David Barton Says Woman on $10 Bill Denigrates Entire Economic System

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Soon, we will have a woman on our paper currency. The Treasury Department announced the move in June. The change will take place in 2020, the 100th anniversary of the Nineteenth Amendment. You know the one. It’s one of the amendments that is not the Second Amendment: the one which gave women the right to vote.

Her face – we don’t know yet who’s face – will grace the $10 bill. Pseudo-historian David Barton, who was sane enough to recognize the Confederate flag has no place in our culture, totally was not feeling the woman on the money thing.

As Kyle Mantyla at Right Wing Watch tells us, “David Barton was so outraged that he brought the National Review’s Quin Hillyer on to his ‘WallBuilders Live’ radio program today to explain why this decision is so ‘outrageous and ignorant.'”

Because “white male.”

For Hillyer, this represents an attempt to “erase our history.” Which is really funny coming from a conservative on a show hosted by a guy who makes his living re-writing our nation’s history. The irony is almost painful.

Hamilton has only been on the bill since 1929. Which, it must be admitted, means his face has been there longer than “One Nation Under God” has been in the Pledge of Allegiance. Longer than “In God We Trust” has been our national motto.

Let’s be honest (since Barton and Hillyer won’t). The Founding Fathers did not put Hamilton on the money.

In point of fact, Treasury Secretary Jack Lew said the new bill will have on it “a woman who has contributed to and represents the values of American democracy.”

“Our paper bills and the images of great American leaders and landmarks that they depict have long been a way for us to honor our past and discuss our values.” He went on to say that, “This decision of putting a woman on the $10 bill reflects our aspirations for the future as much as the reflections of the past.”

Sounds reasonable. Unless you’re from the National Review:

I think there is something worse afoot. You combine this with all sort of other things they’ve done and it looks to me like they literally want to erase our history, especially the respect in which our founding is held. They want to remake this country; in fact, as Obama said, to transform America and you don’t transform America from what it was without trying to erase what it was. And part of the erasure involves making everybody forget what the values were, what the principles were that guided our founding. And so they want to destroy respect for those values and principles and this is part of that mission.

People really do need to get outraged and stay outraged about this, because this isn’t just about a face on a bill, this is about maintaining, preserving, respecting, honoring the history, the good history of the greatest nation ever created on earth.”

Oh dear. Let’s all sigh together and recognize this for what it is: a white male whining about privilege lost.

Conservatism is, after all, about tradition, about maintaining the status quo. And the status quo is that white men matter. Everyone else is just tolerated. Kinda. Sorta. Well…some not at all. You know who you are.

And women, well…there is nothing traditional about women, is there? I mean, be fair: they haven’t been with us the entire time, right? They haven’t made any contribution toward the success of either our species or of this country.

While he-men like Hillyer and Barton went out hunting on the backs of their dinosaurs, women were, well, doing women stuff back at the cave.

Saying things this colossally stupid is, for me, like voting against a highway funding bill. It’s incomprehensible. If Republicans won’t vote for high speed rail (and they won’t) we kind of need roads. Such catastrophic ignorance should be illegal. It’s a wonder they can remember to breathe.

It was amazing to hear Barton last Thursday rage against the Confederate flag. He said something no Southern conservative wants to hear, that the Civil War “was not about states’ rights, it was about slavery.” It was almost as though he had a lucid moment.

Whatever it was, he got over it.

Barton says a woman and the treasury building features on the $10 bill don’t go together:

“I don’t think that’s quite the way our history went on that,” he said. “So we’ve forgotten even what the ten dollar bill is to commemorate, and that is our economic system and the Department of the Treasury…and now we’re trying to denigrate it and remove it? That’s nonsense.”

Apparently, the Treasury Building is more important than women.

Which brought Rush Limbaugh into the conversation, with co-host Rick Green remembering that Limbaugh used to always talk about “symbolism over substance.”

Well, the Treasury Building is a symbol, as Barton just admitted. Women are substance, not symbolism. The Treasury Building hasn’t done anything but be occupied by people.

Rick Green does not want us to forget “what Hamilton actually did,” and admittedly, Hamilton did quite a bit, and much as I hate to admit it, I agree with Barton. Jackson ought to go. Hamilton ought to stay.

