Sarah Palin Threatens To Leave The GOP Unless Obama Flies Abandoned Kids to Mexico


Sarah Palin has posted a deranged manifesto that blames Obama for the flood of unaccompanied minors that are coming over the US border from Central America, called on the president to be impeached, threatened to leave the Republican Party, and demanded that the minors be flown to Mexico by the US government.

Palin wrote on her Facebook page:

These thousands of hungry, innocent children rushing in through Mexico are just the tip of the Sedona Red Rocks (granted, some of these illegals are 18-year-old men whom you wouldn’t want to mess with, but, still, according to Obamacare we now dub young adults “children” until they’re 26, so…). Expect to see hundreds of thousands of another country’s children walk right through our welcoming open border, counting on America’s families to render all aid. We owe it to ourselves to be prepared – so, work even harder, working class, while our President uses his trustworthy discernment to redistribute your paycheck, because it IS for the children, after all. And it takes a village, don’t you know?


We cannot ignore this, and to do so proves you are heartlessly oblivious to the plight of those who, though not willing and able to follow rules or our laws, are expecting a free pass and handout anyway. As a Christian I find it unforgivable to ignore this issue of overrunning border security into these conditions in southern states, and this one issue is just about driving me to renounce my Republican ties because, see, even leaders on the RIGHT side of the aisle haven’t exerted all Constitutional power to stop the madness. A few have tried, but until they’re sent reinforcements, then atrocities like the child abuse and exploitation you’re now getting wind of will only get worse.


So, how much more will you take, Congress and We the People? I sense not enough guts in D.C. to file impeachment charges against Team Obama for their countless documented illegalities, so the way to stop this is at the ballot box. To fundamentally restore America to her destined exceptionalism you must get involved and then get to that box. Use YOUR phone and pen to support conservative candidates who will fight for what is right: Constitutionally protected freedom, respected military, free markets to create jobs, and secured borders to protect jobs! We need your help to do this; it takes more than a village to fortify the homeland. ANYONE associated with support for Obama’s deceptive ploys that would stoop to using and abusing innocent children must be voted out of office. ANYONE who has shined the boot that Obama’s put on the neck of our economy and security must be held accountable by those with the legal power to do so – Congress. And then We the People hold Congress accountable.


P.S. I see that HHS is offering a $350 million grant to provide “family planning services” to the children here illegally. The primary expenditure we need to supply in this humanitarian crisis is jet fuel to fly these children back home to their parents.

The problem with flying these unaccompanied minors to Mexico is that the children aren’t Mexican. The children are arriving from Central America, where according to The Washington Post, Gang violence in El Salvador, Honduras and Guatemala is putting children at risk and causing them to flee.

Palin also doesn’t understand that if the kids were Mexican, the US already has an agreement with the Mexican government that allows for unaccompanied children to be quickly sent back home. It is unclear why Palin is claiming that Obama is importing Mexican children in order to exploit them as a distraction from his other scandals. It is equally as difficult to understand why Palin thinks that Obama has committed an impeachable offense, and why exactly she would be leaving the Republican Party. Is she leaving because Obama won’t fly kids from Honduras back to Mexico, or is she leaving because Republicans won’t impeach the president?

As her sanity becomes a fuzzy speck in the rear-view mirror of time, it is frightening that this woman was nominated by a major political party to be vice president. If Sarah Palin leaves the Republican Party, her first stop should be the nearest mental health clinic.

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  1. “Give me your tired, your poor,
    Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free,
    The wretched refuse of your teeming shore.
    Send these, the homeless, tempest-tossed to me,
    I lift my lamp beside the golden door!”

    So much for Palin wanting to protect our country’s traditions.

  2. PLEASE STOP GIVING THIS EXTRAORDINARILY IGNORANT WOMAN FREE PRESS/WEB SPACE! People might actually think she has something important to say!

  3. Like so much from the RWNJ corner of the political spectrum. They have heard the lies so long that they actually believe that they can impeach Obama if they try.

    They have a majority in the House – impeachment proceedings start in the house


    A public trial would show even the stupidest people in their party that they have been lied to continuously.

  4. It must be the full moon. Today’s events are enough to demonstrate both Palin and her mentor McCain are candidates for involuntary commitment. Palin might just be a little more incoherent than usual; McCain has definitely slipped his tether.

