Chris Christie Aids Trump’s Russia Cover-Up By Arguing Against Special Prosecutor

Gov. Chris Christie has changed his tune on special prosecutors. The Republican from New Jersey has gone from demanding one to investigate Clinton to arguing that a special prosecutor is unnecessary to investigate Trump.


New Jersey Governor Chris Christie was asked if he supports a special prosecutor to investigate Donald Trump. He answered, “I don’t because the Justice Department over the course of time has shown itself with the professionals there have the ability to investigate these kinds of things. I just think, Jake, and whether you are a Republican or a Democrat, we’ve seen it happen on both sides. When a special prosecutor gets involved the thing gets completely out of control, and I don’t think that serves anybody’s purpose.”

In August 2016, Christie called for a special prosecutor to investigate The Clinton Foundation, “The Clinton Foundation must be investigated now. Unfortunately, the only appropriate action for our compromised Attorney General is to appoint a truly impartial Special Prosecutor. This must be investigated before Americans vote for President. Our system of justice deserves nothing less.”

Christie’s view is that special prosecutors are necessary for Democrats, but not needed for Republicans.

There is more evidence of Trump wrongdoing than was ever presented by Republicans against Hillary Clinton and The Clinton Foundation, but Christie wants Trump’s pal Jeff Sessions to oversee the investigation.

The strategy coming from the Trump White House is going to be to allow an “investigation,” but to make sure that it isn’t independent and can be easily distorted and buried by Trump allies in Congress and the White House.

Christie’s comments signal that the Trump White House has firmly moved from denial to cover-up, which is why the heat must be kept on this president and his Republican allies.