Sunday Shocker: New Hampshire Poll Suggests Disaster Lurking For Trump

The latest CNN/University of New Hampshire poll shows Trump leading Haley, but beneath the top line number are hints of looming disaster for Trump.

Poll Shows Signs Of General Election Trouble For Trump

CNN’s State Of The Union reported on the new poll that shows Trump leading DeSantis and Haley 50%-39%-6%:

And if you look at the enthusiasm for Donald Trump, if he’s the nominee, 46% of likely Republican primary voters would be enthusiastic if he’s the nominee. Only 25% say that of Hailey. 17% say that of Desantis. We also ask, what are your feelings if Donald Trump is the nominee among each set of supporters. Of course, 89% of trump supporters would be very enthusiastic if Trump is the nominee. But 23% of Hailey supporters would be dissatisfied if Trump is the nominee. 61% of Hailey supporters would be downright angry if Trump is the nominee.

That’s 84% that would be dissatisfied or angry. That would need some healing in the party, if, indeed, he is the nominee. We also asked about the most important issue, border immigration. Probably not surprising to you is the top issue to you. 29% of Republican primary voters say so. 22% say democracy and constitution. And by the way, Nikki Haley’s winning these voters. They’re coming at it more from the sort of left perspective than the right perspective on this issue of democracy and constitution if there is a left and right to those issues.


The poll suggests that many Republican voters and leaners in New Hampshire aren’t supporting Trump’s attacks on democracy, and the fact that less than 5o% of them would be enthused if he is the nominee is a big problem. Republicans aren’t excited about voting for Donald Trump for a third time.

If Democracy can almost equal the border as the most important issue in the minds of Republican primary voters, that is a massive problem for Trump.

Trump is running away with the Republican nomination because his base is so devoted to him, and the candidates running against him are so weak.

Donald Trump is drowning in legal debt, and barely campaigning.

The worst news for him in the latest New Hampshire poll is that democracy is a strong issue that cuts across party lines, signaling a potential disaster for the former president and his party in 2024.

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