Nikki Haley tells Trump she's not dropping out.

Nikki Haley Drives Trump Insane By Holding Event To Announce She’s Not Dropping Out

Nikki Haley held a state of the race event in  South Carolina to announce to reporters that she’s not dropping out until she is eliminated.

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Haley said:

I’m still here I’m fighting for what I know is right. And I don’t care what the party leaders and political elites want. I’ll keep fighting until the American people close the door. That day is not today. And it won’t be on Saturday, not by a long shot. The presidential primaries have barely begun. Just three states have voted three that’s it after this weekend will be at four.

That’s not a lot. In the ten days after South Carolina, another 21 states and territories will vote. People have a right to have their voices heard and they deserve a real choice, not a Soviet style election where there’s only one candidate and he gets 99% of the vote. We don’t anoint kings in this country. We have elections and Donald Trump, of all people, should know. We don’t rig elections.

 Now I know what Donald Trump is saying he wants an election with no opponent but, that’s not what the voters are saying. Despite being a de facto incumbent Donald Trump lost 49% of the vote in Iowa in New Hampshire. Trump lost 46% of the vote. That’s not good.


Nikki Haley is now just trolling Trump. Donald Trump desperately wants her out of the race because his campaign is hemorrhaging money on legal bills and can’t afford to compete in a long primary election.

Trump needed Haley gone after New Hampshire. Her comment about staying in the race until America has closed the door on her means that she will be in the contest until she is mathematically eliminated.

Trump has been doing everything imaginable to get Haley out of the race, including an idea to have the RNC declare him to be the nominee.
Nothing has worked, and now Trump, who is bleeding cash, is going to have to continue to fight it out with Nikki Haley until the bitter end.

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