Democrats Land A Top Candidate To Take On John McCain In 2016


According to the political site Roll Call, Rep. Ann Kirkpatrick (D-AZ) plans to challenge Senator John McCain in 2016. By entering the race, Kirkpatrick gives the Democrats a strong candidate, who could potentially spell trouble for McCain’s re-election chances. Kirkpatrick is just one of five Democrats in Congress who represents a district that gave Mitt Romney more votes than Barack Obama in 2012. Given her success on red-leaning turf, the Congresswoman is regarded as one of the strongest statewide candidates Democrats could land in Arizona.

In an otherwise bleak election year for Democrats, Congresswoman Kirkpatrick scored an improbably decisive victory over Republican challenger Andy Tobin in November 2014. She won by a 52.6-47.4 margin in Arizona’s 1st Congressional District, which includes a large portion of North Central and Eastern Arizona, including the city of Flagstaff. The district also has a large Native American population that helped propel Kirkpatrick to her decisive win, in the red-leaning swing district.

Kirkpatrick’s entry into the Senate contest improves Democrat’s odds of retaking control of the Senate. On the flip side, the move will make retaining Democratic control of Arizona’s 1st Congressional District more difficult, particularly if the U.S. Supreme Court rules in June that Arizona’s Independent Redistricting Commission is unconstitutional.

Incumbent Republican Senator John McCain would likely be favored in a head to head race with Kirkpatrick.  A May 5, 2015 Public Policy Polling (PPP) survey testing McCain against a number of Democratic candidates had him leading Kirkpatrick by a 42-36 margin.  However, that survey also found that Senator McCain was in serious jeopardy of losing to a more conservative Republican opponent in the GOP primary. If McCain were to lose the Republican primary, the race would immediately become a toss up and a top tier pick-up opportunity for the Democrats.

A competitive Senate race could produce a reverse coattail effect as well. While a presidential campaign benefits down-ballot Democratic candidates, Kirkpatrick’s ability to generate high turnout among Native American voters, also could benefit the Democratic presidential candidate. With Hillary Clinton already polling well in Arizona, the combination of Clinton for President and Kirkpatrick for Senate gives Arizona a strong chance to go blue in 2016.

Senator John McCain will have to dance a political tightrope to survive a primary challenge from his right, without alienating the centrist voters he needs in order to win a general election contest against a strong opponent like Ann Kirkpatrick. Given Kirkpatrick’s ability to survive in tough political environments, Senator McCain better not underestimate her in a presidential year, when she will have the wind at her back.

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  1. A dear friend of mine has been asked for years to run against McConnell. He thinks about it, then decides to do good in the world, as he always has, elsewhere.

    It is a huge undertaking for a family, she will have a hard time in a red state.

  2. I get emails from Ann everyday. I don’t know why because I’m in N.C. I sure do wish her well though. She is a GREAT Candidate to beat McInsane.

  3. What I found interesting in that article was that McCain’s immediate problem was a primary challenge from a more conservative (Tea Party?) Republican. I need to go find out who that is.

  4. Like giving gasoline and matches to an arsonist. I am really trying not to ban you for your idiocy. I really am. No matter how many people are calling for your head I am resisting in doing it because even though we are LIBERAL site I think people like hearing a different POV but you are making it real hard.

  5. The Tea Party was hijacked by the Koch brothers while it was in its infancy. They were just too stupid to realize that they were just puppets in the Koch brothers’ scheme to buy America. Shocked? No, you have to understand reality to be shocked by it.

  6. Well, sure. Different points of view force all of us to rethink our position. (At least it should)

    One of the regulars referred to me as a “cancer” on this site. I guess this means you have the right to “cut me out” to save the body of these discussions.
    I like to think myself as a shot of adrenaline. The body tends to react with a “fight of flight” response. Some people are angry with me and react aggressively. Others avoid me and hope I go away. Adrenaline fires up the brain, makes it alert and responsive. Far better than you people sitting around and agreeing with each other.

    But you will need to decide, dj. Summer vacation is here and I’ll have lots of time to challenge everyone’s notions about the future of America.

  7. GOOD MORNING VIET NAM! whenever john mccain opens his mouth it just convinces me we need term limits on how many times a politician should be allowed to serve. john mccain expiration date has expired YEARS ago, he’s become a JOKE! and EVERYBODY knows! just ask him own daughter. Now heres MY bigger issue, THE DEMOCRATIC PARTY! steve israel resigned after the midterm NIGHTMARE! WHY is debbie wasserman schultz still here?? our beloved democratic party needs a purge! this corporate democratic way isn’t working for me! I get about 20 emails per day from democratic organizations begging for MONEY! don’t get me wrong, my broke butt has sent out money! but I’d like to see some action! I’m tired of the DCCC! stop begging and start fighting the GOP! the democratic party MANY times don’t even run in many races! it’s usually republican running against another republican! GREAT strategy democratic party!