None of that means, however, that a woman does not belong on our currency. Yet Green says the move is “shallow and politically expedient.” He insists this is a move toward having “a woman, any woman,” on our currency, despite Secretary Lew specifically stating that, “Our thinking is to select a woman who has played a major role in our history who represents the theme of democracy.”

So no, not just any woman. No more than just any man. And there are plenty of women worthy of the honor: Eleanor Roosevelt, Harriet Tubman, Rosa Parks, Susan B. Anthony, Sojourner Truth, Amelia Earhart, Sally Ride, to name just a few.

Yet this decision, Green insists, is “bad news for the history of our country and the foundation and therefore the freedoms we’re trying to protect in the first place.”

The only thing shallow is white male thinking on this subject, that freedoms somehow don’t apply to women too. At least, the thinking of these three white males, who, unfortunately, are not alone.

34 Replies to “David Barton Says Woman on $10 Bill Denigrates Entire Economic System”

  1. I understand why they are changing the bill since its next in line for a makeover or so they tell us but I would keep Hamilton because he was instrumental in the founding of the country.

    Now what they should replace that genocidal maniac Jackson with a women with either Harriet Tubman or Eleanor Roosevelt

  2. perhaps Mary Magdalene would make these pseudo-christians happy…

    ‘Women are valid witnesses to Christ. The idea of women as primary witnesses does not seem unusual to people in the 21st century, but it was a revolutionary concept at the time. The testimony of women was not given the same weight as men’s, either personally or in a court of law. Mary’s witness to the Resurrection reversed this idea.

    The status of women in early Christianity was equal to men’s. When the Christian stories described Mary Magdalene and the other women as the first witnesses of the Resurrection, they were saying something important about the nature of women: that they were capable of being as fully Christian as men.’

    Mary was an early follower of Jesus… there is a lot of speculation that DaVinci included her in his Last Supper painting seated on Jesus’ right…the patriarchal church later minimized her role as a follower…


  3. I know. Choose Ayn Rand, and make them defend her communist grifter values. Make them pretend she was American. Make them defend her social security benefits.
    THEN choose Rosa Parks, because if anything makes them madder than a woman on currency, it’s a BLACK woman on currency.
    The real irony is, how many of us even are carrying much more than $50 cash any more? We are using cards. I say, put a woman on every credit card face!

  4. O/T but I hope that is not a recent pic of Barton at the top of the page. It looks like he just walked off the set of Threes Company

  5. Considering what republicans have done to America in the name of capitalism; I think the entire economic system is in dire need of denigration.

  6. When Lincoln met Harriet Beecher Stowe in 1862 he
    asked “Is this the little woman who started this great
    war?” Because she woke up a complacent America to
    the evils of slavery, she gets my vote. Jah bless.

  7. May I preface before this comment?

    Is it moi or does anyone else gay’dar go off?

    It’s not a valid question to the article unless you put it in the context that Big Bad Bart is a self-loathing women-hater. I’m sure he expects all the rest of the “over-privileged” tribals to shimmy up his tree and join him in the branches of his “women-haters-club” tree house…cue Alfalfa.

  8. Funny. I have a box of old coins with a Liberty dollar. She was on a lot of our silver money…the *real* money.

  9. I feel that way about those slave holding jackasses that grace our coins and bills. Degenerates, the whole lot of ’em! Get ’em off, they don’t belong their anymore!!!

  10. . The text is perhaps most famous as an early source for the popular theory that Jesus was married to Mary Magdalene. The Ancient Greek manuscript describes Jesus as Mary’s “koinonos,” or “companion,” which may imply an intimate sexual relationship or a friend or companion in faith.[3] Although part of the original text is missing from the papyrus scriptures discovered, some translations fill in the gap by suggesting that it was Jesus who “loved Mary Magdalene more than all the disciples and used to kiss her often on the mouth.”[4]


  11. I commend to you our sister Phoebe, a deacon of the church in Cenchreae.

    Romans 16:1.

