Sarah Palin Wants President Obama Impeached For Following A Law Passed By Republicans



Another day, another opportunity for Sarah Palin to call for President Obama’s impeachment. In an ‘exclusive’ article for, the former half-term Governor of Alaska wrote that the President needs to be removed from office due to the crisis at the border involving tens of thousands of refugees, most of them children, who are trying to escape violent conditions in Central America. In typical Palin fashion, she is unable to point to any law the President has broken that should lead to his removal from office. Instead, the article is nothing but a barfed-out word salad meant to energize angry racists.

Below is her call for impeachment via

Enough is enough of the years of abuse from this president. His unsecured border crisis is the last straw that makes the battered wife say, “no mas.”

President Obama’s rewarding of lawlessness, including his own, is the foundational problem here. It’s not going to get better, and in fact irreparable harm can be done in this lame-duck term as he continues to make up his own laws as he goes along, and, mark my words, will next meddle in the U.S. Court System with appointments that will forever change the basic interpretation of our Constitution’s role in protecting our rights.

It’s time to impeach; and on behalf of American workers and legal immigrants of all backgrounds, we should vehemently oppose any politician on the left or right who would hesitate in voting for articles of impeachment.

The many impeachable offenses of Barack Obama can no longer be ignored. If after all this he’s not impeachable, then no one is.


Oh, Sarah. Oh, simple, simple Sarah. If you want to advocate impeachment, you have to actually point to a law he has broken and then argue your point. You cannot just try to elicit an emotional reaction in readers out there who are going to jump on board with anything you say. Sure, it might feel good to get likes and comments on your Facebook page or a bunch of Breitbart readers cheering you on. But that still isn’t going to do anything. Just typing out screed after screed without backing anything up with even rudimentary facts or the most basic of legal arguments just proves that you are doing nothing more than crying wolf, time and time again.

Here’s the thing, Sarah. One major reason we have a surge in young immigrants from Central America that need to be processed and allowed into this country is rooted in a law that was passed with bipartisan support and signed by President George W. Bush in 2008. The William Wilberforce Trafficking Victims Protection Reauthorization Act of 2008 created protections that would allow children from certain countries that crossed the border to stay in this country. Basically, if children crossed the border alone, and they fled one of a number of countries on the list (Mexico and Canada are not on this list), they would be cared for. Usually, they end up with family members or in foster care.

This law was uncontroversial at the time it was passed. Nobody wants to turn away children who are victims of human trafficking or have fled extremely violent situations in their home countries. That is why it passed through Congress unanimously and President Bush signed it. There were no objections. However, now that situations in Central American countries have led to a mass influx of young immigrants looking for refuge, somehow in the eyes of Republicans, this is all Obama’s fault. He needs to be impeached because he is following the law. Since we have a humanitarian crisis going on, and thousands of brown people are being allowed to enter our country legally, Obama needs to be thrown out of office.

On Tuesday, President Obama asked Congress to provide $4 billion to deal with this ongoing crisis. This money will be used to beef up border patrols, bring in more immigration judges, build more detention facilities and provide better care for the migrant children being held at the border while they are processed. Will Congress act on this? Or will members act just like Palin and merely use this crisis, just like any other issue that pops up, to whine and complain about the President?

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  1. What can I say, it’s Palin being Palin. Not one scintilla of evidence to back up her rants as usual. I’m wondering how outraged she or her ilk would be if these were white kids coming from Canada? I wish she would would go away, and take Bachmann with her.

  2. Sarah Palin is trying her darndest to stay relevant… it’s the only thing she actually hasn’t quit on for a change! Atta girl!

  3. Thinking is not Sarah’s strong suit. Never was, never will be. I wish she would just shut up. People can hurt themselves laughing at her stupidity and mindlessness.

  4. We all Thot the media left her in the lurch. Not on your life did they.
    Whatever anyone in our country writes or says about Pres Obama it is printed as fact. The right wing has paid a number of Internet sites to write negative articles. It has been imbedded in our minds what a terrible president he is in reality he is the best and will go down in history as such.
    I just left the Wash Post site and all opinion articles are about smearing obama! Now once again this leper Palin gets full throttle again in the media. He’ll, no, according to the media they are loving her! the media is still having their love affair with the hillbilly Palin.

  5. So so tired of hearing this beyotch spew about stuff she knows nothing about…she was a nobody when McCain found her, and now she thinks she’s a somebody. Will someone PLEASE kick John McCain in the balls the next time you see him, OK?