  5. Sarah, make us all happy and just shut your ignorant mouth. Leave the Republicans, leave the country for all we care. Just leave! Go deep into the Alaska tundra and don’t come back. I promise you, only a handful of people in the entire country will miss you. On second thought, bring them with you. We won’t miss them either.

  6. Hey all relax it is apparent that poor little Sarah Palin has been experimenting with a mixture of peyote and moose piss, or some other mind altering substance.
    I’am sure after the effects of this unknown substance wears off she will be her abnormal self soon.

  7. I agree she’s a cretin, but in fact she’s not claiming these children are Mexican or that they should be returned there. She only states they are “rushing in through Mexico”, and that we should fly them home to their parents. Which doesn’t make her any less unhinged, but in fairness, that’s what she said.

  8. “…according to Obamacare we now dub young adults “children” until they’re 26…”
    Of course, sneer with contempt at the idea of young adults with entry or low level jobs that do not include health care (thanks to vermin like Palin) being able to stay on their parents’ insurance.

    What a soulless monster she is.

  9. No Way did she write this it’s not word Salady enuff’….Except “Get to that BOX”…. Maybe she wrote that!
    What an Idiot Woman……

  10. So Palin is threatening to renounce her ties to the GOP, eh.

    Why not? The Whining Wannabe from Wasilla has already renounced her ties to the human race.

  11. “As a Christian????” When was the last time you said or did anything Christian, $arahgrifter? Go right ahead and leave the GOP. They distanced themselves from you in 2008 and told you to stay away in 2012. Everyone knows you’re an AIP/Bircher and only switched to GOP to run for office. Again, let us show you the door. You won’t be missed.

  12. I’m pretty sure she could produce a manifesto… you know from ‘alla dem newspapers’ she told Katie Couric she reads…

    and its not hard to cut and paste out of the comics page as long as ‘they’ let her use scissors and she doesn’t eat all the paste…

  13. I believe Alaska is poised ta’ make weed legal….She needs ta’ B heavily medicated with that! I’ve seen it work wonderz!!!!

  14. “It is unclear why Palin is claiming that Obama is . It is equally as difficult to understand why Palin thinks that .”
    No it isn’t unclear or difficult at all.

    Palin is a moron.

  15. I bet her kids have health insurance….and some extras for single mommy & disabled kid………
    Sarah luv’s her Some Mores………..

  16. It doesn’t have to make sense or even reflect reality. All Sarah is concerned with is spitting out words that will get her constituency’s knickers in a twist. Or, for most of them, getting their Depends in a bunch.

  17. “ANYONE who has shined the boot that Obama’s put on the neck of our economy and security”

    You know what? The insufferable witch knows this is a dog whistle, nasty, stupid, uncalled for, racist, childish and stupid. In other words only this witch is that vile to even think such insane dirt.

    she operates like a pre-teen with a new pen with a giant plastic flower on top.

  18. If palin were a christian she would certainly feel differently about the children. How can she blame Obama when this has been going on for years and years? Did Obama start this?

    palins hate for children reinforces the fact she did a horrible job with her kids including the fake one.

    Im betting theres lots of re;publicans that would be glad to see her go

  19. “she operates like a pre-teen with a new pen with a giant plastic flower on top.”

    Best laugh I’ve had all day and you nailed the core of Palin in the same sentence. Well done!

  20. Silly $arah is trying to start her own “revolution” by threatening to leave the GOP for presumably the Tea Party, and she thinks millions of her “fans” will follow her. $he’s gonna show them, by golly!


  21. And just why does she think that the GOP (or anyone else) would actually miss her if she did leave. Clearly Alaska doesn’t.

  22. Wasn’t it cute of Sarah Palin to drop “just the tip of the Sedona Red Rocks” in at the beginning of her rant, just to let us know she knows about the celebrity popular watering hole north of Phoenix?

    BTW, Jason, Jared Hayden is correct: the harridan DID say “through Mexico”, not “from Mexico”.

    Her screed is carefully worded so as to give the former impression, because she doesn’t mention Honduras or Nicaragua at all (I’m not at all sure she even knows they’re Central American countries).

  23. I guess to certain people, Lady Liberty faces Europe for a reason.

    For all those fake Christians like Sarah Palin:

    Leviticus 19:33-34
    “When a stranger sojourns with you in your land, you shall not do him wrong. You shall treat the stranger who sojourns with you as the native among you, and you shall love him as yourself,

    Matthew 25:35
    For I was hungry and you gave me food, I was thirsty and you gave me drink, I was a stranger and you welcomed me

    Hebrews 13:2
    Do not neglect to show hospitality to strangers, for thereby some have entertained angels unawares

    Zechariah 7:9-10
    “Thus says the Lord of hosts, Render true judgments, show kindness and mercy to one another, do not oppress the widow, the fatherless, the sojourner, or the poor, and let none of you devise evil against another in your heart.”

