Ahead Of Midterm Elections, GOP’s Message Appears To Be One Of Racism And Hatred



With roughly four months to go until 2014’s midterm elections, which will decide which party holds the majority in both the House of Representatives and Senate, the Republican Party seems to have made the decision that blatant racism and ugly hatred will be the message the party’s candidates will push on the campaign trail. Over the past few days, we’ve seen a renewed focus by the GOP to alienate and demonize African-Americans and Hispanics, all in an effort to energize the party’s ‘old, angry white guy’ base. The hope is that this will be enough to secure victories in key House and Senate races. On the other hand, this may finally be the course of action that finally destroys the Republican Party once and for all.

Two recent events have brought out the Republican Party’s inner racist demon — the GOP’s Senate primary runoff election in Mississippi and the current crisis at the border involving migrant children from Central America. In Mississippi, Republican State Senator Chris McDaniel lost a close runoff election against incumbent Senator Thad Cochran last week. McDaniel had finished ahead of Cochran in the initial primary election weeks earlier but did not receive 50% of the vote. Therefore, a runoff was necessary. As Mississippi has an open primary system, Cochran decided to appeal to Democratic voters, and more specifically, African-American voters.

McDaniel, as well as other Tea Partiers, has objected to this, saying it is illegal and unethical. McDaniel’s team has threatened a lawsuit and wants all of the results to be tossed out. They have claimed they have seen evidence of thousands of illegal votes being cast in the runoff. They have even offered cash rewards for proof of voter fraud. Obviously the implication here is that Republicans have no business courting African-American votes. In the minds of McDaniel and the Tea Party, it doesn’t matter that Mississippi is an open primary state where there is no party registration. It is just WRONG for another Republican to appeal to black people.

In an article for Talking Points Memo, Ed Kilgore suggested that Republicans don’t want blacks invading their party unless they are willing to embrace an extremely conservative ideology. He also made a comparison between what is happening in Mississippi to the GOP’s failure to move on comprehensive immigration reform.

The idea that becoming more conservative is going to lift the prospects of Republicans among African-Americans is a complete hallucination. Perhaps it’s more accurate to say, reflecting Sojourner’s comments, that conservatives want African-Americans to change before they are worthy of outreach. And in a place like Mississippi, that means the GOP will remain the White People’s Party perpetually fearing black encroachment on its White Primary by “corrupt” pols like Cochran who dare suggest that representing constituents is more important than maintaining pure conservative ideology.

It’s possible if the “crossover” furor drags on, the Mississippi runoff could wind up becoming to GOP prospects among African-Americans what the disastrous handling of immigration reform legislation has become to GOP prospects among Latinos: a reminder that ideology trumps all, and voters who don’t share it simply aren’t welcome.

At the same time this has been going on, we’ve seen a lot of ugly rhetoric coming from the right surrounding the border crisis. Rather than convey a message of compassion and humanity for the young refugees just trying to escape violent situations in their home countries, conservatives have decided to embrace ugly xenophobia aimed and riling up their so-called base. Basically, it has been a two-pronged attack: demonize the migrants (and essentially all Hispanics) and blame President Obama for the whole situation. In other words, let conservatives know that a bunch of illegal Hispanics are jumping the border because of the black president.

Former half-term Governor of Alaska Sarah Palin has been a key figure in bringing this all to a boil. Besides getting involved in the Mississippi situation (where she showed a complete lack of understanding of the state’s election laws), she’s been stirring the pot on this border crisis. Last month, she claimed she was going to leave the GOP if President Obama didn’t send these children back home to Mexico. (Obviously not realizing at the time that these children are from Central American countries.) Earlier this week, she stated that Obama needs to be impeached for breaking the law regarding this situation. (Once again, not realizing that the reason most of these children are being detained and processed at the border is due to a law that has been in place since 2008.)

