Not a Hoax: NASA Says 2016 Will Be Hottest Year on Record

Donald Trump can claim global warming is a hoax – liberal or Chinese – but the facts are indisputable. The planet is warming. As environmentalist Bill McKibben of tweeted Tuesday morning,

And not only will 2016 be the hottest year on record, but this past September is now officially the hottest September on record, beating out the previous hottest September, September 2014, by 0.004 degrees Celsius.


The planet is not cooling, as so many conservative climate deniers claim. As NASA reports, “Last month was 0.91 degrees Celsius warmer than the mean September temperature from 1951-1980.”

The record-warm September means 11 of the past 12 consecutive months dating back to October 2015 have set new monthly high-temperature records. Updates to the input data have meant that June 2016, previously reported to have been the warmest June on record, is, in GISS’s updated analysis, the third warmest June behind 2015 and 1998 after receiving additional temperature readings from Antarctica. The late reports lowered the June 2016 anomaly by 0.05 degrees Celsius to 0.75.

Our planet is warming, while Donald Trump fiddles a denialist tune to his ignorant base. As previously reported, even Donald Trump is demanding sea walls to protect his golf courses from rising sea levels.

Trump doesn’t care if his base is up to its ears in the rising tide, but he wants his golf courses high and dry. Donald Trump looks out for #1, and #1 includes neither the rest of us nor the planet.

There is no disputing what is taking place, and global warming is the most important issue of our time. All else pales in comparison if we don’t have a planet to sustain us, and last any of us checked, this is our only planet.