Hillary 2016 – Did the Republicans Just Lose the Election?

Hillary Clinton launches 2016 campaign

With Hillary Clinton’s announcement yesterday that she is running for president, the Republican Party has possibly just lost the 2016 presidential election – more than a year before actual Election Day.

In saying this, I am being only partly tongue-in-cheek. Hillary Clinton stands head and shoulders above every potential Republican candidate. As of my last checking, her Facebook page had almost 700,000 likes.

These are men she has defeated regularly in polling, even without yet having announced her intention to run. To their utter humiliation, she has out-polled them even in their own states.

Despite all the dirt they could throw at her – and they have thrown a lot – she remains very popular with voters. You cannot say the same of Rand Paul, for example, where women voters are concerned. And Public Policy Polling tells us that “Overall 30% of voters see Paul favorably to 47% who have a negative opinion.”

Republican reactions to Hillary’s announcement speak for themselves, the most amusing being of the “Hillary is a third term for Barack Obama” variety.

From Lindsey Graham, coming out from hiding under his bed from ISIL long enough to tweet:

And Ted Cruz:

Hillary Clinton represents the failed policies of the past and there’s going to be a very clear choice to make in 2016. We know that a Hillary Clinton administration would be no different than an Obama administration.

And even if it were true – and every liberal and progressive knows it is not – that would be a bad thing – how, exactly? It should be obvious to Republicans that this is a dead-end meme, as Obama himself is very popular right now.

Rand Paul spent the whole day fighting hysteria on Twitter, complaining, among other things:

And, in a real cry for help by a man without any ideas of his own,

Now THAT’S a bit of a reach, don’t you think?

And Rick Santorum’s feeble complaint stands out in a sea of feeble screeds:

I know Hillary Clinton. I served with Hillary Clinton. Hillary Clinton does not have the right vision to lead America. In the 6 years I served with Senator Clinton, one thing was abundantly clear – Hillary Clinton believes that government is the solution to the challenges our nation faces, not the underlying cause of many of those problems.

Santorum, of course, thinks the family is the answer to everything. If we can just get rid of the gays, everything will be right with the world and America will be great again.

Carly Fiorina, the strongest female contender from the Republican ranks, does not think Hillary is the woman for the job:

Hillary Clinton’s a highly intelligent woman, hardworking, she’s dedicated her life to public service but unfortunately she does not have a track record of accomplishment or transparency.

As opposed to Fiorina’s own record of accomplishment – running Hewlett-Packard into the ground. She became the first CEO HP ever fired back in 2005.

Fiorina, by the way, has just 35k likes on Facebook.

Though Facebook likes do not win elections, Fiorina’s dubious objection aside, Hillary does seem to be the woman for the White House. It’s not as if she is a stranger to it.

Fiorina’s is definitely a minority opinion. Numbers don’t lie even if they don’t tell the whole story.

We are not through, of course. We are only at the very beginning, but it is the beginning of the end. The outcome is all but certain given Elizabeth Warren’s continued refusals to run. And Bernie Sanders?

After all, Bernie Sanders does have 944k Facebook likes.

Well, for starters, Politico says “Bernie Sanders isn’t so sure about this 2016 thing,” and then there is the little matter that even progressives seem to favor Warren to Sanders. And the unofficial Bernie Sanders for President page on Facebook has just 22k likes.

According to Public Policy Polling as of April 10, “Hillary Clinton leads with 53% to 13% for Joe Biden, 11% for Elizabeth Warren, 5% for Martin O’Malley, 3% for Jim Webb, and 2% for Bernie Sanders. Everyone’s support is within 3 points of where it was a month ago.”

It remains to be seen whether Sanders can gain traction with Warren out of the picture. His big obstacle then will not be the charges of “socialist” brought against him by Republicans, but his Independent status in an election that will come down to Republican vs. Democrat.

On the other hand, Bernie’s presence puts pressure on Clinton as well, pushing her further to the left, as his comments following her announcement reveal:


Much time remains, of course. Republicans will continue to attack Hillary. They will continue to embarrass themselves in the attempt. The idea that any of these men would attempt to discredit her foreign policy credentials is laughable. You have to actually know – as Tehran Tom Cotton does not – where Tehran is located before you can even begin to think anybody will take you seriously where your own foreign policy expertise is concerned.

