Why Rick Perry Is More Likely To End Up In Prison Than Be Elected President


Former Texas Gov. Rick Perry announced his 2016 presidential candidacy today as he is currently facing 109 years in prison for abusing his power as governor. Perry is more likely to end up in prison than be elected president.

Rick Perry’s campaign announcement was straight out of 2012, with the exception of Perry stealing Elizabeth Warren’s line about the game being rigged. Perry said, “Capitalism is not about the gains of Wall Street at the expense of Main Street.” Perry followed this statement up by calling for the immediate repeal of Dodd-Frank and the rollback of regulations.

Perry also promised to approve the Keystone pipeline and launch an energy war against Putin and Russia by exporting U.S. natural gas to Europe. Everything Perry said during his announcement was fantasy because Rick Perry is never going to win the Republican nomination. His oops moment during the 2012 Republican debate defined him. Former Gov. Perry can put on his smart boy glasses and try to look the part, but he will never win because he is a buffoon in the eyes of most voters. Rick Perry is currently polling at 2%, and he is clinging on to the final spot in the first Republican debate in tenth place in the current Real Clear Politics average of polls.

In fact, it is more likely that Perry ends up in prison than ever gets elected president. Rick Perry has been indicted on two felony charges of abuse of official capacity and coercion of public servant. The charges carry a maximum of 109 years in prison and involve Perry abusing his executive power as governor to try to force a district attorney to resign.

Republican judges in Texas have twice denied Perry’s attempts to have the charges dismissed. Perry has called the indictment frivolous and partisan, but the legal system has not agreed with his characterization. Perry has about a one in twenty shot of winning the Republican nomination, but if his case goes to trial, he has a 50/50 chance of being sent to prison.

Gov. Perry’s odds of ending up in prison are better than his odds of winning the Republican nomination. In a 2016 Republican field that is a total circus, Rick Perry has added a criminal element to round out the GOP race.

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  1. The utter idiocy of republicans and the dumbass media that let them get away with their bullshit

    Perry also promised to approve the Keystone pipeline and launch an energy war against Putin and Russia by exporting U.S. natural gas to Europe.

    U.S. natural gas to Europe? Not so fast…
    But while calls for such a Berlin-airlift-style approach to rush American natural gas to Europe and liberate it from the Russians makes for a good political sound bite, such a move isn’t practical and vastly oversimplifies the issue. It would take years to build the necessary facilities on both sides of the Atlantic for shipping and receiving the liquefied natural gas. The countries most reliant on Russian energy, including Ukraine, have no terminals for receiving LNG tankers. They get their natural gas from pipelines.

    Read more here: http://www.mcclatchydc.com/2014/03/18/221633/us-natural-gas-to-europe-not-so.html#storylink=cpy

  2. What would be delicious is for Perry to win the GOP nomination, then be convicted, and sent to prison days after the GOP convention.

  3. And djchefron it would take YEARS to build the requisite amount of LNG tankers to carry out this unicorn like plan of Perry and the other idiots who claim that we are leading the race in energy production. We are causing more harm than good by attempting high fossil fuels production.

  4. It’s feels like the race to be the Republican nominee is part clown car (Trust me, you could fit 12 clowns into one small car) and part Gladiator battle.

    When everyone is out of the car, the battle begins and it’s a bloody spectacle. The Tea Party members and neo-Christians cheer as the morons fight to the death slinging insults at each other, smearing Hillary’s name through the mud over and over and over again… until one stands tall and wins it… only to have his ass handed to him by the same Hillary whose name they’ve been dragging through the mud.

  5. HEY! Lincoln Chafee has announced he’s in the race! For President! As a democrat! Another strong option for president. Why aren’t you people covering this? CNN has it…

  6. He just announced today and some commenters talked about it when he form his committee. While he is a good man there is a reason people are yawning. Now if he was clown like the entire republican field he may get more coverage

  7. Perry is word noticeable- considering his antics during the last Presidential Election.

    Chaffee? Not so much. Once he gets his campaign going that will change.

    And perhaps Perry will be the first of many Republicans to finally pay for their endless crimes.

  8. The New York Times recently reported on the latest data from the Institute on Taxation and Economic Policy (ITEP) on how income relates to the share paid in state and local taxes….

    In Texas, the … top 1 percent only pay, on average, 2.9 percent of their income in state and local taxes — one of the lowest rates in the nation. Meanwhile, the lowest 20 percent of earners pay an average of 12.5 percent of their income in state and local taxes — one of the highest rates in the nation. That comes out to a tax burden for low-income earners that’s roughly 4.3 times as high as for the top 1 percent….

  9. I think it has to do with the fact that Chafee is sort of an afterthought at this point… I, for one, am not sure what he could do. Yes, he was Governor of Rhode Island… that doesn’t explain anything on a national level.

  10. Your description.

    Replace “Hillary” with “Obama” and you’ve got the last Presidential Election in a nutshell.

    (Pardon the pun).

  11. Texas- the kind of taxation that Republicans feel still isn’t fair enough- they won’t be happy until the tax burden has been shifted to all non-rich folks.

  12. Has there ever been a Liberal, Presidential candidate, who has a felony indictment against him?

    Only in the Reichwing Fanta-Verse.

  13. I cannot find anything …yet…

    That conclusion is not incontrovertible, however.

    Due to the number of google searches all coming up with Perry right now.

    I’ll have to get back to you…

  14. The majority of these GOP politicians belong in prison, but most avoid it. When you can afford to hire the best attorney’s, it’s easy to avoid a stint in the Big House. I’ll believe it when I see Perry in prison orange

  15. Not to mention more fracking which is turning out to be an ecological disaster. But hey we brought Russia to her knees never mind that we wrecked our home.

