Seattle Joins San Francisco in Banning City-Funded Trips to Indiana

It is not just figures in sports or from the corporate world who are speaking out against Indiana’s new religious tyranny law. Seattle Mayor Ed Murray (D) said on Saturday something that really should not even have to be articulated: “Laws that say you can discriminate have no place in this country.”

Murray says that’s “Equality 101.”

Of course, the bigots who support this law will tell you that laws have already created certain “special classes” you cannot attack, i.e. minorities. Gosh, wonder why we have to have laws to protect them? So what the RFRA does, or so they claim, is level the playing field, so we can get back to attacking these minorities the way God intended.

That is the logic as explained to my family by somebody who believes it.

Well…about that.

San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee on Thursday placed a travel ban on city-funded trips to Indiana, saying, “San Francisco taxpayers will not subsidize legally-sanctioned discrimination against lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people by the State of Indiana.”

And now Seattle’s Ed Murray has joined him, reports Seattle’s KOMO News:

“I’m not doing this because I’m a gay man. You cannot say, ‘You can’t come into my restaurant because you’re black and it’s my religious belief not to serve you.’ That is a settled question.”

Watch courtesy of KOMO News:

Indiana’s S.B. 101 doesn’t reflect the values of our City. Seattle has been a leader in the fight to protect civil rights and ensure equality for all people – no matter who you are, or who you love,” Murray said. “This is why I am ordering that none of our taxpayer dollars should go toward supporting this discriminatory law. To those in Indiana today who are working hard in the fight for equality – know that Seattle stands with you as you continue your efforts to end discrimination and protect civil rights for everyone.

He even tweeted the message to be sure that Internet-savvy Republicans get the message:

Mike Pence and his fellow bigots seem to have missed this lesson in school. The struggle for and the importance of the sacrifices of the civil rights era seem to have gone completely over their heads.

There is an apparently bewildered Pence claiming all the uproar about his state’s embrace of religious tyranny is an Internet conspiracy. This, after he has his photo taken with three prominent anti-gay bigots at the new law’s private signing ceremony.

Maybe he just doesn’t understand how cameras work. Or reading. Maybe he’s an idiot or just thinks everyone else is an idiot. All of the above? It’s hard to say. What is clear is that Pence and his fellow bigots have misjudged the temperament of this country.

It is almost as though he expected nobody to care that religion was being used as a justification for bad behavior. While his state is being devastated by a tidal wave of denunciations from around the country, he is steadfastly insisting on ABC’s “This Week” Sunday that he won’t change the law.

He seems so flabbergasted that he can’t even answer simple questions about the legislation he believed in so strongly that he could not wait to sign it. He said on “This Week” that opposition to the law is “shameless rhetoric” – as opposed to the shameless bigotry of the law itself.

And talk about timing. The U.S. Conference of Mayors is supposed to be held in Indianapolis next year. We’ll see if that happens. It the conference gets moved, that will be more dollars lost. And dollars always speak louder to Republicans than words.

Meanwhile, in what is surely not a good sign for the Pence gang, South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg has joined local businesses in denouncing the law, saying, “We’re here today to say that’s not us. And that’s not South Bend.”

And worse yet, Indianapolis Mayor Greg Ballard, who is himself a Republican, has said that RFRA “sends the wrong signal” about his city.

In a statement, he made his feelings known:

I had hoped the Statehouse wouldn’t move in this direction on RFRA, but it seems as if the bill was a fait accompli from the beginning. I don’t believe this legislation truly represents our state or our capital city. Indianapolis strives to be a welcoming place that attracts businesses, conventions, visitors and residents. We are a diverse city, and I want everyone who visits and lives in Indy to feel comfortable here. RFRA sends the wrong signal.

Which begs the question: if people all around him get it, why doesn’t Governor Pence?

That’s the trouble with ideology. It takes no cognizance of facts. But the facts are there for all to see, and in Indiana, thanks to Mike Pence and his coterie of bigots, many will be paying for the bigotry of a few.

Photo: Screen-capture from KOMO News.

21 Replies to “Seattle Joins San Francisco in Banning City-Funded Trips to Indiana”

  1. That is the big problem with most conservatives, they just don’t “get it”. I truly believe that there is something different about the conservative brain, they just don’t seem to have much in the way of reasoning skills.

