It’s Time to Break Up With Texas

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We have become used to bizarre news items coming out of Red States. They’re full of Tea Party-types, white militias, and religious fanatics, after all. But what is wrong in Texas that it seems to be the epicenter of so much craziness?

Like the fourth grader in Kermit, Texas who was suspended for making “terroristic” threats with a ring that doesn’t exist. Nine-year-old Aiden Steward told a classmate at Kermit Elementary School that he’d use his “One Ring” – forged in Mount Doom of course – to make him disappear.

I could see suspending somebody for threatening to shoot somebody – guns do exist – but how can you threaten somebody with something that not only does not exist, but cannot?

And if it’s bad science, its bad fiction too, because the One Ring doesn’t make other people disappear, but its wearer. Counsel young Mr. Steward for failing to understand Tolkien if you want, but suspend him? Really? Why isn’t everyone involved just laughing, or at least saying, “Well, he’s a kid.” I mean, he’s NINE. Not only was nobody hurt, but nobody could be hurt, for crying out loud.

If that is not bad enough, we’ve seen Texas declare Moses a Founding Father. If Moses is a Founding Father, what’s wrong with magic rings? I’d volunteer to be disappeared. Get me out of here. Now.

Texas Governor Gregg Abbott – yes they can find governors stupider than Rick Perry in Texas – thinks he can change the essential nature of math, falling into the trap of totalitarian states that there is such a thing as Communist math, or National Socialist math, that is somehow superior or more true than, well…just math. You know, like in the Common Core.

I know they do teach things differently these days, and there is a learning curve for parents, but they taught things differently when I was a kid too. Parents of my day had a hard time helping kids with math too – the “new” math – which was different than the “old” math of their childhoods. Teaching methods change. And that’s what’s key here: the math doesn’t change – it stays the same – just the teaching method changes.

I’m not sure Gregg Abbott understands that, and I don’t think glasses are going to help him any more than they are helping Rick Perry. Nor will other conservatives who have a firmer grasp on our shared reality, like radio host Bill Bennett, a conservative, who tried, futilely to explain to Abbott Sunday that he was hurting his state by rejecting Common Core.

Chris Wallace of Fox News even tried to explain some facts – yes, facts to Abbott:

“Your state of Texas got an overall grade of C minus and ranked 39th among the 50 states. Meanwhile, the top nine states, in terms of their performance, governor, all have adopted Common Core.”

When Abbott argued for “local control” (and I think he just proved that’s a bad idea), Bennett dropped the logic bomb:

“You’ve got local control, you decided that Common Core wouldn’t be in Texas so it’s not in Texas. And Texas can teach math any way it wants, but what Texas can’t do is change the nature of mathematics and what mathematical reasoning and mathematical sequence becomes.

No arguing with that, right? Abbott did, saying, “I’ve got to strenuously disagree with that.”

“Of course you do,” we all want to say by now. It’s Texas, after all. And this may all be moot anyway, if a Texas legislator gets his way and gives teachers permission to shoot students. I would imagine schools would empty out pretty fast. Let’s face it, better ignorant than dead.

And what would Texas be without Islamophobia? First we have Christian terrorist Christine Weick, daring Franklin Graham to take over a mosque and “have a service there.”

Broadcast live streaming video on Ustream

Let’s bring in our Bibles, let’s bring in our liturgy, let’s bring in the hymnals, let’s put up crucifixes where we acknowledge Jesus Christ as Lord, and let’s go into their mosque and do that. I guarantee you that will never happen because they scream tolerance of everything, and yet they’re not tolerant of us – at all.

Um….because taking over a mosque is tolerant?

Or attacking an imam for praying over a rodeo? That’s tolerant, right?

On Sunday, January 25, Moujahed Bakhach of the Islamic Association of Tarrant County led a public prayer at the Fort Worth Stock Show and Rodeo. The reaction was anything but friendly, as The Dallas Morning News tells us, with the stock show’s Facebook page filling up with comments like this:

A sampling of the sentiments expressed: “I for one won’t attend an event that allows a darkness to be spoke over me,” “Muslim/Islam has no place in this country” and “I just will choose NOT to go somewhere that embraces a religion that wants me, my family and my people DEAD.”