Yet Republicans seem blithely unaware of their own buffoonery. They have fallen so in love with their fake America that they actually think they are making a good impression on voters, when all they are doing is driving Americans leftward.

It is amusing and certainly instructive to note that far from having an agenda themselves, Republicans now shift to attacking Hillary for being an Obama redux. The clincher is that Republicans never had any alternatives to Obama’s policies, and they have just revealed that they have no answers to Hillary’s either.

54 Replies to “Hillary 2016 – Did the Republicans Just Lose the Election?”

  1. I understand that this piece is tongue in cheek, but using Facebook to make political points is doing it wrong.

    If you’re going to use Facebook as a resource, the comments on pages will tell you way more than the number of Likes on a page. [wink]

  2. The fact that Republicans think they’re making a good impression, and I do believe that, shows how much of a bubble they live in. One huge mistake that Republicans consistently make is staying in their bubble and not listening to, or reading, anything that will challenge their preconceived notions. I personally read all sorts of articles by Republicans and keep right-wing news feeds on my Facebook page just so I can be aware of what they are doing and saying. I am not afraid of finding anything that will challenge my beliefs, if I find something that makes me think, I’m OK with that.

  3. That’s because their talking points are issued every day. If you’ve heard one Republican, you’ve basically heard them all. The lockstep way they live their lives is part of what makes them so dangerous.

  4. To all the (rethug) possible candidates, who think they are the best thing to ever happen to this country, by saying Pres Clinton would be a failed third term of Obama! I say, the only FAILURE, I see is the searing failure of all the thugs in the House and the Senate, to do the job they were elected for. They collected every possible perk, the pay, and money from the Koch’s, but they did not nor have not done their job….

  5. For God’s sake, let’s NOT get into the habit of talking about Hillary being elected like it’s inevitable! That is a sure-fire way to lose! If people think it’s already a done deal, then less people will go out of their way to show up at the polls in 2016. We can’t take anything for granted, and we need to fight every step forward to make sure that we have everyone show up to vote INFORMED. I think that the biggest thing we need to do is get more information in the public’s face, over and over, and CONFRONT the lies that are told. Then we need to show how if we aren’t careful, things could blow up in our faces. Unfortunately, there are too many examples of just this sort of thing happening all of the time.

  6. I listen to c-span Washington journal most mornings and I was blown away by all of repugs. and some independents spewing the same talking points this morning, 4/13/2015 (one caller even call Hillary a “Feminazi” coined by R.Limbaugh, circa. 1990s). That’s so last century.

    These people seems to have absolutely No original thoughts of their own minds. They are nothing more than talking Mynah Birds.

  7. Unless the gopers can come up with a viable candidate (not likely), Clinton is assured a victory. I’m less concerned about the presidential race than I am about the senatorial and house races. We must regain the senate and make some heavy inroads in the house or regardless, it will be another four years of the same lack of governance. Obama has done everything he can but there are limits to the presidency. Clinton can win, but without getting cooperation from congress, she, and all of us can lose – again.

    It’s wake up time and hopefully, we won’t be napping next November.

  8. Its funny how they dont know the meaning of Nazi/communist/fascist/Marxist/Hitler/socialist. They truly believe they’re all interchangeable.

  9. They’re scared. They realize that within the clown show that is the GOP, they have no one that can compete against Hillary.

    The nearest thing they have is Fiorina, but she’s pretty much the ‘Token Female Teammate’ for them. Kinda like how Ben Carson is the ‘Token Black Man’ for them.

    Plain and simple here, they got nothing and the attacks on Hillary pretty much shows it. They have no solutions for the real issues here… just right wing Kool-Aid for those who want to chug on that crap.

  10. If HRC wins the nomination, which everyone seems to think is inevitable, I will hold my nose and vote for her. She is far better than ANY Republican now being offered as candidates.

    While Bill Clinton, in retrospect, was a fairly good President, he also accepted some of the things that have cause us to be as divisive as we have become on social issues; DADT, DOMA.

    He also felt that Glass-Steagall was antiquated, and by allowing this bill to be replaced by the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Bill, damn near cause another depression. THIS was the underlying cause of the Great Recession in 2008.

    While HRC is not responsible for what her husband did, She cannot help but be influenced by his past actions and she may have had some influence on him.

    And to top off my rant, she is a bit too hawkish for me.

    All that being said, I will vote for her. I could not, in all good conscious, vote for any Republican. What freedoms we have left are far more important than my personal issues with the …

  11. The Republicans have such bad candidates that even a rock could beat them.

    I would say that they already lost before Hillary 2016 happened.

