Trump Admits All Of His VP Choices Are Losers Who Won’t Make A Difference


Even Donald Trump is admitting that his potential running mates are losers who will not make a difference in the election.

In an interview with The Washington Post, Trump said:

Although Trump was careful not to eliminate Flynn, it was clear that he believed picking someone “political” was the right move, meaning, presumably, that former speaker Newt Gingrich, Indiana Gov. Mike Pence and New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie and one other political person are in his final four.



Despite making clear that he was nearing a decision on his running mate, Trump seemed to play down the influence any such pick might have. “History has said nobody ever helps,” said Trump, citing Lyndon Johnson’s selection as John F. Kennedy’s running mate as the last VP pick that truly mattered. “I’ve never seen anybody that’s helped.”

Trump also hinted that he needed a running mate that was liked and respected by the Republican establishment to bring the party together.

Talk about killing the enthusiasm of your supporters. Trump admitted that one of the biggest moment of any presidential campaign, the unveiling of a running mate, isn’t going to make a difference for his campaign. Trump was trying to downplay expectations because even he knows that his VP options are a collection of losers and rejects.

Trump’s comments taken in total hint that, unless the choice is the fifth unnamed mystery person on his short list, the odds are that the pick will be Pence.

By the way, would anyone be surprised if the fifth person that Trump is considering would be his daughter or Trump himself?

A good VP pick can energize supporters, spur fundraising, and generate positive news cycles, but Donald Trump isn’t interested in any of this. Trump knows that all of his choices are bad, which is why he was trying to downplay the value of running mates.

Trump is going to pick his VP soon, and he wants America to know that he/she will probably suck.