If it was just Palin acting like a heartless, xenophobic racist then that would be one thing. However, many other Republicans have decided that they need to match Mama Grizzly in terms of mean-spirited bigotry. With knowledge that his city’s immigrant processing center would be receiving some busloads of detainees from Texas to help alleviate the overcrowded conditions there, Murrieta’s Mayor Alan Long called on citizens to protest near the processing center. The result was an extremely ugly display of anger and hatred directed at the buses, which were full of scared children and mothers.

Also of note, you have Texas Governor Rick Perry’s statement that he would refuse to meet and shake the President’s hand when the President arrived in Texas on Wednesday. Perry, who is thinking about making another run at the White House in 2016, obviously wanted to play to his base by making it known that he wasn’t going to be seen being friendly to the black usurper of the Oval Office. Especially since Obama is the one letting all these brown people run through our borders and ‘fundamentally’ change the makeup of the U.S. of A. (Eventually, Perry agreed to attend a meeting that Obama had already scheduled.)

Sen. Tom Coburn (R-OK) said he won’t vote for the President’s $3.7 billion request to assist with the border crisis as it is a huge waste of money. Instead, he suggests we spend $8 million to give all of the children first-class tickets back to their homelands and be done with it.  And there are countless other examples of Republicans trying to show that they hate Hispanic immigrants the most. The fact is, the Republican Party has shown that it only knows how to appeal to the worst aspects of the human race. Sure, hatred, anger, bigotry and negativity may get people fired up over the short term. But those emotions can’t be sustained over a long period. Eventually, people just get tired of being miserable all of the time.


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  1. Now that the Koch Brothers refuse to disclose which candidates they are financially supporting, voters can only assume that any Republican candidate for any election in the country is supported by the Koch Brothers. The Koch Brothers always support the most racist, anti-woman, and Right-Wing extremist candidates in every election. That includes their female and black candidates.

  2. Before long the GOP will be able to hold their conventions at Dennys. And their will still be a few booths open. HA HA!

  3. omg – you would swear that its 2008 all over again. rebel rousers. the republicans have gone mad.

  4. all of that racist hatred was so helpful in 2012 and if U don’t believe me ask President Romney!

  5. Thad Cochran practically show Republicans how to court African-American voters and they did voted for him and he won.

    Republicans was given the opportunity to learn from this. They chose not to. They will never see their own guy in the White House for very long time.

  6. How can anyone even remotely claim to follow the teachings of Christ and act like these people do, say the things they say? If there truly be a hell, they are assuring their own places in the roasting pit. Sooner or later one would think that they would run out of negativity, it takes so much energy…….

  7. Republicans ALWAYS say there is NO
    Racism in America. It’s DEAD!
    We’re all delusional. Really?

    I ALWAYS say:
    “I would bet that everyone of us
    knows at least 1 Racist. If that’s
    true, that’s ALOTTA F’n Racists!!!”


  8. Ahead Of Midterm Elections, GOP’s Message Appears To Be One Of Racism And Hatred

    And Democrats, ALL Democrats, need to hammer this home in their campaigns. Democrats need to come to the realization that the majority of Americans are nonplussed when it comes to politics and elections. But I bet you, once you tear off the mask and show the Republicans for the racists they are, things get much clearer and people will come out in droves on both sides, but our side will win.

  9. Congress has already made up their mind that they will not do anything so what else can the president do. No matter what he does he will be either not doing enough or doing too much. They don’t won’t too pass any decent bills but they want to hold hearings on make up scandals that cost tax payers millions of dollars and think nothing about it. They have brainwashed their followers to believe they are going to impeach the president when they know are not. Wonder what they are going to tell them after the election in 2014? I really wouldn’t want him to go to border because I don’t trust Texas because the republicans want him there to much and it is too many trigger happy gun nuts there, ready to fire a shot and anyone of them would be more than happy to fire a shot at him. That is all we need to really have a civil war get started. Some people don’t understand the danger that they want to put the president life in at time and don’t care.

  10. “Ahead Of Midterm Elections, GOP’s Message Appears To Be One Of Racism And Hatred”

    So, why is it the general consensus in the media that the GOP is poised to take the Senate? If the GOP takes the Senate and they have been acting like this..we are toast.