  6. @SarahPalinUSA,some advice.When you don’t see the crazy person on the bus, you ARE the crazy person on the bus.

  7. “mark my words, will next meddle in the U.S. Court System with appointments that will forever change the basic interpretation of our Constitution’s role in protecting our rights”
    The nerve! The gall! The audacity! Never before in our nation’s great history have presidents ever “meddled”(?) with the judicial branch by appointing federal judges. Those judges have always been appointed by… uh, by, well… uh… never mind! IMPEEEEEACH!!!!! BECAUSE!!!!! DERPPPPP!!!!!


  8. The Wasilla Wacko doing what she does best… throwing out typical nonsensical word-salad tidbits to the remaining palinbots so they’ll send sarahpac more money! FU McCain for unleashing this moron on the lower 48!!!

  9. No. I won’t feel bad for Pointing and laughing at her. She deserves all the derision that comes her way. She crossed the rubicon, saw that the derp was good and said “the die is cast.” Then she said, “die? Who died? Where am I?”

  10. Sarah Palin is a stupid C _ _ _. If she speaks for Americans as she states, the rest of the world must be rolling on the floor laughing at how dumb we are. I wish someone would just knock her off the stage once and for all. She’s just taking up space.

  11. you know sarah – I wish you would check your facts before you get up and make yourself look even more stupid.

  12. What most likely will happen is that the GOP congress will claim we don’t have the $$$ to beef up border patrol, while blaming Obama for not beefing up border patrol. All the while wasting money on stupid lawsuits against the president and, of course, BENGHAZI!

  13. Huck, you missed so many that should be included. Starting with her family of takers, Cruz, Santorum, the Supreme Court, Ryan too many to count. All the rethug Gov’s who refuse to give medical coverage to their people on and On and on.

  14. The funniest part is the “conspiracy” nuts. Yes, the “deporter-in-chief” ARRANGED to be overrun by child refugees because … well, ummm, because.
    RWNJ also fail to realize they aren’t SNEAKING IN, so it seems that border security is working just fine. (Laughing at Gov Perry lamenting “ONLY 7 per mile”…only 7)

  15. Calling her a Hillbilly is an insult to the Hillbilly’s. Have never figured out what exactly she is, except very repulsive.
    A perfect example of what rethugs are. They seem to love slime, mud, and dirt, they revel in it. Just can’t find their way out.

  16. ~
    Obama is really a despotic devilish dictator all right! Just today I have encountered articles on Palin and Ted Cruz, yesterday a Rick Perry ABC interview, that have put forth out right lies on the subject of the children crossing the border. They, and all of the others, are still walking around free, continuing to make absurd accusations

  17. Typical of ‘Sarah Snide-meister’ to make light of battered spouses in order to garner the media spotlight and spew one of her usual banal diatribes on matters about which she is completely clueless.

  18. President Obama has abdicated his responsibility to enforce the laws of the United States against illegal immigration. He has virtually declared our southern border an open border by declaring certain areas of federal land in states like Arizona as off-limits to federal, state, and local authorities. This is despite the fact that these areas are being used to bring in thousands of illegal immigrants, massive amounts of drugs, and also being used by foreign terrorists to infiltrate the United States. He has also ordered the border patrol not to arrest most illegal immigrants entering the country, and has stopped deportation proceedings against thousands of people in this country illegally. He is in effect instituting the so-called “dream act” bypassing the Congress of the United States which has sole authority over immigration matters.

  19. MurrietaMunitter, there is a law preventing Obama from closing the border to these people. Didn’t you even READ this article before commenting on it?

    Incidentally, the law in question was signed into law by George W. BUSH.

  20. The woman is such an idiot. I can’t believe even the nutcase Tea Party fanatics take her seriously.

  21. Sock puppet does NOT know that St. Ronnie gave amnesty to 4 million….she/it did not write it either. Copy and paste job,big time!

  22. The only reason the GOP allows her to speak is to get horny Rethug teens & men looking at her t*ts & not giving a damn what she’s saying. “OMG the t*ts spoke! What did they say?” “Who cares??! Agree, agree!” She & Bachman are too stupid to realize their higher up will NEVER EVER let a woman become President. I would say let them both spout their nonsense 24/7, but there are idiots listening to them & voting accordingly. Which is beyond disastrous, for them & US. That’s how these Tea Bagging idiots got into power.

