PolitiFact: Scott Walker Lied About Unsealing his College Records


Scott Walker, enemy of institutions of higher learning, including his own state’s University of Wisconsin, is a college dropout. Which has become a big deal, big enough that Rush Limbaugh felt the need to offer Walker some helpful advice in February, that he quit college to avoid being accused of rape.

Walker attended Catholic Marquette University in Milwaukee and left after four years before earning a degree. Right Wing Watch reported earlier this month that “In an interview with radio host Dana Loesch at CPAC [on 2.27.15] Walker gave a nod to those who are skeptical of President Obama’s history.”

Referring to the stories about the Wisconsin governor’s college days, Loesch told Walker, “You’ve already been more vetted than the commander-in-chief.”

“Yeah,” Walker responded. “And more written about my college days than the president. I unsealed my records!”

But it turns out that, like so many other things Walker has said, this was a lie. And Politifact Wisconsin has come out with the dirt, telling us that in 2010, an attempt had been made by the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel to obtain Walker’s college records and that though two other leading candidates had complied, Walker had declined, which only added fuel to the speculation that he had something to hide.

He did release “a letter from Marquette that showed he attended the school for four years, from 1986 to 1990, and would have needed to stay there for at least another year to get a degree.”

In December 2013, when Walker “was gearing up for re-election and raising his national profile,” PolitiFact Wisconsin “published its article on Walker’s college days” and Democratic claims that “the governor was “kicked out” of student elections at Marquette” was rated False.

Asked by PolitiFact if he was “forced out” of Marquette for any reason, Walker said: “I can say unequivocally that isn’t true.” And PolitiFact found no evidence that he had.

But the article made an important point — that “publicly available documents cannot fully resolve the question, in part because a federal privacy law blocks release of information on former students unless the person consents. In addition, Walker told us he was sticking to an earlier decision not to release his transcript.”

With that in mind, PolitiFact asked Walker if he would allow Marquette to comment on his academic and conduct record. He did.

What PolitiFact found out was that suspicions to the contrary, “when he voluntarily withdrew, [Walker] was a senior in good standing,” which meant that he was eligible to register for classes had “no academic or non-academic conduct issues restricting registration.” He had never been suspended or expelled while attending Marquette.

But as PolitiFact points out, no actual documents were released.

Fast forward to 2015:

When we contacted the governor’s office for this fact check, spokeswoman Laurel Patrick forwarded us a copy of that letter.

When we asked if that meant there had been no unsealing of documents, she replied by saying:

“This effectively unseals his records, which is what he said. It gives Marquette University authorization to provide information about his record.”

But the limited comments Walker allowed Marquette to make about his record, of course, are far from any unsealing of the records themselves.

It is more akin to a statement that you paid your taxes on time, rather than producing the returns themselves.

In other words, Walker has continued to insist he attended Marquette University from 1986 to 1990, that he left in good standing without any personal conduct issues. All the information he has authorized the university to release, testifies to these facts. But he has not released, and continues to refuse to release, the actual records.

And since, contrary to the facts, he has said he has released his records, but has not in fact released any records, PolitiFact Wisconsin says, “We rate Walker’s statement False.”

Ouch. You would think, standing on the precipice of a run for the presidency of the United States, while basically accusing President Obama of not really being an American citizen, that Scott Walker would want to reassure people of his own bona fides.

Instead, he continues to give people a reason to suspect that he has something to hide. His campaign claimed in 2010 that Walker had a grade-point average (GPA) of 2.59, which is about a C+ (2.7 is a B-).

We have no way of knowing if this is true or not, and it is certainly nothing to write home about. It suggests also that Walker did not rigorously apply himself to his studies, and that extra-curricular activities may have been a distraction to him.

When he compares unions to ISIL, and equates ISIL with a computer virus, can’t answer questions about evolution, or any other questions really, he neither looks nor sounds, or even behaves like, the smartest guy on the block, so maybe 2.59 amounts to wishful thinking to the guy who hates education.

And he has been caught lying before, on numerous occasions. Like when he said 146,795 was equivalent to 250,000, or when he lied about the Teacher of the Year being fired thanks to a union.

In fact, Walker has proven himself to be, like so many other Republican politicians in 2015, a pathological liar. Why should we take him at his word that his GPA was not, in fact, more on the order of 2.0?

Let’s face it: listening to this guy, it’s hard to believe he even attended public school. One gets the impression – and the evidence supports this – that to marshal enough brain power to open his mouth and make words come out is a difficult task, let alone say anything intelligent-sounding.