  11. JoeB..hate to break it to you, but both sides are not the same. Point blank, our President will not negotiate with terrorists. The right wing has done just that. THEY have made it public and clear from the 1st inauguration of President Obama that they would do everything in their power to say no to everything and anything. THEY OWN THAT..the 2 parties are very different.

  12. MLK would be a liberal in today’s standards. Lincoln is considered as liberal in today’s standards. Civil right icons may be Republican-lean but they would be ashamed of today’s Republicans and their obviously racist voters. Your attempt to revisit the history are laughable and hilarious.

  13. You have no idea how stupid that sounds.

    Do try taking a look at your tea bags and your state and local gop.

  14. *facepalm*

    President did went across the partisan line to try and work with Republicans. Old guard are too fearful of tea extremists and their far too extreme voters who are afraid of real big chance at better future. Boehner did once worked with Obama and he ended up getting earful from self proclaimed messenger of God Gohmert, Aryan-like Johnson, airhead Stockman, Look-At-Me Bachmann, Cruz’s personal yes man Lee, and even Cruz himself.

  15. The rapepublicans have no accomplishments of their own to run on.They have to enrage their shallow minded base to get them to the voting booth.This along with denying voters the right to vote will win them elections.Unless we say ENOUGH and show up at the polls in November.There are way more of us than of them.We can do this.We must do this

  16. Murky, that is exactly what it is going to take to win…every Dem showing up and voting. I have already volunteered rides and I am making sure that everyone I know..friends, young adults, relatives gets to that voting booth. There is NO EXCUSE.

  17. It’s about damn time the truth be told about the racist bigots of hate the Republican party has become! Republicans have and continue to blatantly express their hatred for the 2-time duly elected African-American President of the United States. Republicans have essentially become the American versions of Hamas, the Taliban and al Qeada. And nothing more needs to be said.

  18. Wow, such a load of unadulterated BS. Phewww…
    NOBODY from the left is ‘helping’ or ‘creating’ the rancid racist, misogynistic attitudes flowing from the right in ever-increasing waves. They’re doing an extraordinarily fine job of that all by themselves.
    You are so hopelessly divorced from reality that you cannot even see that the simple fact that somebody felt the need to make your ridiculous ‘list’ of black Republicans reveals all anybody needs to know.
    The other fact is that your ridiculous list reaches so far back into history to find enough ‘black Republicans’ to make it seem reasonable is even more ridiculous to its core. Also, LOL dishonest. MLK? Seriously? Frederick Douglass? Both would take little more than one whiff of the usual toxic slush wafting out of any TP talking head to see the reality hiding behind the faux patriotic spew.

  19. JoeB please try getting/understanding some very basic facts before making an argument here. The President has extended so many olive branches to the GOP there could be a forest outside the White House. Look at the book Ask Not What Good We Do, by Robert Draper. It’s based on the FACTS that republican leaders met the night of the January 2013 Inauguration and plotted to block the President’s initiatives. Even things the GOP supported in the past, now they’re against them. Plus, more than 300 GOP filibusters in the Senate, not one Jobs bill from the House and any fair-minded person can see that both sides are not the same.

    When former top aides to Reagan (David Stockman, Bruce Bartlett) now say the GOP is screwed up and causing harm, you know you’re in trouble.

  20. What we get tired of is the racism, misogyny and hatred for the 99% from the Right Wing. Stop THAT and we’d be glad to stop saying it.

    The fact is that ALL of the statements in this article are true and the conclusion is inevitable. Now go troll the HuffPo folks and leave us alone.

  21. But the president did negotiate with terrorists. He traded 5 terrorists for an American POW of questionable character.

    He traded them because “he doesn’t leave any Americans behind.” Except for those 4 Americans in Benghazi.

  22. How is it possible that in 2014, in the 21st Century, we are still debating contraception? The GOP needs to get on board with reality. We’re not living in a Leave-It-To-Beaver world anymore.