Well, we’ll just forget that part in the Old Testament then where it says to stone all non-believers dead. And that part where it says to turn the other cheek. And to love your enemies.

This episode brings to mind the Texans who got upset that Muslims weren’t publicly decrying terrorism, but when some of them tried to do just that at a conference, were told by home-grown, white Christian terrorists to “Go home and take Obama with you.”

Even though America is their home, just as it is the home of Moujahed Bakhach.

And we can’t leave without mentioning the spate of open-carry episodes recently, with open carry advocates storming the capitol and forcing legislators to vote panic buttons into existence, because, you know, it’s rather hard to focus on debating legislation with a bunch of armed people standing over your shoulder telling you how to vote.

More pointedly, why did a nine-year-old get in trouble for threatening to use a non-existent ring and a bunch of people with real guns didn’t?

With one Texas legislator wanting teachers to shoot their students and another wanting to end the Union through nullification, I’m thinking more than ever that it’s a pity Santa Anna didn’t win.

I feel bad for sane Texans – I do – but really, we don’t deserve this as a country. The sort of pig-ignorance you find in Texas these days is dragging us all down, embarrassing the entire country. I mean, how valuable a part of the country is a state Allen West flees to when Florida becomes too smart for him?

I’m sorry folks, but it’s time to break up with Texas. Or maybe we can borrow that magic ring…

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  1. Rewriting history 101 sponsored by the paranoid delusional tea party. They fear what they do not understand(the Constitution).

    Some common core would do them good.

  2. Texas is a welfare state that gets more federal money than it pays in taxes to Washington. Add to that federal military spending and Texas becomes America’s mosquito. We don’t need Texas as a nation, but Texas would starve if the rest of the nation wasn’t flipping the bill for these cowboy hat wearing freeloaders.

  3. NO DOUBLE H!!!!

    They have a part of NASA and key military bases.

    In this country there will ALWAYS be disagreements.

    The question is can we be civil about it.

  4. The right-wingers are really showing their insanity these days. I think a lot of them were always with us, but they weren’t nearly as vocal. Now, however, bats**t crazy is mainstream Republicanism.

    I think, as I’m sure most people from planet Earth, that we are going to see a lot of problems with the right, there seem to be a lot more of them today, and more often than not, they call themselves Christians.

    All a person needs to do is go to a right-wing site and read the comments, these folks are more than a few cards short of a full deck. It really is disturbing to think what they could do.

  5. I, too, feel bad for the sane, the decent, the truly civilized Texans… And it is this, alone, that dissuades me from wishing Texas an evil destiny.

    Much as druggies must usually hit bottom before getting straight, so too shall I take an unholy pleasure as I witness Texas bottom out.

  6. I think that most of us who come to sites like this one can be civil, but I doubt that civility towards different others is part of the agenda of these RWNJs.

  7. If we wish to survive, we must demand religion get its nose out of politics. To get religion out of politics,we need to spend our tax dollars on education, not ‘the economy.’

    The Theory of Evolution is based on hard science. Economics theories are ‘best guesses’ that extrapolate human behavior.

  8. I would have included the Israeli flag as a show of loyalty to the US but I literally ran out of room for all the Texas-related insanity I wanted to include

  9. I predicted the plan of Conservative Christians to infiltrate the school system through the election of board members then the destruction from within to get defunding measures passed. Now they are being even more parasitic by forcing their ways into public schools through use of space for churches on school property. They have infected our education system like a virus and must be removed. Texas does it’s part in the destruction of our text books with Christian Conservative LIES!! Those faux Christians have screeched and bellowed about a “War on Religion” a “War on Christianity” I say it’s high time we took that title and mantle on and indeed wage a war against these Christian Fascist’s!!! Let’s destroy them before they destroy the world.

  10. Before ya’all decide to kick Texas to the curb please let me know so I can get my passport in order.I recently moved to Tx and, long story short, because of my son and his family. But after living here for a short time I realized that Tx and Texan’s live in a world unto themselves, very scary that. I know I will try my best to teach my grandson right from wrong and get him into critical thinking. So like I said, before you throw Tx out with the dishwater, please let me know. And yes they would deserve it.

