Too Little Too Late: Taylor Greene Finally Apologizes After Repeatedly Comparing Mask Rules to the Holocaust

For a freshman congressperson, Marjorie Taylor-Greene is in the news an awful lot. Then again, she likes it that way. The Georgia Rep. specializes in making offensive and ignorant statements.

Last month, Greene used incredibly toxic rhetoric to decry mask restrictions in the House of Representatives, comparing the policy to the treatment of Jews during the Holocaust. And when she had the chance to apologize for her comments, she instead decided to double down. read more

WATCH: Sean Hannity Wants GOP House Members to Sue Nancy Pelosi Over Mask Mandates

The country is getting closer and closer to getting back to normal. And that is largely due to Joe Biden‘s COVID response. Fox News, though, does not want to give the president any credit.

In fact, the network wants to make a major issue out of masks. Republicans in congress have been making a show of not wearing their masks. So Nancy Pelosi mandated that they were them while indoors for the time being. This made Sean Hannity go a bit crazy on Thursday night. read more

Chris Hayes: Is Tucker Carlson Evil or in the Midst of a Genuine Breakdown

Tucker Carlson has not had an easy time since Donald Trump has been out of office. And with OAN and Newsmax breathing down Fox’s neck, Carlson is willing to say anything for ratings.

But he went a step farther than usual during an anti-mask rant on Monday. The Fox host encouraged his viewers to harass people wearing masks outdoors. He even said that people should call Child Protective Services on parents who mask their children. read more

Tucker Carlson: If You See a Child in a Mask, Call Child Protective Services on the Parents

Tucker Carlson Masks

It seems like Donald Trump‘s loss in November has deeply affected Tucker Carlson. Each night, the Fox host delves deeper and deeper into conspiracy theories and paranoia.

During his Monday night broadcast, Carlson had a meltdown over mask wearing. He urged his viewers to harass people who wear masks outdoors. Even worse, he said that people should call child protective services on parents who had their children wear masks. read more

Joe Biden Makes Point of Praising Chris Christie for Promoting COVID Guidelines, Says He Wishes Trump Would Do The Same

Chris Christie police shootings

Just a few months ago, Chris Christie was helping Donald Trump prepare to debate against Joe Biden. It’s been a strange couple of months for the former New Jersey governor since then.

Christie contracted a case of COVID-19 that was seriousness enough that he had to be hospitalized. And after Christie recovered, he saw his friend Donald Trump pardon Charles Kushner. read more

Republican Louie Gohmert Tests Positive for Coronavirus After Refusing to Wear a Mask

Louie Gohmert has tested positive for Covid-19 following a screening at the White House. He becomes the latest person in President Donald Trump’s orbit to be diagnosed with the illness.

The Republican congressman from Texas was due to fly back to his home state on Wednesday with the President, which is apparently why he was tested. Gohmert had publicly refused to wear a mask. read more

Surgeon General Jerome Adams Suggests Federal Troops Would Be Needed to Enforce Mask Mandate

The U.S. Surgeon General has made the extraordinary claim that federal troops would be needed if a federal mask mandate were introduced. He made the claim while urging people to wear masks.

Jerome Adams spoke to Fox News on Monday and literally begged Americans to wear face coverings. But he then said he wasn’t in favor of a nationwide mandate because of the difficulties of enforcement. read more