GOP Xenophobia In Full Swing As Scott Walker Now Wants To Curb Legal Immigration

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In a Monday interview with right-wing talk show host Glenn Beck, Wisconsin GOP Governor Scott Walker suggested that he not only wants to curtail illegal immigration, but that he also wants to find new ways to limit legal immigration as well. Walker told Beck that he has been having conversations with anti-immigrant Alabama Senator Jeff Sessions, who has warned that the percentage of Americans who are foreign-born is expected to reach record numbers in the next decade.

Walker hinted that in order to “protect” American workers, “adjustments” would need to be made to our legal immigration policy. He stated:

In terms of legal immigration, how we need to approach that going forward is saying, we will make adjustments. The next president and the next Congress need to make decisions about a legal immigration system that’s based on, first and foremost, on protecting American workers and American wages.

Because the more I’ve talked to folks — I’ve talked to Senator Sessions and others out there, but it is a fundamentally lost issue by many in elected positions today — is what is this doing for American workers looking for jobs, what is this doing to wages, and we need to have that be at the forefront of our discussion going forward.

Walker’s new anti-immigration position contrasts sharply with his 2013 stance. At that time, he was a Republican supporter of immigration reform and of providing a path to citizenship for undocumented workers and students. Now the Governor, running for President has done an about face and not only opposes a path to citizenship, but is even suggesting imposing further restrictions on legal immigration.

Since entering the presidential race, Walker has pandered to the hardcore GOP base on a number of issues, but few have been as breathtakingly craven as his transformation on immigration policy.  Walker has decided to throw his weight behind the “Know Nothing” xenophobic wing of the Republican Party. With the first two major GOP contests being held in predominately white Iowa and New Hampshire, perhaps his strategy will even work for a few weeks. However, in a nation that was built on the contributions of immigrants, Walker’s new position is politically risky in a general election.

More importantly, it is also bad policy. Voters should say no to the parochial prejudices of the Scott Walker wing of the Republican Party, and embrace the continuation of a generous immigration policy that helps America build upon the contributions of immigrants, arriving from a wide variety of foreign nations.

24 Replies to “GOP Xenophobia In Full Swing As Scott Walker Now Wants To Curb Legal Immigration”

  1. Is ol Scotty ready to pay 3-4 times the cost to have his lawn mowed and garbage picked-up by “white” employees? And pay unemployment insurance for his driver and housekeepers? Have his house re-roofed, new carpet installed, walks shoveled by white workers? Bring back the jobs to America and pay a decent wage to our unemployed workers here! Ask construction companies if they want to pay for local carpenters rather than day-workers they pick up in the back of their trucks every morning on the street! Pay an accountant to fill out all those forms at tax-time? That’s right, you don’t need to worry….the Koch’s are paying your salary! Silly me.

  2. I’m sick and tired of the tea party/gop rhetoric and actions against America and everything she has stood for since her inception.

    Was Walker’s ancestors prevented from entering the USA? Perhaps he conveniently forgets or ignores the fact that he is a descendant of immigrants!

  3. Oh please! Please! Let the Republicans nominate Scott Walker as their presidential candidate. He’ll be lucky to carry even one state, much less the White House.

  4. Walker is an unabashed pandering fool.
    All his so called points are outdated. disproved and just to keep him in the limelight. Uneducated, destructive Kocktool.
    The CBO has researched Immigration and have found that it is good for the country. The people who come are wanting to make good and are hungry for success, pool their resources and WORK DAMN HARD. They want to pay taxes and vote, they want to be legal too.

  5. Yes. Can you read? Because Walker was discussing LEGAL immigration, as the article and headline clearly state.

  6. Did Walker really say to “protect” American workers”???

    Nothing says “protect American workers” like unions busting, huh?? Asshole and liar.

  7. Don’t worry your pretty little head Stacie- the conservative illegal immigrants will be treated just like we do American Conservatives: we’ll ignore their illegalities as well.

  8. But wait! @stacie, the republican TROLL is begging for some attention! listen @stacie, @DJchefon STOLE my thunder! try using that thing sitting on your neck and read that Perferred order of immigration LIST, it may not be from 2015 but I bet is pretty damn actuate! @stacie, if YOU have something other than idiotic ONE LINERS then what’s your point?

  9. Protecting American workers and American wages? Pretty hard to do when hes out to bust the unions and makes his state a right-to-work state.

    Scott Walker is the weakest of all the candidates. Thats why the Koch brothers have chosen him as their prefered candidate, at least on the surface.

    I’m pretty sure most Americans can see Walker for what he is and wouldn’t touch him with a fifty foot pole.

  10. The only advantage I can see of this clown running for president is that it might get him out of Wisconsin. He’s helped to destroy our environmental protections, and now we have to look forward to a CAFO hog fattening plant on the Lake Superior watershed.

  11. My husband and I were talking about this. I said, “The Koch brothers have made a big mistake picking Walker, since he’s weak and stupid.” My husband said, “SHHH! We don’t want them to know. There’s no way he can win.” [WINK]

  12. I see no problem curbing legal immigration for a while. Many of you are ready to legalize 10s of millions of illegal immigrants so that will need to be offset. Perhaps you dont understand the consequences of having of vast influx of people into a culture and the consequences of such actions. We need to have an orderly and controlled influx of people. Especially with the entitlements that we offer to people here, its simply not feasible to let in massive amounts of people unregulated. You cant have it both ways.

  13. Francie, I suggest that you apologize to douche nozzles every where! Douche Nozzles have a purpose in their sometimes dark world, Scott Walker has no purpose other than for us to find things to compare his sick twisted mind to.

  14. It sounds to me like Scott Walker is getting cold feet, so he wants to turn off as much of the voting block as he can! He knows he doesn’t have what it takes to be the presidential puppet for the Koch’s, so now, he’s had his fun, he’s had how world-wide vacation for himself and his wife, so now he just wants to go back to being just small potatoes. Yup! The loser is chickening out and is really scared that the seat will be bought for him, and he knows it’s too hard a job for a lazy man!

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