The Biden Campaign Will be Pulling Down Negative Ads for 14 Days

Since last night’s announcement that Donald Trump had tested positive for COVID-19, things have changed dramatically. On Friday evening, the president was helicoptered to Walter Reed Medical Center for treatment. The White House says that he will be there for multiple days.

The November election is coming fast and now stands a little over a month away. Thanks to a recent large cash influx the Biden campaign has been running ads in both swing states as well as in red states that he Democrats are hoping to capture.

A number of those ads, however, will be coming down over the next two weeks. That is the shortest period of time that Trump may need to quarantine due to illness. And the ads that are coming down are those that had something negative to say about the president. \

Ben Collins from NBC News reports, “Biden’s negative Trump ads are already deactivated on Facebook. Looks like anything mentioning Trump at all are inactive. It’s mostly just ads for upcoming events and ballot requests that remain live.”

Mike Memoli followed that report, “A Biden campaign official confirmed to NBC News that the campaign is pulling all of its negative advertising from their rotation of paid media. The news comes as the president is transported to Walter Reed National Military Medical Center as a precautionary measure.”

Despite calls from Fox News to shut down his campaign for the next 14 days, Biden was on the campaign trail in Grand Rapids, Michigan. The Democratic candidate made his entire speech wearing a facemask.