  11. I’m well past 50 and I was taught that 9 + 6 is one less than 10 plus 6. I also memorized those addition facts. There is really nothing new here, except the blatant attempt to take methods that teach students to understand processes and develop the ability to see beyond what they memorize, and present it as how kids are being taught to solve a math problem in everyday life. Those processes behind the rote learning are what develop true learning and creativity. The US has never led the world in testing – not since those tests began in the 60’s. The rote learners may win on the tests, but America has always won in real learning and its impact on our overall place in the world.

  12. Under their new legislation, would a teacher be justified inshooting a 9 yr old who threatens a classmate with a magic ring?

  13. You have to wonder…and is a technicolor magic technicolor dreamcoat as dangerous as a magic ring?

  14. True Texans are having to live with the elements described in this article. Texas is being infiltrated by an influx from other areas – and these are not necessarily the most well balanced. Some blame it on the invention of air conditioning. Some blame it on religious radicals as well, and some on both. In any case, Barry Goldwater – once thought to be too conservative – was prophetic: “Mark my word, if and when these preachers get control of the [Republican] party, and they’re sure trying to do so, it’s going to be a terrible damn problem. Frankly, these people frighten me. Politics and governing demand compromise. But these Christians believe they are acting in the name of God, so they can’t and won’t compromise. I know, I’ve tried to deal with them.”

    Naturally, politicians will flock to the influential noise, and they will do and say anything to get their vote and money. In Texas, it has spiraled out of control – and this once great state is suffering.

  15. i doubt this comment will be posted but in the hopes it does let me clarify a few things, the 5 fastest growing cities are here in TX and last i checked repubs run the govt. now, so how u liberal democrat lgbt wanting NON Texans have room to speak is beyond me. Down here in Texas we cannot stand anything not Texan so when we see yankee losers talking trash we smile at the haters and keep on keeping on, the #1 oil producer Texas, the fastest growing state Texas, the place fholes like y’all like to talk about TX, bottom line is yall can all go suk ur ded grannys t i t! [WINK]

  16. The republic of baptism does suck the tit of the blue states, however there are blueberries in the tomato cesspool of hate, bigotry and pure ignorance.

    Red states benefit from blue state taxes…

    Why Rick Perry Is So Wrong About California And New York

    9 Ways California Is Way Better Than Texas

  17. and it’s POLLUTED, along with the air.
    TEAxASS has NO regulations on ANYTHING.
    The West, Texas explosion, increasing cancers and tumbers around Port Arthur.
    People of TEAxASS are dying with all this and without health insurance.
    25% of Texans do not have health insurance.

    This is why unregulated TEAxASS has lured companies from regulated California so they can pollute to their hearts desire.

  18. You must be so proud of these:

    Texas ranks #4 in population living below the poverty line (17.2 %).
    Worst environmental record in the United States
    Ranks #1 in illiteracy
    Ranks #1 on the poorest gun regulations in the US and highest per capita gun murder rates in the US (The Brady campaign gives Texas a score of 6 out of 100 possible points.)
    Ranks #1 in the lowest high school graduation rate
    Ranks #1 with the highest interest rates “pay day” companies can charge
    Ranks #1 in those making below minimum wage
    Ranks # 1 (26.5%) who lack health insurance
    Ranks # 1 (20.3%) of children who lack health insurance
    Ranks # 1 in the highest per capita executions in the world
    Ranks #50 in $ spent for Medicaid for the poor and children
    Ranks 50th ( dead last ) in $ spent on its citizens
    Ranks #2 in the rate of food insecure children.
    Ranks #49 in Medicaid $ given to nursing homes
    Ranks #1 in teen repeat births
    Ranks #4 in teen pregnancy rate
    Ranks #3 in teen birth rate
    Ranks …

  19. Ranks #2 with the highest home insurance rates
    Ranks #49 in $ funded for the mentally ill
    Ranks #1 with the highest overall pollution rate
    Ranks #4 in adults under correctional control
    Ranks #1 in adults under probation
    Ranks #34 in child education
    Ranks #40 in child health
    Ranks #46 in education
    Ranks #47 in Family and community

  20. Such language from a tea bag.

    All those poor people will be leaving TEAxASS in droves when they find out it’s a shithole place to live.
    People with children, or those planning on having children will not move to Texas because the education system sucks.

