Democrats evolve to “demand the impossible” against GOP Cynicism

One of my favorite book titles is that of Tom Moylan’s 1986 study of utopian literature: Demand the Impossible.

He explains, if memory serves, that he saw those words spray-painted on a wall in the Paris streets during the 1968 mass rebellions. The phrase stayed with him, clearly, as it has with me read more

Nikki Haley Flees Before The Blue Wave Sinks Trump

UN Ambassador Nikki Haley will be leaving the administration before the blue wave crashes into the White House and sinks Trump.

Nikki Haley Reportedly Resigns as United Nations Ambassador

A new report from Axios is saying that President Donald Trump has accepted the resignation of United Nations Ambassador Nikki Haley.

“BREAKING: Nikki Haley resigns from role in Trump admin”

BREAKING: Nikki Haley resigns from role in Trump admin: report read more

Trump’s Approach To Russia Is Not Only Confusing Us; But The World

By now we all have learned how American Ambassador to the United Nations, Nikki Haley appeared on Meet the Press on Sunday to tell the world that the United States was going to be imposing a new round of sanctions against Russia for their involvement in the Syrian crisis. read more

Opinion: Haley’s UN Vote Tells The World We Are Not A Champion Of Human Rights

When Niki Haley voted no on a UN resolution to ban the death penalty for apostasy, adultery, blasphemy and same sex relations, she was exposed to be as incompetent as her boss. Worse, Haley told the world we aren’t the champions of human rights we used to be.

The Look On Nikki Haley’s Face Was Priceless When She Realized Trump Suggested Invading Venezuela

Nikki Haley looked shocked and gave Trump a what the hell look when she realized that he just made up the military option of invading Venezuela.

Trump’s Own UN Ambassador Nikki Haley Just Made Him Look Like A Lying Idiot On Russia

Trump's own UN Ambassador, Nikki Haley, said during an interview on CNN that everybody knows that Russia interfered in the election, and by everybody, she means everyone but Trump who just denied that Russia interfered in the election at the G 20.

Nikki Haley Whines And Blames North Korea For Having To Do Her Job As UN Ambassador

Donald Trump's UN Ambassador Nikki Haley whined about working on July 4th on Twitter, going so far as to apparently jokingly add thanks to North Korea. Because nothing says ha-ha to a Trump official like North Korea state media bragging about intercontinental ballistic missiles reaching the US mainland.

Trump UN Ambassador Nikki Haley Brags About Making The World Less Safe By Defunding Peacekeeping

Trump UN Ambassador Nikki Haley is bragging that there will be less peace in the world thanks to Donald Trump.

After Dozens of Dead Children, Trump Still Doesn’t Know Where He Stands on Syria

Rex Tillerson says one thing, Nikki Haley another. If there is any sort of messaging being sent, it is impossible to determine what it might be

UN Ambassador Nikki Haley Threatens Our Allies, Says She is ‘Taking Names’

“For those that don’t have our back, we’re taking names, we will make points to respond to that accordingly."

Cruz Robocall Tells South Carolina Voters Confederate Flag is ‘Our Flag’

The call complains that “Trump talks about our flag like it’s a social disease.” Defending the right to own other people IS a social disease

Nikki Haley Enrages Religious Right and GOP by Being ‘Soft’ on Gays and Muslims

By calling out Trump and calling for respect for differences in modern marriage, Haley has placed herself between a rock and a hard place

Reality-Avoiding Paul Ryan Accuses Obama of Not Confronting Reality in SOTU

Basing his entire critique on an invented reality, Ryan speaks from the Fox News reality bubble when he accuses Obama of managing perceptions

Nikki Haley’s Stepford Republican Response Can’t Paper Over GOP Racism

Republican Gov. Nikki Haley (R-SC) delivered a Stepford wife like performance as she unsuccessfully sold the Republican agenda of racism and tax cuts for the wealthy in the GOP response to President Obama's State Of The Union.

Nikki Haley to Deliver GOP Response to Obama’s Last State of the Union

Paul Ryan is calling on the disreputable Nikki Haley as the voice of the Republican Party in response to Obama's last SOTU. Expect lies.

South Carolina House Votes Overwhelmingly To Take Down The Confederate Flag

The final vote was 94-20 for removal and it came at 1:11 a.m. on Thursday morning.

Graham Is Right; Confederate Flag Represents Racist and Treasonous Republicans

Nearly a week after a true and loyal Confederate racist brutally murdered nine innocent African Americans worshipping in a building they assumed was a safe sanctuary from Confederates, and after several days of negative publicity and pressure, both Governor Haley and Senator Graham suddenly think that maybe a symbol of treason and racism is not playing well with decent Americans.

Bryan Fischer Claims Confederate Flag is a Democratic Problem

Fischer ignores 150 years of history since Lincoln, including the GOP's Southern Strategy to attract all the racists over to their party