  8. But if anyone thinks reverse coattails isn’t a silly notion, considering Hillary has run a national campaign and is getting a lot of grip on red states… well, then pay attention to Arkansas.

    I have a link somewhere… They LOVE her in pure deep Red Arkansas. She won’t likely win it but she will hurt them with heavy spankings.

  9. Disagreement…

    DES is Florida. She is a Hill loyalist.

    She is important to have in BUSH RUBIO SOUTH.

    She has done a good job hitting back.

    It will be up to the candidate… And TPTB.

    Dean was deaf in 07 and cost the party it’s biggest losses among the base. Fury due to the clash of the titans… but they will not pull crap again if they want to be alive in the future.

    They will be as dead as the GOP If they allowed one of the fringe to run it.

    The base is fired up and you will hear us soon. You like it bad ass, right?

    The party is going to blaze with new life.

    June 13th.

  10. BTW @robert, WHY couldn’t you have acted like a civilized, GROWN man in the first place? I see you’ve really toned down your rederick! @robert, MOST liberals are very tolerant but NOBODY likes to be insulted! patronized! maybe you’ll conduct yourself as an adult! life is give and take, try getting off that high horse of yours, theres some AMAZINGLY intelligent, kind, people here!

  11. sih, Kirkpatrick you keep pulling that nobody up with your reverse coattails.

    I mentioned my friend was repeatedly asked to run against McConnell. He was counting on Hillary if he did it. After years of being asked, this was the first time he almost said yes. Anyone in political democratic party circles knows her power.

    ANYONE. Cept here….

    I don’t know what is going on here – but it is beyond mere delusion… is it because she has no appendage hanging? I checked the archives briefly, the misinformation against her go way back.

    She is not warren, occupy or sanders or deblasio, that is for sure, but she is going to be President and she will do fantastic things. And she has a big tent.

  12. @Rin, I hear ya but trust me, theres not a more passionate LIBERAL here than me! I’m tired of the way our political parties operate! The GOP is cut throat! they’d stab their own family members in the back for more power! And the democratic party? this nicey nicey stuff doesn’t WORK! the democratic party plays by a totally different set of rules, being adults, being civilized! C’mon, the GOP has been BULLYING the democratic party for DECADES! recent PROOF? Hilary’s EMAILS! WTF!! since when have we start going through ANYONE’S EMAILS! and the GOP knows theres NOTHING there! it’s just another CHEAP gag to put doubt in the unusually gullible, IGNORANT american voter! especially the ”INDEPENDENT” voter. NOPE! @Rin, the democratic party would NEVER use that tactic against a republican! WE don’t roll like that! BTW, WHY aren’t democrats talking about mitch mcconnell’s DRUG DEALING brother in law? or darrell issa’s STOLEN CAR episode? I forgot, democrats don’t play…..

  13. From my link:

    Last month, the National Republican Congressional Committee launched robocalls aimed at vulnerable Reps. Gwen Graham of Florida, Ann Kirkpatrick of Arizona, Brad Ashford of Nebraska and Sean Patrick Maloney of New York, as well as live calls aimed at Reps. Ami Bera and Raul Ruiz of California and Collin Peterson of Minnesota.

    Read more:

  14. We are one and a half years from the election day that matters.

    Between now and then, you are going to see a billion dollars worth of:


    Promise. There will be elation. Balloons, cheering, ice cream and cake. PARTY in the party. Hold on, she’s a-comin down the road now, it won’t be long.

    Tonight I am going to my first organizer grass roots meeting (of 16 campaign). If I am there with one other person – that is two against the world. I have to drive a long way to get there. But I know what happens if I do not go.

    I don’t have money but I WILL have her back. As always.

  15. I welcome other points of view as long as they are real, fresh ideas and not just Fox “News” BS or Republican talking points. I don’t regard disproven trickle-down economics as a different point of view nor disproven austerity to save the economy. Those are stale, disproven “points of view” that, if you haven’t learned from those repeated mistakes by now, I don’t care to hear.

  16. Arizona is getting a bit more blue every election cycle. It’s just a matter of time before we turn it solid blue. Same goes for Texas and Georgia.

  17. Arizona was way BLUE before it got flooded with conservative seniors from the Mid-West, that had their fears manipulated by Sheriff Joe and his fascist possey, and Southern rejects-vigilantes that wanted to “take the border back”…
    ( really?… you are tha late-comers!)

    Arizona constitution was written by people like Carl Hayden, desiring of “free education as free as the air we breath”.

    If it looks like a red-neck state it is thanks to those non-Arizonans.

  18. I wish I could say the same of Alabama! These damn Redumicans have financially screwed this state so badly, that the bible thumping Redumicans are touting gambling and the lottery to help raise revenue. Isn’t it funny how their religious beliefs evolve as their need for money changes? SICK political whores! Years ago, state Redumicans took gambling money from neighboring gambling states to kill the lottery that was proposed by a Democrat! I wonder how the Southern Baptist Redumicans feel about their beloved Moral Majority party now? Pull That Handle!!!!!

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