  21. Things Texas is really good at:
    Highest number of teen pregnancies
    Highest number of high school dropouts
    Worst nursing homes in the country
    Most people without health insurance
    Highest number of minimum wage jobs
    Fort Hood, a gubmint facility, is the largest employer
    Most restrictive voter id laws
    worst environmental regulations
    Takes back more in federal subsidies than it contributes in taxes, ie Texans are Takers
    Oh, and Louie Gohmert

    Thanks for the laugh, son.

  22. I saw this on a truck stop bathroom back in the 80s
    Here I sit buns a flexin’, giving birth to another Texan.

  23. txborn512…NO it is not about least NOT from US! We do not hate YOU or Texans or the south for that matter. What we DO hate is the ignorance that replaces knowledge, Bigotry that replaces acceptance, and a theocratic gun culture that replaces a sane secular non violent REAL American culture that our forefathers REALLY meant in the Constitution and Bill of Rights. It is YOUR side that has perfected and weaponized hatred for your own goals. Grow Up!! Stop Hating Good people.

  24. I wonder if txborn512 will come back to repudiate the facts we have laid out. Let’s see some of that hate free logic from txborn512 that we are wrong. Come on’s your big chance to put us mean ol’ Dems and Liberals in our places with some of your..facts.

  25. Thanks to the tea bags, the Texas flag ranks right up there with the rebel flag as symbols of hate, bigotry and ignorance.

  26. and women will be dying in droves without any womens clinics.

    They’ve been churning out stupid children and will contunue to do so.

  27. Tea bag Texans always boast the lies but never deliver the proof.

    A more golden state: California tops nation in job growth
    “It’s by far the best in the nation,” said economist Stephen Levy, director of the Center for the Continuing Study of the California Economy in Palo Alto. “There is no question that we slid into a deep hole and this is a slow recovery. But Southern California and the state are now both outpacing the nation.

    California sees reserves growing more than $4 billion over two years

    Oh and our debt was caused by years of republican borrow and spend and gov Reagan’s trickle-down scheme.

    With Surplus in Hand, California Eyes Debt

  28. I am a real Texan who has one word for you outsiders: HELP.

    My wife and I volunteered eight to twelve hours a day to elect change in Texas and still we got Greg Abbott.

    What really struck me was in a state that makes a religion of the strong Texas cowboy types in the image of Bush and Perry, they elected a frail crazy man in a wheel chair as Governor.

    That’s a Texas idea of change.

    Please help us.

  29. Wooow. This site shows the same type of paranoia and analytical, independent thinking as the Tea Party-ers. You shouldn’t take the psychopaths shown in the news as a general representation of the rest of them. I mean…they get in the news because they’re crazy…abnormal; normal people are never newsworthy so you never hear of them. Ever. Of course that makes most/all of them look crazy if that’s all you ever see, but like I said…that’s not a very analytical or independent way to think.

    I can tell you personally that the Texans shown on the news are truly a small (albeit extremely loud) percentage of the population here. I’ve been here 23+ years and have yet to encounter any of these nutbags irl.

    I just thought it was note worthy to mention that, but take it as you will.

    (There was a hiccup on the page as I typed, I dunno if it will result in a duplication. :/ I apologize in advance!)

  30. The sad part? the tea bags can think they know what they want, but their leaders want something totally different. They are into pushing religion and making sure corporations get what they want.

    The tea party isnt what you think it is

    BTW, we recognize there are probably a few good men in Texas. Its your leaders that make the policys

  31. I backed Wendy Davis and Leticia Van de Putte during the campaign from BLUE California but couldn’t combat the Texas voter suppression.

  32. It’s vote supression and lies that makes the small ignorant percentage of the population win.
    How many couldn’t vote due to “new” voting laws/rules in Texas? How many have been disinfranchised due to the Texas gerrymandering done by the republican legislature on purpose?
    They don’t see the damage thats been done because it’s behind the smoke-screan of lies and corruption of the Perry admin.
    I’m a liberal Californian who lived thru this states decades of devastating republican rule…

  33. Not much natural in way of lakes but we have a huge aquifer. If Texas leaves LA, OK, MS and others will follow. If you believe in the Constitution, the rule of law, freedom and fiscal sanity feel free to stay. If you believe the federal government should rule over every aspect of your life in modern day slavery move to
    Mass. Boston Strong is a joke. 6-8 million Americans shivering with fright in their homes over 2 young adult terrorists with a SINGLE 9mm pistol is not our vision of strong!