  12. It’s nice to watch otherwise grown men (?) react like spoiled/frightened brats over the thought of ….

    losing to a girl….!!!

    Why that would be almost as bad as a W.A.S.P. losing to some black guy.

  13. I just have to give a little rant about all of these republicans coming on TV –
    Which is – every time they talk about the democrat party why in the world does not
    someone explain -it’s the DEMOCRATIC party stupid!

  14. I guess John doesn’t realize that social networking/media through Facebook and Twitter are highly effective…and most popular venues for public opinion. I am encouraged to find that Sanders has received 700,000 likes over Clinton’s 500,000 and it’s early. I hope he decides to run for we need a Populist in the White House instead of a corporatist!

  15. On Facebook, the Hillary page has over 600,000 likes and the page just debuted at 3:00 EDT yesterday. How long has Bernie Sanders page been up? She’ll surpass him handily once people start to realize there is a Facebook page.

    On Twitter she has 3.3 million followers, compared to 284,000 for Sanders. Didn’t check all those others. Oh, and 2 million of those started following her since the announcement.

  16. Any sane free thinking independent woman who would vote repub is a traitor to her gender. Hillary has political experience going back decades. She’s a former AR First Lady, US First Lady, US Senator and Secretary of State. As an attorney she goes back to the Watergate Hearings. I will proudly cast my vote for her. The thought of a repub winning in 2016 means dragging us back to the 1950s.

  17. I used to think that Dubya said that out of ignorance, but it isn’t, it is a purposeful mispronunciation. I believe it is because they think saying democratic would somehow make Democrats seem more, wait for it, Democratic. It is all about semantics.

  18. It will be total Hillary bashing since they have NOTHING else to go with!!!

    They can’t name ANY accomplishments they’ve done???

  19. Yeah they can Turned a surplus into a deficit, triple the national debt, wreak the worlds economy, started an illegal war, downgraded our credit rating, misplaced 11 billion in Iraq, government shutdown cost 24 billion

  20. Fiona?, don’t make me laugh!!!

    She single handedly drove HP into the ditch by outsourcing jobs to China.
    Failed at the CA gubernatorial debates and wasn’t a viable contender.

  21. Remove your extra small tin foil hat and get into social media where president Obama knew where to go to get the young voters.

    I’m positive you’re spewing the tea bag taking points direct from britbard, the tea bag propaganda site.

  22. We are counting the chickens before they hatch. Nov 2016 is a long way away and so many things can happen. The GOP will fight with every tool in their inventory. And they fight really dirty. Somebody on the DEM side has to step up and challenge her in the primary, she has to be toughened up for the meanest fight in her life. If a GOP wins he/she will probably appoint at least 4 supreme court justices and we will move backwards to jim crow in a heartbeat. This upcoming election will decide our future until 2050 at the earliest. If people think that “Hillary is running, I don’t have to vote because she’s going to defeat the GOP” she will lose. Voter suppression, gerrymandering and extreme voter ID will stop many from even trying to vote. Every time I see a thread like this I’m going to pop the balloon because HILLARY HASN’T WON ANYTHING YET!!!!!

  23. There’s A Reality About Hillary Clinton That Many Liberals Need To Face
    The next president we elect (assuming he or she serves two terms) could very well be the individual who selects four Supreme Court Justices.
    Either get on board with Hillary Clinton, even if she’s not everything you’ve dreamed of.
    – or –
    Whine and cry because Elizabeth Warren isn’t going to run, become apathetic, then let Republicans win the White House in 2016; likely replace four Supreme Court Justices over the following 8 years; start a war with Iran; ruin the planet; destroy our economy again; and undo all the good that’s been done these last 6 years.

  24. The problem with Paul’s definition of “liberty” (and conservatives’ definition for that matter), it’s that they mean it as “liberty for conservatives ONLY to do whatever they want to others without repercussions”, which is the actual definition of libertarianism…

  25. Oops, just call me Fox and Friends. I can’t edit my previous post but I meant .2 million (200,000) just started following her yesterday, not 2 million. My autocorrect keeps moving the decimal to the end of the word before and I didn’t realize that’s what was happening.

  26. Patricia. I know Bill messed up by trading Glass/Stegall for Gramm/Leach/Bliley, but you have to understand that one of the authors of the Gramm bill was a blue dog. Bill had to contend with 150 blue dog Democrats before Newt and his crew took the reigns.