  2. So how do you think conservative pundits would respond if an Indiana business owner decided to ban anyone wearing a crucifix from his/her establishment … because intolerance toward Christianity is part of their own ‘freedom of religious expression’ of course?

  3. The basic principal of religious bigotry:

    Hatred of those born or choosing to be different than yourself is a God-given right whereas being born or choosing to be different is God-damned sin.

  4. Labman, I think that your average atheist or non believer who owns a business has way more common sense and respect for people than your average biblehead. In fact I KNOW we all do! We look at life pragmatically while the Conservative Christians look at life through a book, and any fool knows you cannot see through a solid object without a machine. And TerryLF, yes Conservatives DO have a different brain than normal folk and THAT is a medical fact.

  5. Indiana is in for a bumpy ride. After all the for-against rhetoric dies down, investments in Indiana will quietly flow away to states who haven’t invested in this stupidity. It’s good to hear the public denunciations from businesses and large organizations, but the real damage is all the “silent majority” people who are and will make changes to any plans to do business in the state.

    You have to wonder… How many jobs has Indiana lost this morning because of this stupidity? We won’t know for a few months or maybe a year, but whatever the number, it won’t be good for Indiana.

  6. People from other states can boycott Indiana, and yes it will have an effect, hit people in their pocketbooks and things can change.

    However, as much as we yell and scream about this discriminatory law, the only way things will change is if the people of Indiana, themselves, take charge of their problem. If they don’t like it then THEY are the ones that will have to get rid of it by getting a petition on a ballot to have it rescinded.

    If they do not do this, then apparently they stand with Pence and approve of discrimination. And the rest of us will know that they are bigots and their “christianity” is a sham.

  7. Pence pandered to a vocal minority in an attempt to shore up his credentials for a GOP presidential run. In one stupid move, he incurred the ridicule of most of the nation AND destroyed his political future.

    How festive.

  8. Charges of us big bad liberal hypocrites because: We refuse to tolerate the intolerant….in …. 3….2… 1…

  9. Arizona tried this and their Governor was smart enough to veto it after threats of boycotts. Pence obviously didn’t learn that lesson and went ahead and signed the bill. The state of Indiana will learn this lesson the hard way. They’ve already lost over a thousand jobs as a result and it has just begun. Mike Pence can lay the blame on anyone he chooses to, but everyone knows where the blame rests, The State Government of Indiana.

  10. I wonder how long it will be before Indiana starts a RE-CALL petition against Gov. Pence ?????

  11. It just goes to show AGAIN! Republicans don’t know how to handle SOCIAL ISSUES….. They make the wrong moves, say the wrong things, act the wrong way, and legislate the wrong way. Then get burned. Ouch! Bites them every-time. Some will double down, others will capitulate; but in the long run they are shamed and slammed for their choices (except, of course, not from their willing and so like minded base).

  12. Guess thats another place to scratch off the vacation list – Seattle, that is. You talk about tolerance, but its all for you, and none from you.

  13. What? We’re intolerant if we don’t tolerate intolerance? Get out of here, you specious ball of ear wax.

  14. I am glad to see them taking this stand, but to be fair I believe they should also announce boycotting Idaho, Illinois, Rhode Island, Connecticut, Florida, Virginia, Texas and Louisiana, along with others (I believe there are 20 or so in all) which all have similar ban bills in force also…. [wink]

  15. Seattle would be a more wonderful place if every Winger left town and didn’t come back. My town would be, too.

    Please keep away from polite society. We beg you

  16. My thought exactly…The question remains as to just why they ” don’t get it”. … Must be denial of reality on a massive scale.

  17. …They claim to be Christians…but NOT ONE o’ the ones I talked to could point to ANYTHING in the teachings o’ Jesus Christ allowing their hate and bigotry…{I now refer to ’em as Agents o’ the AntiChrist…} at this point all 5 o’ ’em started whining about being persecuted…they gave vague answers, and THEN I grabbed my Bible and showed them they are supposed to being the New Law {being Christians} instead o’ the Old Law,{the Old Testament being the book of the Jewish people} also his anti-rich sermons {“You cannot serve both God and Mammon”} and how the entirety o’ Matthew 5…about then they left rather abruptly…Somebody tell Pence and his fellow Anti-Christian bigots this…”Any law that proclaims freedom that takes away from, or denys freedom to others; it’s not “Freedom” It’s TYRANNY…

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