  34. When schools spend most of their time teaching illegal aliens English it makes it hard to get people out of poverty and to have great schools. In North Texas there are great schools.
    Having to produce an ID for everything but to prove you are eligible to vote is insane! The ONLY reason to not do it is to cheat!

  35. Hrafnkell Haraldsson is a Scandinavian-American author

    My 3rd article read from Mr. Haraldsson. I would suspect that he is a legal immigrant based on his non centrist liberal writing style…Socialist

  36. Ignorance, irrelevancy and stupidity are triplets that walks together hand and hand these days. With a mother name christianity it is no wonder they get all the news media space these days…. The state of Texas is increasingly exposing who their deadbeat republican daddies are these days.

  37. DON”T MESS WITH TEXAS !!! ….. why would any rational, intelligent person want to do that ?

  38. Rick-
    …and you think you and yours who voted against your best interests for yet another governor who is going to further the continuing rape of Texas for his corporate masters is —- the political label, “centrist”?! You see yourself as a, centrist? That dog doesn’t hunt, Rick.

    Instead of refuting the rankings Andy mentioned – you can’t – you choose, instead, to embark on an ad hominem attack of the commentary’s author?

    Instead of engaging in a sober conversation about the alleged strengths and glaring weaknesses, you attempt to obfuscate the bleak reality of Texas by calling someone a — Socialist?!

    You see, Rick, 40% of the money Texas uses for its state spending is from the Federal Government. FORTY PERCENT, Rick! So, all that independent Texas blather you and yours repeat is just bs propaganda you’ve swallowed whole – and you regurgitate it here because you don’t even know the truth about whose teat Texas political types really suck.

  39. I backed Wendy & Leticia from Blue Hawaii, but that didn’t help given the cards were stacked against the voters from the beginning. We’ll keep trying but Texans like you have to stand strong & continue to fight.

  40. As far as I am concerned, Texas is toast. The state of Texas is a breeding ground for the stupid, ignorant and off the wall filthy rich. It is the state where criminals can hide in relative comfort. JFK died there. The government declared the Branch Davidians an evil compound and killed women and children in it’s destruction. G.W.Bush has the blood of the Middle East on his hands for his part in creating the terror that exists there now. Jeb Bush thinks the presidency is rightfully his and he will make a run for it. Tea baggers, birthers and haters of all things not Texan love it there. So the oil slicked cretons of that area are not welcome in my world. I feel sorry for the decent people who live there. But, this is America and we can live and let live in this country. Everyone has an opinion and that’s mine.

  41. It angers me that Texas is being defined by the knuckle draggers in this state. Believe it or not, there are intelligent people in this state, but the idiots in this state make us look like morons.

    The new governor (for whom I did not vote) is just as dumb as his predecessor. They figure if they were taught in an ineffective manner, it is good enough for today.

    My understanding of Common Core is that every kid in the United States will learn the same things. So if a kid goes from one state to another, they will be learning the same things. I see nothing wrong with that.

    Yes, the CC way of teaching math is different but it gives kids the UNDERSTANDING of why 9 plus 6 equals 15 instead of having it pounded into their brains by memorizing the answer.

    At the age of 74, I still use algebra, and geometry in order to solve problems that crop up on a regular basis. I learned math the hard way, but I love the way kids are being taught in CC.

    Not all Texans are idiots.

  42. What amazingly ignorant comments. You and your Texass commenter friend are absolute proof regarding what is wrong with your state. If you had any sense (intelligence) you would wake the hell up, and realize your state’s resources are being squandered, rampant pollution is de rigeur with no environmental pushback,(with the exception of the anti-fracking small but vocal movement in TX.) and a laughable Christo-Wingnut education system. It is also much less safe to live in Texass where teabagger gun freaks terrorize those few sane residents. Google it: FACT: States with more guns and lax gun laws have higher gun death rates.
    And, Turn off FUX and hate radio while you’re at it,and let some sane air in.

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