    Proverbs 31:8-9
    Open your mouth for the mute, for the rights of all who are destitute. Open your mouth, judge righteously, defend the rights of the poor and needy

  24. Tundradunce had best remember that she bought and paid for most of her facebook likes. She doesn’t really have quite the crowd of followers her withered little narcissistic brain thinks she does.

    It will be embarrassing to leave and not have anyone follow.

  25. oh, she wrote it alright, Rebecca Mansour her ghost poster hasn’t mastered the word salad yet. This was a Palin original. I mean it just wreaks of crazy. True to form.

  26. Aw, poor little dim-wit, jumping up and down, screeching her head off, hoping the President will pay attention to her.

  27. What does being a christian have to do with border security? Where in the bible does it say to stop poor people from overrunning the borders?

  28. I have an idea. Why don’t we get simple Sarah, dope her up and then fly her to Gitmo for some extensive psychiatric therapy totally away from it all? It will be in a Carribean climate, they can seal her away from everyone, and we in the US will be done with her.

  29. Russian President Putin is becoming a pain in the rear. So why don’t we send Palin to Russia. We could kill two birds with one stone. Since she said she can see it from her back door, so she won’t have a long trip. Please stop reporting what she says, Just like Dick Cheney, their opinions don’t matter.

  30. It’s not hard to understand her misguided diatribe at all. She is a moron with her mouth going 100mph without realizing her brain is in park…. and other morons find the fecal matter she spews worth reporting. I do however appreciate the ones that point out how senseless she is. Woman is a few fruits short of a basket.

  31. You got that one right dj. Why in the wold is this women not in a mental institution??? You can`t make this shit up!!!

  32. Dear Sarah: I am sure the Republican’s are quacking in fear that you may leave their party. They must be on bended knee, begging you to stay. It’s more likely they would dance with joy. The rest of us would be greatful if you just, disappeared.

  33. If the GOP would only keep their promises.
    “I don’t know. I’ll just tell you this, if this passes and it’s five years from now and all that stuff gets implemented — I am leaving the country. I’ll go to Costa Rica.”
    ”If Barack Obama becomes the president in November, again, I will be either be dead or in jail by this time next year.”
    GRODIN: Would you consent to be waterboarded? We can waterboard you?

    HANNITY: Sure.

    GRODIN: Are you busy on Sunday?

    HANNITY: I’ll do it for charity. I’ll let you do it. I’ll do it for the troops’ families.

    If only……

  34. I didn’t understand much of Palin’s Manifesto because I never learned to speak rambling inane blather.

  35. Her threatening to leave the Republican party….would that be a threat or a promise? She’s arrogant enough to assume anyone would notice if she left…or be sad about it. I’ll throw her a going away party tomorrow……….

  36. More Senseless Blathering from Caribou Barbie, the Patron Saint of Village Idiots.

    You have to Forgive Sarah Palin for Never
    getting any of the Facts Straight.

    It just isn’t possible when your Sphincter
    muscle is wrapped tightly around your own Neck.

  37. Do people seriously still listen to this Loony chick… why does anyone even engage her in a conversation,let a lone give her a platform to speak from…Dang, How many chances does she get to screw in a light bulb. I agree with Djchefron, fly her ignorant ass off the face of the Earth. Win Win for all!

  38. Sorry, I lost any interest when the word Sarah was followed by the word Palin. She’s as vacuous as she is irrelevant.

  39. “As a Christian I find it unforgivable…”

    Classic Palinism. Christianity is all about forgiveness, dipshit.

    Matthew 6:14-15

  40. Please do not equate mental illness with wretched intent and malicious verbiage. Most mentally ill people are victims of abuse by people like her.

  41. Alaska doesn’t want $arah. If she is the real Christian she proclaims to be, she should drive 2 1/2 hours south of her winter home and she could be at the Mexican border, welcoming all those children, offering them food, security, and a cold heart. If she would get off her skinny a$$ and show us how to solve the problem we might just believe her. Until then she is just a whinny has been.