People expected to trust Walker enough to elect him to the highest office in the land, certainly have a right to know what kind of grades he got in college. Limbaugh says college is irrelevant, but even if it is, that doesn’t do away with the character issues all this subterfuge raises.

Walker is not an honest man. Worse, he is not a private citizen but a public figure already holding the office of governor of one of this nation’s fifty states, and from all appearances, intends to run for president in 2016. But he can’t share with us, as other candidates have, how he did in college? While accusing President Obama of hiding things?

Given his abysmal track record where honesty is concerned, it is not unreasonable to ask, and continue to ask, what is Governor Scott Walker is hiding?

49 Replies to “PolitiFact: Scott Walker Lied About Unsealing his College Records”

  1. He does not need a brain, he is a puppet of the Koch’s and ALEC gave him copies of
    legislation they wanted passed.
    Actually he is a Koch whore.

  2. If Limbaugh likes him that guarantees about 13 million toothless votes. This POS will not even carry his home state should he get the nomination. He will have to tell many more whoppers before the Kochs fully embrace his idiocy. He is, however well on his way.

    I’d like to see a physical confrontation with an unemployed union member, put this useless Koch sucker in his place. Maybe state employees could hold a sick day or two, bring the govt to a halt. Give Walker something else to lie about. Maybe just a stray police union bullet or two, maybe three for good luck.

  3. The fact Scott lies is no big surprise, don’t all rethugs? As for the Kochs, they won’t be happy until this country is called kochistan.

  4. Wow…such upheaval about a mans college records……….. why you already have 100 percent more information then you ever got on Obama so can it folks…..if you have no balls to call out your own, skip it with trying to make it an issue with your opposition! I think I will just sit back and watch your anger now

  5. Why is it that all the republican heroes are so creepy looking? Really, really creepy. Skin crawling, back of the neck chilling, involuntary shudderingly creepy. Is it their evil leaking out?

  6. Here’s why: we’re justifiably concerned about a proven sycophant and a prevaricator of below-average intelligence who has been the subject of not one but TWO John Doe investigations, has spared no effort to grind the middle class of Wisconsin into poverty, and has the potential to further wreck the country.

    Now get lost, troll.

  7. I remember reading an article in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel a few years ago. It went into all the details of his college years especially the dirty tricks he played with the student newspaper.

    I remember the article speculated he was asked to leave because his GPA was so low. This article claimed his GPA was approximately 1.2 or 1.3.

    I have searched for that article many times since then, but have never been able to find it. It’s gone.

    So is the personal remembrance of Scott Walker at Marquette by Dr. Glen Barry. He believed Scott was asked to leave for cheating, but that blog is gone too.

    I highly doubt he’ll ever release his transcripts. Remember, you have to be “one of us” to be heard by Scott Walker.

  8. You’ve obviously drank the Koch kool-aid. Is there any chance we can convince you to drink the Jim Jones brand? The world would be so much better if Koch licking trolls like you ceased to exist.

  9. Scott Walker is dangerous! He has the gift of gab that makes people want to belief him when he’s actually a big LIAR.
    A good commercial would be, Scott Walker, liar…put side by side, what he says and what he does……..lies, lies, lies!

  10. If he has nothing to hide, then why won’t he release his records?

    I’m sorry, are we talking about Walker or Romney?

    Obama’s Birth Certificate and other bona fides have been freely available despite Republican lies to the contrary.

  11. That’s a false statement, but I’ll give you an opportunity to prove otherwise. 100% more in what way? President Obama’s transcripts were made public. Why not Walker’s? President Obama’s birth certificate has been made WAY public. Where’s Walker’s? Give me an example where Scott Walker’s backround has been more thoroughly checked than President Obama’s. I’ll be waiting.

  12. Thanks for that, Manderlay. That’s quite an interesting read. I’ve got to say that I’ve seen nothing of Walker that would make me doubt a word Dr. Barry said.

  13. I read somewhere that it was either quit or be expelled. Sorta like Palin’s son: join the military or go to jail. Dontcha just love those patriots!

  14. A proven sycophant and a prevaricator of below-average intelligence who has been the subject of not one but TWO John Doe investigations, has spared no effort to grind the middle class of Wisconsin into poverty, and has the potential to further wreck the country?

    Wow, your values suck.

  15. The Dark Side powers that they channel do that to you. Just look at McConnell for a prime example! Hell, it turned Boehner ORANGE!