  23. Once Hillary or Elizabeth is elected, the first step should be to appoint a “renowned Constitutional Scholar” to the Supreme Court – and watch the Tea Party explode. Wink, wink, nod, nod…

  24. I ask this, everyone: Why should anyone with a brain care about what this nincompoop says about the President.

    She’s proven herself to be a totally incompetent leader, as proven by the fact that she didn’t finish her term as governor of Alaska. All she’s good for are these moronic sound bites that people of her ilk eat up like crack.

    If anything, everyone should learn to ignore her (that includes those in the media… well, liberal media anyway. Conservatives are too dense to figure out how to ignore people) and she will go away.

  25. I think that would be a fine job for our current POTUS in his retirement. Not sure though that he would want it.

  26. Scarah PaYme is one beech who needs to go away far away and I don’t know why the lame azz media pimps on this azzhole.

  27. I suggest those of you touting the party line and salivating over this law read the fine print. Wilburforce doesn’t cover these kids,, or their parents. There’s no provision in the act to cover children fleeing their homelands because of violence. The one exception is children who are recruited into military and paramilitary groups. And please, don’t try to say 52,000 + children are victims of human trafficking. This author suggests these kids will go into foster care. Really now? The foster care system in this country is so overburdened as it is – children born here are left wanting, and you really think foster parents are going to take in non-English speaking kids? Do you really need statistics on the likelihood of these children being placed?? Who is going to pay for all of this? Who is going to pay for the necessary basic medical needs (immunizations for starters)? Medicaid? LOL! The states’ coffers are empty, people. Pull your heads out of O’s rear end and see things as…

  28. Are you seriously questioning the government’s ability to pay for these people and their immediate, not to mention long term needs?? Just what facts do you want? Do you want foster care statistics? Do you need Medicaid $$ numbers? Are you blind to the current economic situations states are presently in??

  29. Your post could have been sooo much shorter if you’d just be honest up front. You couldn’t care less about the cost or where the money’s coming from. You don’t give a lickspittle about the foster care system in this country.

    The truth is, just say it out loud … really, we’d have more respect for you …. You don’t like brown skinned folks. You think they’re lesser human beings than your pontificating righteous self.

    Seriously, just go away. None of us want you here. I’m sure there are other countries where you’d fit in just fine, where you could have free rein to persecute whoever you like!

  30. Yet when the government protects the land they (collectively WE! OH NOES, SSOSHEWLISM!!!) own and asks people to pay for the use of it, they are TYRANTS and abusing their authority. The smug stupidity and misplaced self-righteousness, the complete refusal of your ilk to acknowledge reality, and the contradictory blathering that permeates the right is getting very tiresome to the majority of the country. Keep at it though, you’re exposing the deep down ugly to the WHOLE WORLD.

  31. Another “Batsh*t crazy nut job heard from! Every time she opens her mouth she reminds me the other Batshit crazy Bachmann! pathetic!

  32. It appears to me that this column must be written by a lot of Left leaning writers. I did see a comment by someone who reads Breitbart. I suppose that “Fair & Balanced” is not a requirement. However, the primary error in Gov. Palin’s statement is that it requires 3/5ths of the Senate to proceed with Impeachment, and unless some of the D’s vote in favor of our Nation, rather than in allegiance to their Party, the motion will not pass.

  33. You folks who are doubting that the law cited in this article applies might actually try READING IT. Particularly Title IV, Section 403, which is EXACTLY the situation that applies here.

    You may also want to try acquainting yourself with what is actually going on in Central America.

  34. Sarah apparently your watch is a little slow,sweatheart fifteen minutes has passed,..really…stop trying to get in the news!!!

  35. Don’t Forget to send a Thank You card to John McCain every time Sarah Palin delivers another load of Verbal Vomit.

    John McCain and Sarah Palin. Two Village Idiots that should NEVER get anywhere near
    the White House.

  36. Do you want to hear a horror story that would make a Stephen King novel read like Dr. Seuss kiddies? This Armageddon wishing end of days believing psycho was potentially one heartbeat away from being our commander in chief. Were it not for a sudden economic panic and collapse(remember McCain was leading in the polls in the late summer and early autumn months leading up to the Lehman Bros crisis of 2008)she very well could have been our VP. Sleep tight children!

  37. The lady is a master of STUPID and should go away, she can take Ted Nugent with her. He and his music suck. Thinks he’s a great hunter, what a joke! He last said that he would be in jail if Obama got re-elected so why didn’t that happen ¿

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