  42. You know that all the GOP Impeachment bluster is just that because not ONCE have they acknowledge that Joe Biden is waaaaaaaay more liberal than the O man and nuuuuuuuuthing would change!

    This is all pandering to the base. In Sista Sarah’s case it’s the the Word Salad Club

  43. Mrs. Palin thought that Africa was a country. Of course she can’t be trusted to geographically parse out the difference between Mexico, Central America and South America. She does get Canada though, as she and her family used to cross the border for cheap medical care. Her geography tends to only cover countries which abut the country she resides in. Mexico is understandable to her now because she lives in Arizona.

    Any Country or State beyond Arizona or Alaska, however, she does not have in the tiny little geographic file folder that lives in that broken brain of hers.

    Remember, this is a woman who did not even travel out of America unit 2007 when she was 43 years old. Her world view is basically what she’s learned from reading People magazine, and they don’t cover a lot of geography. National Geographic? Someone should just send her a subscription, most of us have had one since we were able to read, but really, it could be a good place for her to begin.

  44. I like how she added the word “Christian” in a sentence that had absolutely nothing to do with Christianity to give her comment some air of authority or legitimacy. Epic failure. Also, be wary of the ground shaking from every atheist rolling his/her eyes at the same time.

  45. What a great idea – fly non Mexican children to Mexico where the cartels can force them to join their ranks…

    And Sarah and her friends will say that these kids should be returned to their parents – but don’t consider that in many cases their parents are dead…

  46. She’s like the kids that say they are going to kill themselves because they didn’t get the newest iphone for Xmas/birthday. Fine, leave, the world, or in this case, the country, would be better off without you!

  47. “Sarah Palin Threatens To Leave The GOP”

    How is that a threat? All my mind’s eye can see is coast to coast thunderous applause. Fist bumps and hig fives all around.

  48. “It is equally as difficult to understand why Palin thinks ….”

    It is equally as difficult to fathom why you think that Palin is capable of thinking.

  49. You Betcha. Having Native American blood her spouse and children are eligible for that “government” insurance. As a former Governor, she very well could have insurance for life through the state of Alaska. So they ALL have government subsidized ins.

  50. Did you ever wonder how 60,000 kids could cross Mexico, Central American children look different than Mexican children, and not be stopped?
    Did you ever wonder who is paying for all this if the parents are so poor? Travel that distance and hiring smugglers is not cheap.
    And why no reporter has gone to Central America to talk to the families?
    And why ship the children to Arizona, Gov. Brewer is Obama political adversary. I strongly suspect our government is more involved in this than most people realize.

  51. Agree with all of the above, Palin is not worth the title of human being.

    Since all of these people are fleeing their countries because of political oppression they are in a different category than undocumented immigrants, I would call them asylum seekers.

    As I have watched this I have wondered many times – where are the mega churches who are
    buying mansions and private jets -I’m thinking Osteen for one. They have so much money in their coffers, I was always under the impression the church collected money to do good deeds, these babies need diapers, food and shelter, and a kind word and the churches are silent.

  52. Basic reading 101 “children rushing in through Mexico”

    Sarah said they were coming through Mexico, not coming from Mexico.

  53. Ah! I just love these left wing blogs, so full of misquotes, lies, and the hatred spewing forth in the comments. It just confirms what I have always felt about liberals. As a local talk show host said, “Liberals would rather climb a tree to tell a lie than stand on the ground and tell the truth.”

    Basic reading 101 “children rushing in through Mexico”
    Sarah said they were coming through Mexico, not coming from Mexico.

    And nowhere did I see anything about her “demanded that the minors be flown to Mexico by the US government.”

  54. I don’t know her reasoning, no offense to reason, but, I think that she wants to leave the party, but needs a trumped up alibi.

    Maybe, she is forming her own party….The Duh Moose Party….

  55. I was wondering when Sarah would blame President Obama for the children’s entry into the United States!

    Several points Sarah: was the President standing at the border alongside the border patrol? Or were you standing there counting and re-counting the number of children entering our country?

    You call yourself a Christian! Why? Do you think that Jesus would recognize you?

    Sarah, don’t only “leave” the GOP, leave the country and do us ALL a favor of answered prayer!

    Bye, bye!

  56. To be fair, it’s “reeks” as in “smells” not “wreaks” as in “destroys”.

    Otherwise, I agree.

