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Nikki Haley Reportedly Resigns as United Nations Ambassador

A new report from Axios is saying that President Donald Trump has accepted the resignation of United Nations Ambassador Nikki Haley. “BREAKING: Nikki Haley resigns from role in Trump admin” BREAKING: Nikki Haley resigns from role in Trump admin: report https://t.co/N3lPpTa9xg pic.twitter.com/iG1LBwGx2C — The Hill (@thehill) October 9, 2018 Two people “familiar with the matter”…


Graham Is Right; Confederate Flag Represents Racist and Treasonous Republicans

Nearly a week after a true and loyal Confederate racist brutally murdered nine innocent African Americans worshipping in a building they assumed was a safe sanctuary from Confederates, and after several days of negative publicity and pressure, both Governor Haley and Senator Graham suddenly think that maybe a symbol of treason and racism is not playing well with decent Americans.

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