After Today’s Indictments Chris Christie’s Bridge To The White House Has Been Closed


The news that three former allies of Gov. Chris Christie have been indicted in the Bridgegate scandal has permanently shut down any chance that the New Jersey governor will ever be elected president.

Out of the three individuals that were charged, the charges against Bridget Kelly, Christie’s former deputy chief of staff represent the political kill to shot to his White House ambitions. Kelly and former Port Authority deputy executive director Bill Baroni were each indicted on nine counts including conspiracy and fraud.

Christie tried to spin the charges against his allies into a political claim of innocence, but the truth is that Chris Christie is toast.

Henry Enten at FiveThirtyEight looked at the data and found that there has never been a party nominee in recent history who was as well known and disliked as Chris Christie:

Whether or not Christie is ever charged, his position in the presidential race is already even worse than we thought it was at the beginning of the year. In January, I found that, given his name recognition, Christie’s net favorability rating1 was 25 percentage points below what would be expected of a future nominee, based upon past nominees at this point in the cycle. Based on live interview polls through mid-April, Christie is now 41 percentage points below what we would expect among Republican voters, considering how many Republicans can form an opinion of him.


At this point in the race — most eventual nominees are either well-known and well-liked, or not well-known. There’s no precedent for a nominee who’s this well-known and this disliked. Christie’s net favorable rating stands at just +3 percentage points, according to an average of live-interview polls conducted in 2015, despite 76 percent of Republicans being able to form an opinion of him.

In other words, Bridgegate destroyed Christie as a candidate, and ego-filled delusion is the reason why he is considering a run for the White House. Republican voters don’t like Chris Christie. The New Jersey governor seems hellbent on running, but he has absolutely no chance of ever occupying the White House.

21 Replies to “After Today’s Indictments Chris Christie’s Bridge To The White House Has Been Closed”

  1. Say it Ain’t so. But it is. Christie’s run to the White House has ended before it began. Karma is a beaaatch.
    Is he going to sit down and shut up now? ;)

  2. He never had an icicle’s chance in hell anyway, neither do any of the other occupants of the GOP Klown RV.

  3. Another one bites the dust. Oh well, there’s more comic relief waiting to be unleashed from the right.

  4. Great! Back to NJ he comes.

    He’s driven the state so far down that…


  5. Last I heard, Christie has $1 MILLION in prior campaign debt.

    I think this is a bid to get money to pay it off.

  6. It is well past time for the bully to get his beatdown. Can’t “mom dance” your way out of that one guv.

  7. I’ll believe any repub can’t win when a dem is sworn into the white house in Jan 2017. The election is 18 months away and anything can happen. If we dems get cocky and smug the kick in the nuts we took in 2014 will be painless compared to some repub raising his right hand overlooking the national mall. 4 seats on the supreme court by 2024 and the appointees could serve until late in the 2050’s. 1 billion Koch brother dollars can buy pretty much anything they want. Do we really want to be this smug this early in the race? Voter suppression, gerrymandering, voter ID and the list goes on. WE HAVEN”T WON ANYTHING YET!! THE RACE HASN’T EVEN STARTED!

  8. Looks like Mary Pat might have to return to her Wall St. job that she just quit earlier this week. LOL. I don’t think she will, though, because she and Christie still appear to think he has a chance at being our next POTUS. A journalist at NJdotcom reported last week that Christie says he’s going to depend on his personal traits to win the nomination. Good luck with that, Christie, when your favorability numbers are already in the sewer. Although U.S. Atty Fishman said there would be no more indictments, I’m still waiting for Wildstein to begin singing like a bird. Kelly says that Wildstein is lying about her having played a role in Bridgegate. I believe him, and I don’t believe her. If I were Wildstein, I wouldn’t go down alone, and I’d get Christie, too, if I had anything on him because Crispy stabbed Wildstein in the back by saying that he “hardly” knew him while knowing he’d known him since high school and from his Politicker Network and “Wally Edge” blog.

  9. Christie is an arrogant bully with a strong sense of self importance & entitlement.

    For example using State helicopter to attend son’s baseball games at taxpayer expense.

    I could easily see him telling his minions to just do the job and he didn’t want to hear the details. All good fun and payback until the sh*t hit the fan.

  10. Can you imagine a president who would plead that his closest advisers were cooking up a plot and he did not know anything about it, also did not have any curiosity about the traffic jams all around him.
    He is trying to convince people that he is that dumb, I think he is a snake who would throw anyone under a bus to save his fat ass.

  11. If Christy knew about the bridge closings,
    then He’s a LIAR.

    If Christy didn’t know what was going on
    inside his Own office, then He’s STUPID.

    LIAR or STUPID. Your Choice.

  12. 1. This is hilarious. When Hillary says she knew nothing about Bengazi, or claims to have only deleted personal emails… you believe her. When Obama professes ignorance about Fast and Furious, or IRS abuses, or mistreatment of veterans by the VA… you believe him. But when it has been proven that Christie did NOT know about the actions of his subordinates… then you automatically convict him and state it as fact.

    2. And let’s look at the results of these “scandals”. With some of these scandals, innocent Americans died. With the “bridge” scandal, some people were late for work.

    3. Finally, let’s look at what these “leaders” do once they become aware of the scandal. Christie immediately fired those responsible. With Hilary and Obama, there has been no accountability.

    I will take Chris Christie over either of these two frauds any day.

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