  27. Problem is that most populist are under the mistaken notion that being a lone voice in the Senate is effective! They find out too late that as President, they can better clean house of the yellow dog deadwood!

  28. The last time we had a packed court we: Had a riot that made the Supremes and vote suppressors realize what a real civil war looked light for the nineties!
    Caught the Republicans in their own impeachment scandal, Cleaned the house and the senate! Took on the CHRISTIAN Right and held their feet to the fire! Took on pro lifers and had the guts to protest at their” clinics” started demanding changes to the constitution that would have made Citizens United Impossible and Justices like Scalia impeachable!
    I say we need a war! Housecleaning is a good thing! No more hoarding! That’s the reality liberals will NEED to face!!!

  29. Right away…the right wing have started throwing their shoes at Hillary. Dusting of their NASTY PLAYS 101 chapter in their How to Loose elections Playbook. By being: NASTY and Abrassive.

  30. She is not the right candidate. I would have voted for her up until Benghazi comments: “WHAT DIFFERENCE DOES IT MAKE NOW!” Most of us realize we need to understand what happened to ensure we don’t repeat that step/protocol. Then the missing and deleted emails and who has 36k personal emails over a 4 year period – she says she is a hunt and peck typist? I do not trust her at all! We need a better candidate!

  31. BTW, I doubt you would have ever voted for Hillary. Why do you right-wingers come on liberal sites and try to sell such transparent BS?

  32. As a liberal, I don’t understand why so many liberals (including this website) are so excited about a Hillary candidacy.


    What new ideas does she bring? A Hillary presidency won’t bring anything new. It will just be more of the same.

    As a liberal, I’m tired of having to grit my teeth and vote for the “centrist” Democrat, because they’re the lesser of the two evils. We need to get real liberals and progressives on the ballot.

  33. I figure you have not seen the poll numbers in swing states then. It will take the worst of the worst or a republican candidate to manage to lose to her.

  34. Hillary Clinton has announced that she is running for the office of President of The United States of America…
    Is anyone surprised that the supposedly “fair & balanced” crowd over at Faux Noose has had nothing but scathing personal attacks regarding her candidacy? Yet there’s folks that will sit here & swear up & down that they’re not just a thinly veiled front for the Republican party… Are they that stupid or just liars? Or, maybe just a mix of both???

  35. Paul, WELL SAID. Keep posting. People drop
    their guard and let the GOP win.

  36. I agree with you completely. They missed high school civics, U.S. History and all the definitions of the following terms: communism, fascism, oligarchy, plutocracy, reactionary, liberal, progressive, socialism and even conservative. The other factor they are unaware of is the position on the, what I call the line of government as it goes from left to right. Most do not understand that plutocracy promotes fascism and that if things continue on this trajectory the U.S. will resemble the fascist nations
    we fought in WW II.

  37. @AndyCA,

    It astounds me that CorpMedia is allowing Republicans to bash Democrats while campaigning without asking them what they’ll do when in office.

    Democrats need to come back with, “So what exactly will you do differently to create jobs, prevent wars, help the middle-class, and ensure that all Americans have access to affordable health care insurance other than attack Democrats?”

  38. And you keep grasping to the foolish hope to turn the United States of America into the Confederate States of America – you traitor. It AIN’T gonna happen.

    But do continue to be fearful of Hillary Clinton. NONE of your milquetoast candidates can even stand in her shadow.

  39. Miss Lindsey go back and lie down on your fainting couch. You are going to get the vapors if you try too hard.

  40. A more liberal candidate would NEVER appeal to the hard-right, just the same as a hard-right candidate would NEVER appeal to me, a liberal.

    So don’t vote for her. Give one of the guys who believe YOU should be barefoot and pregnant without rights the White House.

    She supports other women in the climb towards equality
    She’s pro equal rights for LGBT Americans
    She opposes using “religious freedom” to justify cutting access to healthcare and discrimination
    She understands economic inequality – and wants to fix it
    She thinks anti-vaxxers are stupid
    She supports gun control
    She knows the criminal justice system in this country is broken
    She wants to fix Citizens United
    She supports American Workers
    She’s Pro-Choice

  41. No Billy all of the people who disliked your comment are correct. I mean come on, GWB has 4.2 millions likes on Facebook. [wink]

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