Rush Limbaugh Advises Scott Walker To Say He Quit College Because of ‘Created’ Rape Culture

Smirking Rush

This has not been a good week for Scott Walker.  First he made a fool of himself to the world and now everyone is talking about the fact that he is a college drop out.

No doubt, the fact that Scott Walker dropped out of college presents a problem because it serves to remind America of Walker’s failings.  His academic failures at Marquette University pale in comparison to the fact that a public vetting of Walker’s college years would remind America just how warped his ethical compass is.  No doubt, that would be seen as a strength to the morally challenged Republican Party.  But it’s another story in mainstream America.

Sarah Jones wrote about Walker’s the ends justifies the means code of ethics back in 2011.

A pause while we wonder just what kind of person is so ambitious, so malevolent, so Machiavellian ends-justify-the-means type that they repeatedly campaign illegally in college. If a person starts cheating so maliciously in college that they are called “unfit” for the job they seek when the stakes are basically nothing compared to a state wide or national fight, it’s safe to conclude that they are already the dredges of ethics in politics. Lucky for Scott, this inability to operate in an ethical manner makes him a star in the modern Republican Party.

With so many skeletons in the closet, what’s a Republican candidate wannabe to do?  Rush Limbaugh has the perfect solution if you’re an ethically challenged politician vying to be a Presidential candidate for the Koch Brothers’ brand. It’s also helpful if you’re political party has a misogynistic mentality that is incapable of seeing the absurdity of waging a war on yoga pants.

Of course, Rush begins his defense of Walker with an anti-education rant in which he claims that college is what got America into trouble.  It’s classic for a party in which intelligence and education are seen as weaknesses.

Meanwhile, over here we got Scott Walker, who all of a sudden is disqualified for the presidency ’cause he didn’t go to college.  Well, he didn’t finish.  He abandoned college in his senior year, I think.  So now he didn’t go to college so he’s not qualified, which is absurd.  Most of the people who’ve gotten this country in deep trouble have come out of college.  They have been taught how to mess things up in college.  They have been instructed in bureaucracy and sustaining bureaucracy and never solving problems and getting credit for solving problems.  They never solve anything.  They came out of college.

Later in the program, Rush suggests that Walker tell people he quit college to avoid being accused of rape.  See here. (Video is courtesy of Media Matters.)

My answer would be: “I left college because I didn’t want to be accused of rape someday.”  Now, he can’t say that, of course, but I mean that would just ram it right down their throats.  Trying to create this rape culture on the campus.

Well, I quit because I didn’t want to be accused of rape down the road.  It seems like any man that goes to college could randomly be accused of committing rape, and whether the story’s true or not doesn’t matter.  The people who write the story, ‘Well, I may not have gotten it right here, but we know it happens.’  So I wanted to remove myself from this culture that might have turned me into a very mean guy.”  And just see what they say.  Cram what they believe, what they claim right down their throats.

Of course, Rush wouldn’t be Rush unless he can find some way to blame the failings of ethically challenged men like Walker and himself on women.

The reality is while Rush is as pro Walker as Rush is capable of being pro anyone other than himself, he does not offer this advise as an altruistic gesture.  This is as much about trying to claim that women lie about rape and rape culture doesn’t really exist as it is about giving his boy Scott a politically correct lie to explain his failings as a human being and as a student.

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  1. What is the sexual obsession with republicans? Seriously, its all they talk about. It looks like they’re soooo afraid of Hillary, they’re trying to female shame America. Flush is hunting for ratings.

  2. Mark my word….this will appeal to a certain group, who view education as elitist and sex as dirty! Just look at Huckabee’s marketing.
    And the world continues to laugh at us……..

  3. Don’t even try. I’ve tried to think like a Bagger, just to understand them, and the feeling reminds me of coming off a bad acid trip many years ago.

  4. Why does Walker make me think of PeeWee Herman when I see him? His eyes look completely blank, as though he has no humanity behind them. Leave it to Limbaugh to somehow blame women for this guy’s failure to con people. Dubya supposedly “graduated” from Ivy League colleges, yet he is STILL, as McCain described him “dumb as a stump” My question is how did Walker make it into college in the first place?

  5. I can’t follow Limpy’s “logic” either. Walker was in college for over four years, so if he quit so as to not be accused of rape many years down the road, why did he go to college in the first place? Seems he could still be accused of rape, as he was in college, but didn’t finish.

    Come to think of it, the reason we can’t follow Limpy’s “logic,” is because it isn’t logical at all.

  6. Scotty is dumb enough to follow Limpy’s advice. And then Sarah Palin will write a Facebook post, making it all about her.

