Desperate For Attention, Chris Christie Calls For Social Security Cuts

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With his political aspirations on the ropes, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie decided to go bold on Tuesday, calling for cuts to social security benefits during an event in Manchester, New Hampshire. Some of the changes would affect more affluent social security recipients. For example, Governor Christie suggested that benefits should be cut for individuals earning more than $80,000 annually, and phased out entirely for those who earn over $200,000 a year.

He also proposed more controversial changes that could have an impact on beneficiaries of all income levels. For example, he suggested raising the retirement age for eligibility. Governor Christie also called for requiring individuals who receive temporary disability benefits to return to work more quickly.

Chris Christie was once considered to be one of the more formidable Republican presidential hopefuls. As a blue state Governor with a record of electoral success in New Jersey, and a reputation for being a political moderate, Christie was viewed as a legitimate threat to defeat Hillary Clinton in 2016.

However, the bridge scandal, combined with Governor Christie’s blatant pandering to the far right, have worn off the luster of his once-promising candidacy. His favorable ratings are in the ditch, and his poll numbers are languishing in the single digits. Furthermore, among the Republican hopefuls, Chris Christie fares the worst in a head to head match-up with Hillary Clinton, losing by 9 points, 46-37.

Governor Christie’s dilemma is compounded by the fact that the right-wing of his party still doesn’t trust him, even as he has lost his grip on moderate and Independent voters. Understandably, with media attention being heaped upon Ted Cruz, Rand Paul and Marco Rubio recently, Chris Christie is making his last gasp effort to try to stay relevant in the Republican race.

Governor Christie’s gambit appears to be to try to appeal to the economic right-wing of the Republican Party by presenting himself as the candidate willing to tackle “entitlement reform”. The problem Governor Christie faces, however, is that cutting social security is not a very popular policy. It isn’t even popular with rank and file Republicans, much less with Independents and Democrats. Furthermore, because Christie’s plan calls for cuts to benefits for rich and poor alike, it is likely to please almost nobody.

Governor Christie is trying his best to regain footing in the presidential race by stepping into the spotlight to discuss making social security cuts. While he may seize the moment long enough to generate some media attention, by harnessing his hopes to an unpopular policy, he is only driving his campaign deeper into the political abyss.

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  1. This is just another attempt to Kill SS. The Rethugs have been after it for 80 years. Chip away a little at a time.

  2. I have a big problem with this. If you are a blue collar worker, your body is usually shot before you are 65. Ask any farmer, construction worker, fireman, commercial electrician, the list just goes on and on.

  3. if Christie thinks that by making changes to social security is going to win him votes – he better think again.

  4. He’ll be one of the first, if not the first to drop out. He’s in too much trouble, plus he’s p.o.’ed the wealthier seniors. After all they also contributed to Social Security and Medicare, they still deserve to get what they put in.

  5. He’s seemed to hump up the Division of Taxation.

    Tax REFUNDS seem to be taking longer than ever.


    Perhaps, if he didn’t give that billion dollar tax cut to folks making over $400K, over the past 5 years, there’d be money in the account to issue REFUND checks. Instead the tax cut was given and NJ’s economy suffered as a result, contrary to the ‘job creators’ myth.

  6. He needs to stay home and try to fix things in New Jersey. But his repug fixes all come off the backs of people who cannot afford it.

    Unfortunately, for him, they don’t like him very much either.

  7. If folks paid into it, then they should get to withdraw from it. No exceptions.

    It’s simply Tax Fairness.

    Which is an alien concept to every Republican.

  8. I agree, moongrim. if you paid in, you are entitled to take out. I would also support there being nNO income cap on ss taxes. if everybody was taxed on 100% of their earnings like us working stiffs are, there would be no problem. or, barring that, you should only be able to collect the percentage that you paid in. if you only paid ss tax on 10% of your earnings, you should only get 10% benefit when you retire.

  9. Fine Chris! Let’s make the cuts! BUT!! ONLY if the cuts go to the SS of Republicans, Conservatives and TeaBraggers!! Because you know damned good and well that those people hate Social Security!!!..unless of course if it is THEIR security!

  10. Looks more to me like Chris is bringing to the voting public’s attention that the TPGOP wants to gut SS. There is no way that the TPGOP Presidential Candidates running can win without votes from other then their base. It looks to me like Chris has decided that if he can not win no TPGOP Pres Can should win. In other words he is throwing all of them under the bus out of spite!

  11. Christie should take his advise to his hecklers: SIT DOWN! AND SHUT UP! In other words—Christie, sit down, take your load off your feet and don’t talk about running. When you get up, FIX New Jersey!

  12. Great way to win the hearts of Seniors. Well the stupid Repub voters, Seniors or not, always vote against themselves. I and my Democratic friends have a lot more brains. I will want to keep “MY ENTITLEMENTS” I worked so hard for. Hey, Christie, go jump off a bridge.

  13. Does anyone ever notice that these Republicans never say how about we do some trimming on the Pentagon,or lets make these rich people pay more taxes and get rid of these loopholes,or cut out this corporate welfare? It is always us hoarders receiving S.S.

  14. Cut their precious “free money”. Any govt official should NOT receive farm subsidies or any benefit they vote for themselves.

  15. Even though he was going to lose any way. He just drove the the final nail in his oversize bully coffin,, and might just be in jail to.

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