    “Master and Lord, You do not reject women who offer themselves, and by divine counsel, to minister as is fitting to your holy houses, but you accept them in the order of ministers. Give the grace of your Holy Spirit to this servant of Yours also, who wishes to offer herself to you, and to accomplish the grace of the diaconate, as You gave the grace of Your diaconate to Phoebe, whom you called to the work of the ministry….”

    These are the beginning words of the second prayer of ordination of the female deacon in the Byzantine rite. The female diaconate is a part of our history. For over one thousand years, the Orthodox Church ordained women to serve as deaconesses.


    Early Christianity had NO PROBLEM with women holding the Priesthood.

    Modern Christianity does.

  12. Once there was a salesmen for a graphics supply company in our shop who teaches school the rest of the year. He teaches at a parochial school and when I mentioned David Barton you could see the change in his demeanor as the conversation beforehand was about the bad influence that faith based education has on America. He claimed that he had Never heard of David Barton but when I hit him with the quotes and crap that HE spoke that came directly from Mr. Barton he quickly tried to avoid any direct answers and deflected the blame elsewhere as usual. I told him I wouldn’t by one damned thing from such a liar and fraud.

  13. She’s on one side of all Canadian bills too!

    Can’t believe the fuss made by these rightwing evangelical troglodytes about putting a woman on a bill — after all, without women as their mothers, there would be no men on any bills.

    These idiots need to be either totally ignored or else shamed beyond all recognition.

  14. yeah.. that too… there just isn’t enough room in 1000 words to write it all…

    the other point is that the patriarchy chose to marginalize women’s role in the church… which should make Barton’s day…

    my own take is that the reason the $10 was chosen, instead of the $20 as originally proposed, is that women are continuously valued at 75% less… there is no $15 bill…

    maybe it would make them happier to put a woman’s face on a $2 bill… if you know what the significance of that is…

  15. Conservative pundits have nothing to fear.
    So long as there are social neanderthals such as Barton and Hillyer around, placing the visage of an American woman on U.S. currency will definitely not erase our nation’s history … of chauvinism and misogyny.

  16. Do they not realize that without us – women, that is – they wouldn’t be here and thus there would be no “history” for them (or anyone)?

    No, of course they don’t realize that. What am I thinking?

  17. I knew all my saved SUSAN B ANTHONY quarters will become collectors items.
    I also saved a bunch of the $2.00 bills.

    I’d like to see ELEANOR ROOSEVELT for her outstanding humanitarian and social efforts as first lady.
    She set the bar for all future first ladies.
    Jacqueline humanatarian
    Lady Bird make America beautiful
    Rosilynn humanatarian, mental health
    Hillary healthcare
    They all followed Eleanor in her great liberal footsteps.

    I can still hear Lady Bird on tv, in her Texas drawl, encourging everyone to make America beautiful.

  18. It’s funny because I actually think that a man who recognizes that we are just as capable and intelligent and worthy as men are, is far more attractive than these men who think they have to put women “in their place.”

    Yeah, try and put me in my place. That won’t go over so well. ;)

  19. If it was my mission to ‘put you into your place’ I’d first, have to find out what your place is.

    A Woman’s Place is in the House, and the Senate, and the Supreme Court- and hopefully soon the White House.

  20. …one lady asked me during a rummage sale “How about you…where do you think a womans place is???”
    I turned and replied “Well, where the Hell do ya wanna be???”

  21. David, if it wasn’t for women..YOU wouldn’t be here. A man cannot do everything…especially as important as carrying a child for nine months and . giving birth How great is that?

  22. It is bad enough that David Barton has embarrassed himself and Texas time and time again by denying the historicity of the Separation of Church and State in America in order to promote his ultra extreme white-supremacist religious views. It is even worse dare to say that the face of a woman, no matter how many accomplishments she had during her life, has no place in our national currency. Barton has proven to be a racist moronic religious fanatic, but now he is adding misogyny to the long list of his defects.

  23. Aren’t right wing thinkers always the best? Just last week I learned from a blogger that, as a gay man, I contribute nothing to society. Nothing. Now I learn that putting the image of a woman on currency would degrade our economic system. Speak first, think later seems to be the rule.

  24. Considering how many Republicans are in the closet, methinks that those Republicans who gave you that impression- are projecting their own legion inadequacies.

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