  57. Thank you, Shiva! I couldn’t get past the hypocrisy of her stating “I’m a Christian” then immediately saying “Screw them! GTFO!” to all the children that have indured gods know what to escape deplorable living conditions and the intense violence of their homeland. And a lot of these little ones made the trip with no family, no parents to watch out for them or make sure they weren’t harmed or killed along the way.

    I love Jesus so f’k those little kids! Yeah, Christ would hate you Sarah, and everyone you roll with.

  58. An addendum to my previous post — advice to Sarah Palin…

    Before you leave, tell the TGOP to get off their a$$es and start moving toward Immigration Reform!

  59. Unaware of impeachable offenses? Because your media sources are bought and paid for by supporters of this corrupt administration. The fact that every comment is either taken out of context (biblical), totally lacking in evidence-based data, or just plain hateful demonstrates plainly that the Democratic Party is composed of godless reprobates and misinformed lemmings. You spout intolerance for anyone who disagrees with your liberal agenda, yet accuse them of intolerance. You quote chapter and verse without discernment, yet show no reverence for your Creator. You claim to be the holders of truth, yet blindly support this administration, which has subverted the constitutional powers of the executive branch, promoted terrorism on a global scale, and is methodically dismantling our freedoms, our economy, and our security. What happened to “Ask not what your country can do for you – Ask what you can do for your country”? JFK was a patriot. #smh

  60. And you appear to be everything you call others. You appear to be the lemming of your own making demanding everyone follow your creator

    BTW, how do you know who “their creator” is? As you know, the constitution allows for each man to have his own creator.

    Yes, could you name impeachable offenses? I thought not

  61. innocent children rushing in through Mexico are just the tip of the Sedona Red Rocks….It bothers me that she, a dipshit from Alaska, would use a reference from Arizona as if she belongs here. Please sell your million dollar hunting cabin in Scottsdale and move back to Alaska where you immigrated from. Oh….. take sheriff Joe with you.

  62. “Unaware of impeachable offenses?” Please instead of blabbering your Rush, Glen, and FOX News drivel, tell me and the House that’s controlled by the Republicans, what these offenses are so we can get him impeached… you do know who will replace him, right? Then we could impeach Biden… Why don’t you mouth breathers pick an electable candidate come 2016 and quit yer bitchin’.

  63. It would be a great idea not only to fly this dumb, delusional woman off the face of this earth, but to another planet altogether. It would be best of all if her fellow lunatics went with her to whatever planet they live on in their delusional minds. After all, they definitely live in an alternative universe anyway. The more exposed she has been in the media, the more frightening I find the thought that she came as close as she did to becoming the VP. As power-hungry as she is, I wouldn’t have been surprised to learn that she would have tried to take McCain’s place if he had been elected.

  64. Sarah Palin did NOT say to fly the children back to Mexico, but to “fly these children back home to their parents”.

  65. Those countries this article listed and other countries in South America, had their inner-structure destabilized, by the good old US of A, especially under that evil Ronnie Ray-gun. Whatever those countries had to offer in the way of minerals, crops, metals,lumber, were taken over by the big US corporations.

    So…with the governments destroyed and US puppets inserted, the only thing left to do, was enslave the population. Once the country had given up it’s wealth to these corporations, the US left and what has followed, is nothing short of being disgusting for those people.

    Gangs, criminals of all sorts have flourished, from out the ashes of out of work families and the only money, is for those who have the cahonies to take what they want. That is done with pistols, rifles and knives…..

    So…the good decent people…have fled to the US, for that promise of democracy and a better life…and how are they treated?

    Way to go republicans….you should be ashamed of yourselve…

  66. There is one that you have forgotten. The entire right wing forgot. Or they never actually read the Bible.


  67. I agree, let her GO, anywhere, hopefully another country. Just when you think she can’t be any more stupid, why would Obama send the kids to Mexico? That’s not where they are coming from.
    Her comment, “they just walk over the boarder” really? Maybe she hasn’t paid her cable bill and doesn’t know how they are really getting into America? It’s a wonder so many of these kids are making it and not dying when they try. That’s sad that they would risk dying trying to get to America as opposed to staying in central America where the chances that would have a life isn’t good.

  68. LET HER GO… Take her passport so that she can’t come back. She doesn’t help the GOP, she makes women look bad, NOT ALL WOMEN, it’s just that she has NO SENSE.
    Someone needs to tell that dumb ass that the kids aren’t from Mexico and how the hell does she think she is threaten Obama? Screw her, she has NO value as a politician, as a women or as an American. What could she possible have left. She’s proved over and over how stupid she is. Who would want her? It’s sad that there is so much air time being wasted on her. WORTHLESS HUMAN BEING! Obama should make her go to the camp where these kids are and make her take care of them, not that she could.