  16. I do remember the 1970’s when we were attempting to go metric. I still have my mom’s 1978 edition of the Betty Crocker cookbook which has a special section at the very back on the metric system with a few recipes.

    I weight ingredients when baking, it’s so much easier.

    The U.S. is/was too lazy to convert over.

  17. Texas is now a hell hole thanks to the 20 years of republican rule.

    Texas ranks #4 in population living below the poverty line (17.2 %).
    Ranks #1 in illiteracy
    Worst environmental record in the United States
    Ranks # 1 (26.5%) who lack health insurance
    Ranks #1 on the poorest gun regulations in the US and highest per capita gun murder rates in the US (The Brady campaign gives Texas a score of 6 out of 100 possible points.)
    Ranks #1 in the lowest high school graduation rate
    Ranks #1 with the highest interest rates “pay day” companies can charge
    Ranks #1 in those making below minimum wage
    Ranks # 1 (20.3%) of children who lack health insurance
    Ranks # 1 in the highest per capita executions in the world
    Ranks #50 in $ spent for Medicaid for the poor and children
    Ranks 50th ( dead last ) in $ spent on its citizens
    Ranks #2 in the rate of food insecure children.

  18. It’s all about the entertainment value. If a Democrat feeds a dog, it’s no big deal. But if a Republican f**ks a dog, iy’s fun fun fun.

  19. Actually AndyCA- there are more D’s than R’s in that list.
    54- D’s.
    37- R’s

    And one Democratic-Republican.

    I have a commitment to truth.

  20. There has been none because the people responsible for these things always give the liberals a pass and refuse to investigate, the few times they do an investigation the investigation is stonewalled and impeded till they just give up.

  21. IF this is true, why are people flocking to Texas?

    Perry won’t be the next president, and, he is not going to be convicted of the trumped up charges against him. Same crew who created the charges against Tom Delay at work here. Took eight years to make its way through the courts to the “oops, my bad…. nothing wrong here” stage.

    If the prosecuter had been blessed with the integrity to RESIGN after the video of her in the drunk tank was released none of this would have happened.

  22. …may there be ‘slumber parties’ in Ricks cell EVERY night…
    …hoping he gets knocked up {as a Koch whore} is too much to ask for…but a liberal can dream…[wink]

  23. I remember my Old Man talking about learning Metric when he was in grade school, during the ’40’s.

    Because, after all, we were going to switch over soon…

    The U.S., Liberia, Myanmar.

  24. Per Forbes Mag:
    Ca. state and local tax burden ranks 4th highest, Texas 45th. As for population and JOB growth, from 2000 to 2012, Ca. grew 11.9 percent. Texas grew 24.4%, while U.S. grew 11.3%. From 1/2000 to 4/2013 nonfarm payroll grew an anemic 2.6% in Ca. compared to Texas 19.7%, while U.S. job growth was 3.6%.Texas added 1 job for every 3 while Ca. added 1 job for every 11 new residents.
    http://www.forbes.com/sires/realspin/2013/07/03/texas-v-california-the -real-facts-

  25. For any job applicant, there is a need for background check, Rick perry brings that issue to the Presidential job seekers.

    Maybe he is running for president to collect $$$ for his defense fund, since it will take many bills to get out/stay of jail.

    Many of the jobs he is claiming credit, were the jailing/processing of immigrants, created by the federal ICE.

  26. Have you lost the ability to count?

    Republicans have spent more on investigating the no-story Benghazi than was spent on anything else EVER – multiple committees led by REPUBLICANS without limits. Add to that the no-story IRS investigations…and yes, they discovered that the IRS investigated BOTH liberal and conservative groups, but only the conservatives whined and had $$ spent on useless investigations. The list is nearly endless. In fact, I propose sending the RNC a bill for all the BS taxpayer supported nonsense investigations they’ve waged for headlines on nothing. But the Republicans? How many criminal indictments do you require before you finally understand that you are supporting a criminal enterprise? REPUBLICANS have conducted all the “investigations”…and came up with nothing. Either all Dems are genuises at hiding everything, or the Republicans are manufacturing causes to motivate their idiot followers. I pick #2.

  27. Apropos Danielle Donovan: Of the I.R.S. Investigation “scandal”, one group did lose it it’s tax-free rating: A liberal group-

    In fact, the only known 501(c)(4) applicant to have its status denied happens to be a progressive group: the Maine chapter of Emerge America, which trains Democratic women to run for office.

    Conservative Hysteria knows no limits nor logic.

  28. MG, Put the TRILLION dollar unfunded pension liabilities in there and California is BROKE !!!!!! They will await another stimulus package to keep afloat! Nice try, no cigar.

  29. Let me see if I’ve got this right?

    California Republicans choose to underfund California Pensions…and it’s Obama’s Fault?

    Specialk, you really need to remember to take your meds on time.

  30. The Pensions will not need to be paid for in the here and now. Like any thing else, prudent government can solve it. Like the California DEMOCRAT budget surpluses…that you so eagerly ignore, can take care of.

    Dude, you’re SO FREAKING DESPERATE- did your Momma drop you on your head when you were a spawn?

  31. I myself was thinking that Specialk and Erica are one and the same…either way, they are all idiots!

  32. If you value your time and/or sanity, then under no circumstances should you willingly enter into debate with a crank. A crank’s cognitive processes are impregnable to all forms of logic, reason, evidence, and in extreme cases, basic facts.


    Well what do you know? They encountered Specialk already.

    Well my Sanity’s Ship has long since sailed…

  33. For Robert and JimmyK. As much as you guys want to clean the slate for Tom Delay, do some research. He was tried and convicted, a three court panel threw the conviction out. Guess how many GOP, Bush appointees were on that panel. I should add that the GOP dominated panel threw it out after 3 other courts upheld the ruling.

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