, provide a first class education to all and give those currently on welfare a way out. Now that makes sense to me.
    Listen to his proposals you will favor him as well. Brillian man!!

  30. The WA POST article was “yellow journalism” to the max, totally not based on truth or facts. Robert Costa was into “making” news rather than “reporting” based on facts. Costa reported about ones who left, but did not indicate they planned to use their skill set in a better way to support Ben Carson. There is NOT animosity with RunBenRun and Carson America as can be noted on Carson’s Facebook which shows many photos of ones holding signs supporting Ben and stating RunBenRun. SHAME ON THE WA POST AND ROBERT COSTA who talked with Mr. Giles and yet TOTALLY distorted the message. There is NO INTEGRITY from this sensationalism. If you would like a response from Giles based on truth, I will send it. As Giles stated to me, “It was a complete lie. I spoke to the reporter for an hour this morning explaining how he was dead wrong but he just ignored it”. COSTA DOES NOT REPORT WITH FACTS, BUT DISTORTIONS FOR HIS OWN GAIN!

  31. There is only one Surly Curmudgen and I am all over the web. Google the screen name.

    If Robert has sock accounts thats his problem not mine.

  32. A few thoughts to keep in mind:

    Republicans ADORE money, and when rubes are so eager to lay out the cash- the grifters are lining up to accept it.

    Mr. Carson now has 3 PAC’s. Each and every one of them claiming to be working for him. Let’s be clear here- the only thing they’re working for is getting more of that payola.

    Stepping back- and taking in the big picture: How many PAC’s for this ever more crowded clown car?

    The Treasury Department’s efforts not withstanding- there is only a finite amount of money available to the rich. With all of these PAC’s in action we’re observing wealth redistribution that Cons are eager to see occur.

    In short- the money available to the last ‘man’ standing, will be severely circumcised.

    And I find it interesting to note that those who claim that they’re “Tax Enough Already” have bookus loads of cash for this…

  33. Are you referring to the Ben Carson who admits his life was turned around when he got FREE GLASSES from a GOVERNMENT PROGRAM that finally enabled him to SEE so he could learn to READ?

    And the Ben Carson who wrote in his book about the FOOD STAMPS he and his family got FOR FREE from the GOVERNMENT

    “As I’ve said, we received food stamps and couldn’t have made it without them.”

    Is THAT the Ben Carson you’re talking about when you say he “does *not* want people to … live off welfare”?

    Because that Ben Carson sure as hell sounds pretty hypocritical to me, with the standard issue Repubican mantra of:

    “I got mine – SCREW YOU!”

  34. Looking at the picture at the beginning of the article I got to thinking. Why is when rethugs take pictures they look they are taken a shit?

  35. Very Well then Juli Reasor, Aaron, SurlyCurmugeon, or what ever sockpuppet name you’ve got this time around…

    Enlighten me.

    Why did Mr. Carson lose 4 campaign advisors?

    Was it because they were overwhelmed by his magnificence and felt unworthy to be in his presence?

    I await your reply with bated breath and hook.

  36. “There are few professional, polished politicians on either side of the aisle who deserve to be in the same room as Dr. Carson…….. a man who ran several medical departments at a prestigious teaching hospital, runs a multimillion dollar scholarship fund, and does many other truly altruistic things for his and EVERYONE’s community.”

    Several departments were run by Carson? No, there was only one, the Pediatric Neurosurgery Department. Why do you feel the need to overinflate his biography? Why do RW’ers ignore his history of a severely bad temper that they have claimed President Obama has without any proof yet Carson fully admitted to, along with hitting his mother with a hammer because she disagreed with his choice of clothes, left a friend with a major head injury over a disagreement about a locker & almost stabbed to death another friend over an argument about radio stations? This may be past but we’ve seen RW’ers and how they twist PBO’s past! Just more GOP HYPOCRISY!

  37. Here’s the link to the info posted above about Carson.

    After reading this and listening to the GOP talk about Carson as if he’s the second coming, I’m still able to be surprised by their blatant hypocrisy. Can anyone here imagine what the RW’ers would still be saying after 6 years in office about President Obama if he had almost stabbed a friend to death? Hit his mother with a hammer or caused a severe head injury in a friend? They’d be talking about how unstable he was and how he wasn’t fit to hold office yet Carson gets a pass…unfuckingbelievable!

  38. I told you people I was off commenting on this site. I am done. Do you know why?

    Because I won. I kicked this site’s ass. My arguments were so pervasive, so persistent, so logical that when calling me names didn’t work, you went to the Left’s hole card: Censorship. Flush, flush, flush. I am on to more challenging venues.
    Guys, enjoy your life in the bubble.


    The only thing you’ve ‘won’ is the contest to demonstrate your complete lack of honor.

    You lie and lie and lie.

    You’re so fucking craven that you HAVE to keep coming back to demonstrate that you’ve ‘left’.

    What a Drama-Queen!

  40. Robert, you have had 375 comments approved and published here since April 26th, 2015.

    Your perceived self-importance (defined as “an exaggerated sense of one’s own value or importance”) shows an extreme desire to have your opinions accepted by those who disagree with you.

    I suggest a site like is a more suitable place where others may stroke your ego.

  41. The only thing you won Robert was the idiot of the year award for your condescending, arrogant postings of your twisted opinions. You never had any facts, etc., just your twisted opinions. You have/had nothing, you are nothing. You do/did have/had close competition with Erica and JimmiK, and also with a few other idiots that have just popped up recently but, they were too late in getting into the competition with you, Aaron, Surly Curmudgen and JJHTeacher, (hmm…didn’t you say you were a “teacher”?). Good riddance!!

  42. Robert, I admire your tenacity to have a debate with people on this site. I started originally to learn more about the type of person on the extreme left.

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