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Republican debate winners and losers.

The Fox News GOP Debate Is An Embarrassing Disaster For America

The first Republican primary debate on Fox News has highlighted to the world the cruelty and out-of-touch- politics of the Republican Party. It is embarrassing to watch and a disaster.

Ron DeSantis started with the first question by lying about increased oil drilling lowering gas prices:

Nikki Haley knows who is responsible for all of the spending in Washington. It’s poor people:

When the candidates were asked if they believed in man-made climate impacts, none of them did:

Those three answers came in the first 3o minutes of the debate. Without Donald Trump on the stage, the Republican candidates still showed themselves to be pandering to an extremist base. None of the answers that the candidates gave in the clips above reflect moderate American politics.

Republicans came back from a commercial break and raced to the bottom by supporting a federal abortion ban:

The first debate is revealing that the problem isn’t just Trump. It is the entire Republican Party. The GOP right now alienates women, young voters, black voters, and essentially the majority of the country. This is a party with no plan. Republicans don’t have an agenda, and if the nominee is not Trump, none of the candidates on the stage look capable of winning a general election.

The message that was sent to the nation and the rest of the world is that the Republican Party is an extremist fringe that is unfit to govern.

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