Trump’s Own UN Ambassador Nikki Haley Just Made Him Look Like A Lying Idiot On Russia

Trump’s own UN Ambassador, Nikki Haley, said during an interview on CNN that everybody knows that Russia interfered in the election, and by everybody, she means everyone but Trump who just denied that Russia interfered in the election at the G 20.

Video of Haley:

The UN Ambassador said, “Everybody knows that Russia meddled in our elections. Everybody knows that they’re not just meddling in the United States’ election. They’re doing this across multiple continents, and they’re doing this in a way that they’re trying to cause chaos within the countries. And it’s not just going to be us saying this. I think you’re going to hear other leaders come out and say, cut it out, we’re not going to put up with it.”

Two days earlier, Trump refused to say that Russia interfered in the election, “I think it could very well have been Russia, but I think it could well have been other countries. I won’t be specific. I think a lot of people interfere. I think it’s been happening for a long time.”

Nikki Haley committed two sins against Trump. She went on CNN, and she completely contradicted Trump on Russian election interference. The administration official contradicts bat crap crazy president has become a common theme in the Trump administration. There are a group of people who aren’t from inside Trump World who try to put a sane face on things, only to have this president blow it all up with a statement or tweet.

We should expect the tweet from Trump disagreeing with or trashing Haley’s comments by tomorrow morning at the latest.