  69. Sarah Palin says she has just about been driven to ‘renounce’ her ‘Republican ties’ over the warehouse-like conditions of the children who are now appearing at our borders. Why don’t more notable people speak as passionately about all the other scandals in our government? Why so much passion about kids who are being used. Weren’t they brought here? I learned they don’t even know where they came from. They certainly didn’t plan the trip. Americans are going to have to want to know more than just a surface understanding…and be less compassionate. Those with the best of intention have contributed so much to where we are today.

  70. No, they were not brought here. And if they are old enough to walk here from Central America, they are old enough to know where they came from.

    What other scandals? The scandals in this government are all pretty much gop started

  71. These children are refugees from war torn parts of Central America and we helped create the mess in those area by making drugs illegal and at the same time having an insatiable appetite for them. These areas have huge swaths of oppressive, grind-in-the-dirt poverty and the only way to make a living is by transporting drugs.

    To want to deny children-CHILDREN-a safe haven is heartless cruelty that no human being should ever condone.

    Sarah is a mean POS.

  72. …like so many others, Sarah is a PseudoChristian…instead of doing the Lords Will, they try to do their own will in the Lords name…the difference??? Results!!!

  73. You think she knows the Statue of Liberty was a gift from France? What would she make of that information?
    Yeah, Scary Failin, leave the R’thug/Teabaggie Party and form your own Party of the Stupid. Face Book ought to ban her from their site for sheer ignorance.

  74. Are you sure it just wouldn’t be better to drop her off in Nicaruagua? Just push her out a plane … With a parachute of course, I’m not an animal. I bet they would love her there.

  75. $arah should know all about “impeachable offenses”. After all, that is why she “quit” her job as Governor of Alaska. She preferred her freedom to grift all over this great nation of ours rather than face the consequences of her actions while in office.

  76. Well, not so different from John McCain, who in the context of the Iraq crisis DEMANDS THAT President OBAMA fire his national security team and, mind you, re-hire who? The scandal-tainted general Petraeus. No wonder the senator from Arizona had chosen the ex-governor of Alaska as his running mate.

  77. “Suffer the little children to come unto me, for the kingdom of heaven is made of these.” -Jesus. So much for her christian beliefs.

  78. “Suffer the little children to come unto me, for of such is the kingdom of heaven made.” -Jesus. So much for her Christian beliefs.

  79. That will never happen. As long as people keep reading her words, it is obvious that she will never be relevant. It is better to keep giving her the airtime so she can keep proving her insanity. “Keep your friends close, and your enemies closer”!

  80. I agree with you. I think that she’s totally self-promoting, but realizes that if she ever wants to run for ANYTHING, she can’t do it as a Republican. Perhaps even THEY are no longer THAT stupid!?? There is no formally registered party such as “TEA PARTY”, so she has to cut and run hoping that the crazier than crazy will welcome her with open arms and empty heads to be their champion! The girl gets off on massive amounts of attention. I say if you’re going to throw every bit of nonsense she spits out into the media – let’s at least start misspelling her name – Syrah Paling, Zarah Appauling, & such editorial tricks…

  81. Oh dear Lord, she can’t string 2 coherent words together. She is so dumb. And the scary thing is a significant % of people think she is smart!!

  82. I’m not a Palin defender and I find parts of her post appalling (e.g. she’s all about the children, yet her solution is to send them back home to continue to live in violent, squalid conditions). However, in fairness, she never said to send the kids were Mexican; she said they are coming THROUGH Mexico, which is true. She didn’t say to send them back to Mexico, as your title states; she said send them back to their parents.

  83. The article said:

    “It is equally as difficult to understand why Palin thinks that Obama has committed an impeachable offense, and why exactly she would be leaving the Republican Party.”

    When, in fact, it is not difficult at all. She thinks that way because she is an ignorant twit!

  84. Now,now Sandra. There’s no law against bein’ horny, it’s just when Prez Obama is happily married and wouldn’t toss Sarah a chin nut any way.

  85. Sarah “The Quitter” is such an airhead she doesn’t even know the children aren’t Mexican and obviously she doesn’t care about their well being if she would just dump them off in Mexico. What a cruel woman! The USA needs Immigration Reform NOW and it needs to be investing in jobs in Mexico and Central America instead of in Asia. That’s how to help solve this problem.