    I believe the only things the GOP will fight for are zygotes, fetuses, billionaires, and guns. That’s all they care about. No compassion, no empathy, no sense of self-awareness. They don’t believe in science, not in critical thinking (remember, 2012 Texas GOP was officially “opposed” to teaching critical thinking skills), no facts, no context, no voting rights, no women’s rights, no gay rights, etc etc.

    No wonder 9 out of 10 Repubs are white…
    The Grand ‘Ole Party today is all about hatred and name-calling, and I’m damn sick of it.

  23. It is indeed an hallucination the GOPTPers have if they think we blacks will vote for them if only they become more conservative. We are some of the most conservative and devout Christians in the nation. They fail to see that they can’t denigrate us and expect us to vote for their pols. We aren’t afflicted with Stockholm Syndrome, and we’re not stupid.

    Another incident of racism occurred in WI on Wed at a Chamber of Commerce gathering to promote immigration reform. One of the attendees went to the mic, stated that Congress wasn’t doing its job because “a n!993r is in charge.”
    “Ibarra first denied making the statement, which seems kind of hard since he apparently said it at a news conference. He then apologized and said he “was making a reference to what Republicans say.”

    It’s kind of hard for GOPTPers to keep denying the party is infested with racists when this is said in a live press conference.

  24. Republicans can’t run on their record & their policy positions aren’t popular with the majority of the people, so the only option they have is to gin up fake scandals, stoke the racism & bigotry in their ever shrinking base, & try to suppress the votes of students & minorities. They can only win if Democrats & independents don’t vote.

  25. How can anyone be in the Republican Party and truly say they are for “American Values” is beyond comprehension. They ARE NOT! They profess to be Jesus lovers (Christians) but do NOT practice the Love and wisdom Jesus preaches. So what are they, hypocrites? I think so. Bigots…well, the actions of the majority sure tells us they are, yes? So, Democrats are the real Christians, no hypocrites among us. True dat! ;)

  26. The GOP of yesterday known as “THE GRAND OLD PARTY” no longer is exists. It now can be known only as the party of mean, selfishness, greed and hate. They display this in action every day, at every level.

  27. How many dead men and women did your hero war criminal bushie leave behind?? You people look like fools trying to convince us that you actually care about the 4 dead men. Its all you people have to use against Obama.

  28. We need to send these rethugliKKKans packin
    in November and the brainless who vote for them are locked in a web of trickology.Vote! blue…Just DO IT!! we,deserve better.

  29. Because of low turnout in midterm elections by our side. Too many democrats only vote in presidential years across the board.

  30. BTW re Muriel CA and the immigrants, on MSNBC they said that a lot of those nut case racists blocking buses are not from that immediate area.

    They are part of a repub hate group FAIR

    stands for something about Immmigration Rreform, which in their mind is exporting millions of people

    “Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to …”

    Something the horrid repubs dont understand. We should be kicking them out of the country

    We all need to remember that we are almost all immigrants or children of immigrants.

  31. MCDaniel in MIssissippi has been exposed as not just a racist but an anti semite.

    Not at all uncommon among fundamentalists and you can bet the tea party also.

  32. Here’s what gets me the GOP has always been enslavers of everybody’s Rights in OUR COUNTRY, LET ME SAY THAT AGAIN, OUR COUNTRY. During the Civil War they ran short of troops, they USED US. During WW11, they didn’t want US as Pilots in Planes that bought a their asses back Home that we not only Flew better then they DID. But we lost & or had the LOWEST PLANE LOSE RATE, in the history of Aviation. Can U say Tuskegee Airman. What is so apparent to everyone else is that being a Black Man can’t be all bad. Especially sense in the beginning of God creating this planet that to my understanding We’ve had Pharisees & Sudducess. But that something that was passed on to thorough their lineage. What Really escapes my understanding that they feel has not escaped theirs, is this quote by Edmund Burke: The Only Way for Evil to Triumph, Is for Good Men to do NOTHING. Oh yeah now U can sit back & try to figure out just how UR gonna Spread this terrible Ass disease on to UR kids &…

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