  7. Each time I read stuff on this website about the RWNJs I say the same two things a) you couldn’t make this stuff up and b) whoever votes for the Repugs seriously needs their heads examined.

  8. He still could be accused of rape even if he never set foot on a college campus. If that were his big fear about college, He’s really screwed up.

    But Limbaugh’s idea is really freakin’ stupid.

  9. What this one has learned over the years is that their is a certain group of people in this nation that no matter what one say about the need of a well-rounded education, they will find fault in that reasoning. The key words here is “well rounded”. if one’s mind is of backward thinking and narrow mindedness, like flies to stink, they are attracted each other. This attraction between Scott and Rush is by no ways an accident. Like attracts like, and what dangers are created is for all in this nation to see. We can be assured, that the statistically probabilities of at least one percent of this nation population are of the same reasonings of these two evil bastards coming together.. “We the people” better surely believe that it is not over until it is over when it comes to people like these two.

  10. Maybe I’m getting too used to republican hate speech, but I’m not that outraged by anything Limbaugh says anymore.

    Instead I’m glad he’s broadcasting the fact that Snott is a drop out.

    I hope he crams it down their throats every single day.

  11. To much is made about scott walkers education. Harry Truman never went to college at all. bill gates is a college dropout. The founder of Facebook is a dropout. also why bring up rush iimbaugh. scott walker has no connection with him. For which I am glad. I have never liked rush but do admire what walker has done for the taxpayers in Wisconsin. I am not a teabagger but a taxpayer who has a hard time paying all the taxes I pay.

  12. So you are in the 1% then?
    Governor Walker’s Tax Shift Plan Would Raise Taxes for Most – See more at:

    The tax shift endorsed by Governor Walker would mean the bottom 80% of taxpayers would be paying more in taxes – some of them, a lot more. For example, a taxpayer in the lowest 20% by income would pay nearly $750 more in taxes, on average. Taxpayers in the top 1% — a group with an average income of $1.1 million – would receive a tax cut averaging nearly $44,000.

    Do you really read what’s going on or just parrot talking points because you have comprehension problems?

  13. Good, the more the Republican candidates talk about rape (can’t quite figure out if Walker is supposed to be for or against it, though…), the more even Laura Bush is going to vote for Hillary in 2016. Republican women might have to smile and nod at home, but in the end, they fill out their ballot alone.

  14. More anti-intellectualism. Equating college attendance with rapists, ergo all college -educated men could be rapists and all college educated women are feminazis.

  15. I try to see the best in people. I really do. I try to remember that God loves EVERYONE as much as I presume he loves me.

    But there are two people in this world that I simply cannot think that about. I see no redeeming qualities, no inner light that shines. One is Dick Cheney. The other is Rush Limbaugh. All I see when I look at him is hate and evil.

  16. How Governor Walker’s Proposed Budget Would Affect Wisconsin Schools

    Governor Walker has proposed an education budget that cuts state support to public schools, freezes local support, devotes new resources to private schools, and cuts property taxes.

    His proposed budget now moves to the budget committee of the legislature, where lawmakers can make changes to the state’s spending priorities.

  17. Let me get this right: Rush, being the blowhard bastard that he is, is saying to Scotty Boy ‘You know, we need to make up an excuse as to why you were a college drop out, because you and I know those damned liberals are going to use that as a weapon to basically discredit you from anything… I know! Let’s say you quit because you didn’t want to be accused of rape.’

    Where’s the logic here? Was he even accused of anything in his four years of college before he dropped out?

  18. It’s interesting/hilarious that Limpy is denigrating college. He couldn’t get through college either, a fail out. He’s not defending Scottie here, he’s talking about himself. Birds of a feather.

  19. Well in fact Rush is correct, there IS a created “Culture of Rape”…and it is the Reich Wing that has created it. They have created a culture among their ilk that rape is ordained by the bible and any progeny that is a result of that rape is to be born no matter how violent the rape was. BUT after the birth that child will have lost any and all compassion from the Christian Reich who demanded it’s birth in the first place. The really sad part is that women on the Reich who vote for and support this rape culture have not the courage to stand against it and even go so far as to blame their plight on the left. The church and the Goebbels channel have been successful in their removal of women’s rights from their party and seek to do this to all women everywhere.

  20. Who ever wrote this article should be shot! How dare you make me cough beer through my nose with the photo of some fat assed douche bag like Rush. Good lord just looking at his sickening face makes me barf a little.
    Im the repub remember and I have nothing but seething hatred of this man.

    A good book about rush, a little dated now but: “Rush Limbaugh is a big fat idiot” by Al Frankin

  21. A friend who makes TV Commercials says ‘Scott Walker is right out of Central Casting President-Type”.
    Can they fool the People?
    That’s the question.

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