  86. While I don’t agree with your generalizations about liberals, I do agree that Mr. Easely needs to re-read Palin’s post and either retract or amend this article. There is a lot to criticize, or at least discuss in her post, but it’s important to Easely to get his facts straight first.

  87. “As her sanity becomes a fuzzy speck in the rear-view mirror of time,”

    Classic! It’s truly frightening to think that but for 2% of the popular vote and one old man having a heart attack, this deranged moron could have had her finger on the nuclear trigger.

  88. For one just let me say this!!! Who is she to post a remark like that, she call’s herself a true Christian well let me through this out there to you.For one who is it for you to judge anyone, it state’s in the Bible that the good lord Jesus Christ state’s that only he judge, who are you to judge anyone miss Sara, for one our Lord has nothing to do with the idiot’s that are here trying to poison people’s mind’s, and for another, you want to put out there about these children who are here because they are from another Country, well let me tell you something sister, for one it say’s in the Bible to never judge nor let the poor starve, you want to put down these people of God like we all are, he made us of his own image, and when he stood up in a crowd when Mary Magdaline was going to be stoned, he stood up and said He who have not sinned let he cast the first stone, putting remark’s out here like that can cause you to be backed in a corner, for one you have no right to transgress …

  89. The only fair and just response to Sarah Palin is pity; she is an undiagnosed Down’s Syndrome victim where it never presented with facial deformities, so she was able to “pass”.

    My only hope is that one day doctors who know far more about this than I will finally weigh in and get her whatever treatment might be available to her.

  90. Right on, Astorix.
    So much of our misery at the border started back in the thirties when we made drugs illegal without considering the consequences; especially Marijuana for obvious reasons that medical science has shown us in recent years.
    I wonder if our focus shouldn’t be turned back to the drug-torn countries that these children were forced to leave.
    If we have to spend billions to solve this problem, why not use some of it to help Honduras, San Salvador and other countries fight the drug barons like we did in Colombia. I’m sure that operation was far from perfect but it seems to have eventually showed some progress. Perhaps we learned something in the process.
    I’d much rather see this money spent right here in our own backyard than to start another war in Iraq!

  91. If these people came in legally, there wouldn’t be a problem. Coming illegally and putting a massive strain on our health care and economic system is a problem. Obama has opened the flood gates by recruiting the youngsters from Central and South America, so they can become a part of the Dream Act and then bring their families here legally to bolster the Democratic voting bloc.

  92. You know thats a dream on your part right? Obama has not recruited anyone from South America. Breitbart or Fox?

    Illegals do not get Obamacare. Good grief.

  93. Tell us Colin, which countries immigration laws to you agree with? You feel that US citizens do not have the right to be sovereign state? That the people in this country do not have the right to protections from terrorists? To protect our economy and way of life? That we should all work for free and give it all away to the rest of the world? Tell us which utopian society was successful?


    Sarah Palin is madd! Although she has the gray matter of a turnip, she feels entitled ,along with fellow cerebral pygmy John McCain.
    Sarah Palin wires are not connected properly.She is an English major that can’t even write a composition. She literally hates President Obama although she is a dummy. Listen to her speech and note how she often rambles her way into a new tangent every other sentence. She is not just dumb, she is dumb as h#ll

  95. No Chris…we should do REVERSE THERAPY on the pit. Her party has so proudly added this to their message/ know, for gays. With sarah we will reverse the ignorance, pathetic hate mongering, bigoted screeching, word salad to English–as she condemns Mexicans–fake girls to real chi-chi’s, reverse the ignorance, reverse the fake mother to a real mother with actual feelings/compassion not only for mankind but for poor innocent children. I pray to God your children never find themselves in their shoes as the GOP’s plan is pretty much how we will all end up. They are a cruel mean hateful party. You are a cruel mean reflection of that party. You are the epitomy of all things hateful and awful in life and seem so dam proud of it. You are a shame to our society but especially women all over the world! STOP ALREADY! PLEASE!

  96. sarah palin shows not only her stupidity but and now doesn’t know where these kids are really from but just has to spew her hatred. well since it looks like the president isn’t going to fly these kids back to “mexico” might as well start packing and not only leave the GOP – leave the United States.

  97. Oh. So we are just going to let a bunch of kids come here from central and south America and die on our streets.
    Good plan.

    But in reality, we have border patrol agents changing diapers, mixing formula and feeding these kids at camps being set up and paid for all over the country.

