Joe Biden Makes Point of Praising Chris Christie for Promoting COVID Guidelines, Says He Wishes Trump Would Do The Same

Just a few months ago, Chris Christie was helping Donald Trump prepare to debate against Joe Biden. It’s been a strange couple of months for the former New Jersey governor since then.

Christie contracted a case of COVID-19 that was seriousness enough that he had to be hospitalized. And after Christie recovered, he saw his friend Donald Trump pardon Charles Kushner.

Back when he was a District Attorney for the state of New Jersey, Christie was responsible for prosecuting Kushner. He said it was the most loathsome and disgusting case he had ever prosecuted.

Christie has also changed his tune when it comes to Donald Trump. He has encouraged the president to move on from the election. The former governor also filmed a video encouraging people to wear masks and follow safety guidelines.

During a Tuesday presser, Joe Biden made a point of thanking Christie for his advocacy. The president elect told reporters in Wilmington, Delaware:

“I give former Governor Chris Christie credit. He and I disagreed on a number of things, but I’m thankful he’s now encouraging people to do the right thing and wear masks for themselves, their loved ones and their country. I hope that President Trump will listen to him. He can do it too. It would make a huge difference for President Trump to say, ‘wear masks.'”

Biden continued, “I hope the president will clearly and unambiguously urge all Americans to take the vaccine once it’s available. I took it to instill public confidence in the vaccine. [Vice] President-elect [Kamala] Harris took it — took hers today for the same reason.”