Bill Nye Lights Up GOP Congressman Who Pretends Not To Understand Climate Change

Bill Nye Thomas Massey climate change

Bill Nye took on Republican Rep. Thomas Massey who claims to be an electrical engineer, but he doesn't understand climate change.

Trump’s Economic and Environmental Policy: In the short term, we’re all dead

British economist John Maynard Keynes famously wrote in 1923, in a tract on monetary policy, “In the long run, we’re all dead.”

Economists have debated the significance of this wry theoretical phrase. Some have critiqued him, along with other economists who sought to moderate the austerity policies of governments during times of intense economic retraction, as not caring about the future or future generations. They accuse Keynes of being willing for short term benefit to enact policies that would damage the economy in the longer term, leaving ruinously burdensome debt, for example, that would debilitate the future economy for following generations. One critic even went so far as to suggest that because Keynes was gay and didn’t have children, he simply didn’t care about the future and could afford to adopt a recklessly short-termist approach to the economy. read more

A Peek Behind the Numbers Shows Trump’s Economy Inflicts Pain on Most Americans

Can we call an economy “successful,” if people living within it are being harmed, not served?

Inslee Enters 2020 Race, Will Focus on Climate Change

Washington Gov. Jay Inslee announced Friday he’s running for president, saying he will emphasize attempts to combat climate change during his bid for the Democratic nomination.

“I’m Jay Inslee and I’m running for president because I’m the only candidate who will make defeating climate change our nation’s Number 1 priority, ” the 68-year-old governor said in a video announcing his candidacy. read more

Lack of Action on Climate Change Will Lead to a Massive Financial Crash

The world’s largest investors, who manage over $32 trillion in financial assets, joined together to issue a strong warning to governments at the U.N. climate summit on Monday.

Without huge reductions in carbon emissions, and the phasing out of all coal burning, the world faces a financial crash several times worse than the 2008 crisis, they said. read more

Schumer: Any Infrastructure Deal Must Address Climate Change

If there is going to be an infrastructure “new deal” in the U.S. Congress it is going to have to be a green one. Already newly-elected Democrats are proposing the idea of a “Green New Deal” as one of the top priorities for the new Congress after it convenes in January. read more

Poll Finds Over Two Thirds of American Voters Fear Climate Change

Two weeks ago a government report was published saying that climate change will cost the U.S. economy hundreds of billions of dollars by the end of the century. The report said that new weather patterns “will damage everything from human health to infrastructure and agricultural production.” read more

Trump on Climate Change Report: ‘I don’t believe it’

President Trump yesterday said that he doesn’t believe the findings of a major climate report released by his administration last week. The report predicted dire consequences for the United States if it doesn’t take drastic steps very soon to deal with the negative impacts of climate change. read more

Gov. Brown Says Fires Will Make the Worst Climate Skeptics Into Believers

Jerry Brown says the deadly California wildfires will convert all climate change skeptics into climate change believers within five years.

Brown is the Democratic California Governor and he said Sunday morning that he believes the science surrounding the deadly wildfires will become so evident that skeptics will no longer be able to avoid the truth of the devastating impacts of climate change. read more

Ocasio-Cortez Gets in Fight With Top House Democrat

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is not wasting any time making a name for herself in Congress. Just ten days after her election to the House of Representatives she is already making waves and getting into fights with senior lawmakers in her own party. read more

31 People Are Dead and 228 Are Missing In California Wildfires

The Associated Press is reporting this morning that 31 people have died in California wildfires, and another 228 people are missing. In northern California 29 bodies have been recovered while two more were found in the aftermath of fires in the southern part of the state. read more

Hurricanes Have Finally Convinced Republicans That Climate Change is Real

President Donald Trump continued this week to deny the effects of climate change in the face of overwhelming scientific agreement that it is occurring. However, even while Trump and many other Republicans deny man-made climate change, a shift appears to be occurring among Republican voters in North Carolina, a state which has been severely damaged by two hurricanes in two years. read more

Trump Tried To Deny Climate Change, But 60 Minutes Called Out His Big Lie

Trump tried to deny climate change, without denying climate change, but 60 Minutes called Trump's favorite technique of attributing his opinions to masses by claiming "they say."

Al Gore Says Climate Change is Creating a ‘Global Emergency’

Former Vice President Al Gore on Friday made very clear on Friday that he believes the world is experiencing a “global emergency” due to changes in the earth’s climate caused by human beings. His comments were made after  the United Nations’ released a dire new report on climate change. read more

Bill Nye Explains Why Climate Change Is To Blame For The Severity Of Hurricane Florence

Bill Nye explained on MSNBC that climate change is making hurricanes like Florence more severe because of increased ocean temperature.

Anti-Science Trump Plans To Gut Renewable Energy Research Funding By 72 Percent

The proposed cuts are deeper than those put forward by Trump last year, even though the administration's own Energy Department urged him not to make such drastic reductions.

Trump Blows Off Dozens Of Environmental Protections To Accelerate Border Wall Construction

It's bad enough that Trump is pushing an inhumane immigration policy that the vast majority of Americans don't support. Worse, he's doing it at the expense of our environment.