  98. Your response makes no sense at all. I did not say that. I responded to someone who is full of fox news crap. Something you were unable to discern

    I am really on your side. I want them carpet bombed. Are you with me?

  99. I am comfortable with Sarah Palin leaving the GOP. I would be happier if she left the country.

  100. I don’t know why anyone even pays attention to what Palin has to say. She a total idiot and a quitter.

  101. I will wait for history to say our country went down the tubes because of hateful sheeple like the ones on this page. This President has done more to tear this country apart than anything else in my lifetime. I recommend you learn to speak Chinese or Pashtu. Utopia doesn’t exist!

  102. Aw poor girl. But you are right, there are no Utopias. The corporations that you suck up to ensure thats a fact

  103. I have read all your posts and not one of you offer a solution to the problem. Your infantile rhetoric is telling of a band wagon you want to be on. I agree that Sarah Palin’s post is nonsense, however, our borders must be secured and our laws enforced, something both party’s won’t do much about.

  104. So tell me how would you secure 1,969 miles? In case you didn’t know that is the length of the border and its not paved or manicured green grass.

  105. Finish the fence and utilize technology and manpower, both of which have been proposed and supposedly funded but never completed or carried out.

  106. HR 6061 secure fence act 2006. Who cares if the administration is deporting more than the previous one. The fact remains that people are violating our borders.

  107. So your proposal is to station troops at 10 yard intervals to prevent any crossings? Will you support that the companies that hire these people be stripped of their companies and thrown in jail?

    Bush Signs Border Fence Act; Funds Not Found

    As of January 22, 2010, CBP had completed roughly 643.3 miles of fencing (344.8 miles of primary pedestrian fence and 298.5 miles of vehicle fence) along the Southwest Border. Generally speaking, pedestrian fence is located in urban areas and adjacent to ports of entry, whereas vehicle fence is located in relatively unpopulated and remote areas of the border. When finished, the Department would have constructed a total of approximately 670 miles of pedestrian and vehicle fence along the Southwest Border.

    As of February 10, 2012, the Department had completed 651 miles of fencing out of nearly 652 miles mandated by Congress, including 299 miles of vehicle barriers and 352 miles of pedestrian fence. The precise location and type of fencing used was developed by examining unique characteristics of the terrain and gathering feedback and intelligence from Border Patrol chiefs with responsibility over the nine Southern border sectors.

    On June 27, 2013 the US Senate approved a landmark overhaul of immigration laws by a 68 to 32 vote. The Border Security, Economic Opportunity and Immigration Modernization Act is a top item on President Barack Obama’s agenda, but faced an uncertain future in the House of Representatives. This bill mandates the most extensive border and interior security measures in American history. It required and funded the completion of 700 miles [1,126 kilometers] of real border fence. It added 20,000 new border agents. It detailed a specific technology plan for monitoring each sector of the border.

  108. Yes, I read that article also. Your premise in your post is silly as far as stationing troops at ten foot intervals,as was the 51 foot ladder. As far as holding companies in violation of a standing law, hiring illegal aliens, yes, I do think they should face heavy fines and imprisonment. As I stated at my opening argument, neither party wants to resolve the issue. The bill you cited is a good bill and should be passed. The Republican Party introduces a bill and the Democratic Party introduces a bill, then it gets debated and common ground is found and a bill is passed. Today, however, both parties are so partisan that the country is at a standstill. The establishment politicians need to be dismissed through the election process, people need to be informed voters, not party line voters. We need solutions now, not blow hearted rhetoric from both sides, do you agree?

  109. Evidently you didn’t read the article or so caught up in your xenophobia you failed to understand what it said. All I can do is show you what has been done. Now you either accept it or don’t either way I can give a rats ass on what you believe. Now hop along now faux is on and you need some more hate to go with your ignorance

  110. Enforcing laws and protecting the borders makes me a xenophobe?, all I said is what needs to be finished is not. Your little tirade is both stupid and ignorant. The hate seems to be on your end more so than mine.

  111. I am done . The only thing that will satisfy your xenophobia is if we build a moat with alligators that breathe fire. And like it or not people always emigrated here for a better life. I am quite sure your family did the same thing the only difference is they were white and they are brown and that’s what scares you.

  112. How am I stopping people who want to work here? There is a legal way to come here to work. The drugs and illegal immigrants come over the same borders. Again, we have to control them, which we are not doing now.

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