  16. President Obama has NOT hidden his birth certificate, or his high school, college or law school records. they are ALL available, a matter of public records. Of course, the Republicans, as usual, lied about them. the President has NOTHING to hide. Now, Scott walker, a habitual liar, MUST have something to hide if he refuses to unseal his college records!! During his terms in office, he has virtually destroyed the middle class and the poor in Wisconsin!!! He has failed to bring about the 250,000 new jobs he promised, he has denied healthcare to the low-income and the poor because he refused to accept Federal money for Medicaid, he has cut funding for public schools, has busted unions so they cannot help the workers as they should, he’s cut funds for many necessary social programs that aid the needy. He has refused to raise the minimum wage in Wisconsin, he’s raised taxes on the middle class and the poor, cut taxes for the wealthy, helped them avoid paying taxes like they should!!!!!

  17. Walker is not a lock for the GOP nomination by any means. He’s taking the “Early bird get’s the worm strategy” and hoping he can ride the wave to glory but that won’t happen. He fits the current GOP candidate mold. A governor or ex-governor. The big problem for him is the more he talks the dumber he sounds.
    Get ready for the GOP debates. This guy Walker, the rest of the “Guv’s” and ex “Guvs”. Plus the fringe element, Carson, Santorum, Cruz, Rubio, Trump, forget about it. You will need to suspend some belief in reality to watch so be forewarned.

  18. I wonder what it would take to get cops after me? Since it is OK to threaten the POTUS and his family, I can probably say whatever I want about some POS governor. I think someone, anyone should hunt him down and put several bullets in his head. He is scum and doesn’t deserve to live. On 2nd thought a bullet to his brain wouldn’t do jack. He has no brain. A bullet to his arse, since he is full of shite!

  19. S you,
    You speak as if you are a tea bagger, someone like Scott Walker or the RW bundy crowd. You may be more comfortable on RW sites!

  20. You dodnt need no stinken edumacation. Look at me

    Schools Brace For Massive Cuts In Scott Walker’s Budget

    This week, Wisconsin kicked off a series of hearings on Governor Scott Walker’s proposed budget, which would slash about $300 million from the University of Wisconsin system over two years, funnel hundreds of millions to build a pro-basketball stadium, and cut deeply from funds for health care, food stamps and public media.
    College campuses across the state are already preparing for the worst.

  21. I hope everyone in Illinois is paying attention, because we’re next. MittLite is going to decimate what’s left of our state education. For starters.

  22. Can’t wait for this liar to show his colors during the upcoming debate. His Koch support will fatten his campaign war chest.

  23. It’s not about college records, but about the fact Walker is a pathological liar, and this is just one more lie.
    Did you even read the article?
    Thought not.
    President Obama’s life has been an open book from the very beginning, but of course you teabaggers wouldn’t know that because you don’t read.

  24. “if you have no balls to call out your own, skip it with trying to make it an issue with your opposition” Oh the irony.

  25. We do know that the president had good enough undergrad grades to get into Harvard, graduated from Harvard Law Magna Cum Laude, was editor of the Harvard Law Review, and taught Constitutional Law for 12 years. I’d say if you know anything about Harvard and anything about law schools, there isn’t much to question about President Obama’s grades or college standing. Just saying, Diane…

  26. Wow, this Haraldsson is a mutt of a reporter. It’s like reading a gossip column – full of part truth and speculation. The guy is mentally deranged as are the posters who agree with him. We’ve got the biggest liar of all time in the White House and these jackasses are upset by Walker? I guess it’s going to take another civil war to rid the country of these hypocritical vermin. It can’t come too soon. This time Republicans better finish the job.

  27. Do tell. That sounds like incitement to insurrection to me. Why don’t you and that mouse in your pocket explain where “we” are proposing to get the whereithal to stage your civil war?…

  28. Most of us are smart enough to know we are not smart enough to be an effective governor, and God forbid President of the U.S. (I have a master’s degree). I only wish S.W. was smart enough to realize that he is not smart enough for either. He’s like a little sheep, just following the $, and doing what the herder tells him to do. It’s unfortunate and scary.

  29. “What does it really matter now” Living in the govs home state I can say that this he is the best thing to ever hit this state politically. When he says he will do something you can bet your ass it’s coming down the pipe just like he says it is. Who really gives two shits about his college days. I want a president who does what he says he will do. Ask Putin what he thinks about Walker. Ask the Iranians, North Korea and ISIS. When Walker says he will wipe them from the map you can bet your ass they will be gone. This country NEEDS Scott Walker, before we have no country left. With the libtards running this place we are the laughing stock of the world.

  30. Most of those listed above never heard of Scott Walker, and those who have are laughing their asses off, sir. He doesn’t even know where North Korea *is*.

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